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Frequently Asked Questions about The Circle Course Membership

What are the payment options and are they refundable?

I'm on the Circle Course Membership Monthly Plan, how often will I be billed?

Can I get an Extension?

Will My Membership Auto-Renew?

What is the bonus month of membership?

What if I'm on the Monthly Plan and my payment fails?

Workbook Shipping

Domestic Shipping

How long does it take to ship?

When are subscriptions shipped?

How do I get an order reshipped because the address was incorrect?

What if the tracking says "delivered" but I cannot find my package?

Do you accept returns on workbooks?

What if my product gets lost?

International Shipping

How long does International shipping take?

Do you ship outside of the US?

When are international orders shipped?

What if my workbook does not arrive in time?

I live in Canada. Can I still order the printed version of the Full Moon Workbook?

My package has not arrived. What can I do?


Printed Subscriptions

When can I subscribe?

Can I cancel anytime?

When are subscriptions charged?

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

How do I change my address?

What is the digital/print combo?

Are New and Full Moon Workbook subscriptions separate?

I tried logging in but the website says I don't have an account.

Yearly Subscriptions

Can I give them as a gift?

Do you offer Yearly Printed Subscriptions?

Digital Downloads

Digital Subscriptions

When are digital subscriptions charged and sent?

Can I change from digital to printed?

I purchased a digital workbook and cannot find it.

Do you accept returns on digital workbooks?


How do I download my workbook?

How many downloads attempts?

Marketplace Products

Crystal Kits

Can I subscribe to the Crystal Kits?

One of my crystals arrived damaged, how can I get a replacement?

My kit arrived and I'm not sure what the crystals are. Can you help?

Do I have to pay customs and duties on my crystals?


My dreamcatcher arrived damaged, how can I return it?

Do you accept returns on dreamcatchers?


Can I return the crystal I purchased?

Are there customs fees on crystals?


Zodiac Signs

What is my Sun sign?

Do I need to be the same sign as the workbook to use it?

Where can I find my Moon Sign?

Spirit Daughter

Private Readings

Does Jill offer private readings?


Do you accept paid promotions?


Do you wholesale workbooks?

Do you wholesale Explorations of a Cosmic Soul?

Do you wholesale Balipura Sprays?

Do you wholesale The Daily?


Do you publish other people's writing?

Spirit Daughter Website

My Account

How do I create an account?

Where do I login to my account?

Can you merge my two accounts?

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