Tools for Mercury Retrograde

The second Mercury Retrograde of 2022 is almost upon us. It begins on May 10th and ends on June 2nd. Mercury will station retrograde in Gemini, the sign it rules, making this an extra potent retrograde.  Let this be your reminder to back up your computers, leave a few minutes earlier than usual, block numbers that no longer serve you, and most importantly take a deep breath. Mercury rules all communication, exchange of information, and systems that help us connect with one another. This includes written, verbal, and electronic forms of communication. Mercury also rules the actions and energy of the Post Office. Not to mention your email server, social media apps, and phone calls.

When a planet stations retrograde, it spins the energy of that planet inwards. Since Mercury is such an outward-going energy – meaning it helps energy flow away from us – things have a tendency to get a bit messy when the vibrations cause the flow to go inward. For ourselves personally, this can be a great time to communicate inward on a deeper level. It can be a time of reprocessing when you shift your perspective on an old situation seeing it in a new light. 
On a system level, it can cause miscommunication with others, breakdowns, and unchecked boxes. Give some grace to others during this period. When you do communicate, take breaths and pauses in the conversation. Make sure to listen intently and even send energy to others as they speak to help them clarify their speech. You can have tough conversations with others at this time if you come to space with awareness and high intentions. 


A few gentle reminders for the weeks ahead: if something breaks, take it as an opportunity to rebuild better. If a meeting gets canceled, spend the time on yourself. If Instagram goes down, practice a card pulling ritual. 

It's also a great time to journal and ask yourself some of the more challenging questions - especially around your comfort zones, expansion, and taking chances. Mercury will begin in Gemini and move into Taurus during this retrograde, highlighting issues around comfort, growth, and your destiny. Notice if you are holding onto something out of fear of the unfamiliar, then ask yourself why- you may be surprised by the answer. 

Mercury Retrograde might make the path forward a bit bumpy, but we have just the tools to help with the ride so you can get the most out of this retrograde for yourself, your growth, and your connections to others. 

The Retrograde Kit: Be Prepared for all of 2022's Retrogrades
Crystals to get you through all of what this year has to throw at you. Keep fluorite in your bag or hold it during meditation to ground your energy and center yourself during this time.

Obsidian: Feel Your Feet on the Ground
Mercury Retrograde can bring out negative vibes. Protect your energy and feel your feet on the ground with Obsidian. Place on your desk, hold while meditating, or just keep in your home to shield any space - including you.

Get out of your head and feel your feet on the ground. With the uncertainty that comes with Mercury Retrograde, the grounding spray can be your strongest tool anywhere you are. Spray around your body or in any room to call in the energy of stability.

Smokey Citrine: The Stone Space Clearing and Manifestation 
During this time you might have more clarity on what you would like to call into your life. Smokey Citrine can help call in any frequency or energy you want and also has the power to help you manifest anything you desire. It can also help filter any negativity trying to enter your space and deflect it back to the sun. Hold in your pocket or place near you during this time.

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