The 8 Best Crystals for Travel

Crystals carry unique frequencies that possess the power to unblock chakras and raise your vibration. They can also re-energize and align you with new ways of seeing and understanding the world. Their influence on your energetic field can enhance self-awareness and keep you open to new experiences and ways of thinking. As summer comes into view, travel and exploration may be on your mind. If you like to use crystals in your daily practice, there are many good options for stones you can bring along as you set off towards your next destination.

There are a vast number of crystals and each holds unique properties. So which should you pack? Below are eight crystals, each offering powerful qualities that you may want with you as you travel. Consider which resonate with you the most and take one or multiple to provide peace, protection, and positive energy as you embark on your journey.

Iolite: for inspiration and balance
Mantra: “I am ready to move.”
Iolite is the wanderer’s stone, with properties ideal for journeys of inspiration. If you are on a soul-searching quest, Iolite is a good choice to bring along. It helps connect you to your inner compass. Iolite can also help you overcome days when you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to process new information. Try holding this crystal as you do your meditation practice to clearly define how you want to spend your time while you travel and explore.
Keep a piece of Iolite in your bag to sharpen your inner vision and stay attuned to your desires, leading to new revelations. 
Red Jasper: to call in serendipity
Mantra: “I am at ease.”
Red Jasper is known to create a strong foundation of grounding and calm. This is a wonderful way to start your mornings in a new environment. This stone is powerful in clearing any blocked energy, returning you to a balanced mental and emotional state. Red Jasper works to call into action your intentions, setting plans into motion. As a stone of luck, it can bring about serendipitous interactions. 
Put Red Jasper in your suitcase or purse to call in good fortune and positive encounters.

Mookaite: for grounded adventures
Mantra: “I am grounded and ready for adventure.”
Mookaite is a wonderful travel companion. This stone can attract inner knowing when you are feeling out of sorts and needing to find a solution. You may find Mookaite especially helpful when you are struggling to make a decision amidst uncertainty. It invites you to see the infinite possibilities in situations and accept change. This stone centers you and is a reminder that the Earth is always here to support you. 
Try putting Mookaite under your pillow while you sleep to welcome in rest and recharge you for your next adventure. 
Turquoise: for protection and wisdom
Mantra: “My wisdom protects me.”
Turquoise is a well-known crystal for travel, protecting its wearer from the pitfalls of long journeys. This ancient and revered stone offers grounding properties that can strengthen connections to your intuition. It is also useful to balance emotions, bringing you back to a place of ease and alignment. Carry this crystal when embarking on your next adventure or pack it in your luggage to protect against theft. 
At your destination, place Turquoise where you will see it upon waking. This stone will usher in luck for the remainder of the day.

Malachite: for new beginnings
Mantra: “I release the shadows of my past.”
Malachite soothes practical fears like heights or flying. Take this crystal with you during your travels to keep your energy free of concerns and doubts. Malachite will give you the inner strength to take steps in new directions, turning your intentions into reality. If you’re traveling with the intention to discover something about the world or something within yourself, Malachite can help bring this forth. 
At your destination, place Malachite at the front entrance to ward off negativity.
Shungite: for protection and grounding
Mantra: “My mind is pure, my spirit is clear.”
When traveling, you are exposured to many different energies and vibrations. Shungite offers protection against negative vibrations of all kinds, including EMFs. If you are on the path of healing, bring this crystal along with you. Set Shungite near where you are sleeping and it will soak up negative energy in order to help balance your emotions.

Moonstone: for connection
Mantra: “I am calm and serene.”
Carrying Moonstone with you helps you connect and explore the depth of your emotions with ease during times when you feel uncentered. It helps you transition from the logical mind that demands answers to the intuitive mind that holds those answers. This crystal is especially helpful during periods of travel where you want to reconnect, recenter, and be in the present moment. Hold Moonstone in your palm during morning meditations to calm your mind and call on your inner guidance for the day.
Amethyst: the stone of dreamers
Mantra: “I am aware and awake.”

Amethyst is an ideal crystal to take on your next trip if you think you might feel overwhelmed or stressed at any point. Amethyst can help return you to a sense of serenity and relaxation. It is deeply connected to the third eye chakra. This crystal brings you clarity of mind and emits a calming energy. Use it to support sleep and tap into your intuition. Keep Amethyst in your space to remind you to take deep breaths and return to a sense of peace.

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