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“Since discovering the Spirit Daughter New Moon workbooks back in 2018, coincidently right when my personal sun season edition came out, I felt as if the universe was speaking directly to me. What I didn’t expect was a 2-year pursuit in discovering who I was using the power of the cosmos. I went from basically knowing nothing about the moon and the planets to seeing how directly their placements in the sky affected so many aspects of my life. ⁠

I think the best part about committing myself to the workbooks for a few years was the great self-reflection I can see as I thumb through the journal prompt pages of that girl I was. A little lost but devoted to the hard work in finding my personal truth and the creation of a new chapter. ⁠

Over time I found balance in connecting with the moon and her cycles, today I feel as if I have transformed my whole life and intuition because I had such a wonderful tool to guide me to my highest self.”⁠ 

-@keekee92 or subscribe to her Youtube Channel ✨




“I fell in love with @spiritdaughter while on the path to becoming a yoga instructor, and fell in love with her passion for the moon, moon art, zodiac signs, and all things spiritual.”

“I was in my mid 30’s at the time. I wanted to start to create birthday rituals for myself to help me manifest my future wishes and dreams. Once I saw Spirit Daughter offered moon magic tools (which I am all about moon and magic), I decided to purchase her moon journal for my birthday. I picked the Virgo New Moon Journal to use as a birthday ritual tool since Virgo is my birthday month. Once I opened this journal of magic, I fell in love. It has everything I needed to honor my solar return. Things like yoga, journal prompts, manifestation recommends like crystals, moon/astrology info, guided mediation, and best of all, moon and Virgo inspired artworks.”

“This journal is so beautiful that I decided to keep it and make it a yearly birthday ritual. This will be my 3rd year using Spirit Daughter’s Moon Journal as my birthday ritual. I have flipped open each past year's journal entries and read all the things I have manifested. Reading the words, I have placed on paper come to life years later, as well as seeing how far I have grown as a woman is fantastic to read in the present.”

“The moon journals have helped me be clear about the path I want to be on, my visions ahead and even what shadows I still need to work on. They helped me embrace my inner bruja magic by using candles, crystals, oracle, moon magic, and tarot. The vibes of the journals are so moonificent that I tell all my friends to add the moon journals into their birthday ritual to create some birthday magic ✨”



 “I had followed Spirit Daughter months before and was inspired by the daily moon phase updates. That got me deeper into astrology and I found out that she also offered workbooks. I started buying the New Moon books which are my favorite because the New Moon energy always gives me so much inspiration and motivation."

“Since I'm living in Germany I always order the digital version and most of the times I print it out. I love to read them before bed or I take them with me to a café and journal in them with a delicious cup of coffee. For me it's super important to be in an inspiring surrounding in order to connect with my soul and fill out the journal questions.“⠀

“Oftentimes I do my own little New Moon ceremonies and follow the instructions in the book. I really like the corresponding crystals of the seasons as well as the yoga flow and meditations. Using Spirit Daughter’s workbooks has brought me so much clarity and inspiration. Her words in there are always so appropriate and come at the right time!” ✨ 





“The workbooks have been with me since I started my spiritual journey in 2017, and have become one of the most trusted tools at my altar. They have helped me become a more balanced human and magick-worker. My practice is very rooted self-awareness, so I appreciate how the workbooks provide a safe, loving exploration of the full self.”

“The knowledge that I’ve gained around how different signs express their energy throughout the moon phases is unmatched! I especially love the “Aligning the Spirit” section which always gives really practical advice on how to prepare our spirit to receive the high-frequency vibrations of a particular sign under the moon, and step into abundance.”

“Before I started to look at my full self, my energy was very frazzled and fickle. I thought that was the only way my energy could express itself, and I felt out of control. Working with the books, I’ve learned to value the duality of life and complexity of my own balance within nature and the world around me.”





“In my 30’s I felt the pull to dive into astrology again. At the time, I was beginning to enter the depths an inner journey, a quest to understand and connect to myself more, as well as a search for more meaning in my life and “my purpose.” I came across the Spirit Daughter workbooks in early 2018 and instantly, I was hooked.

I didn’t know much about the lunar cycle or anything more about the signs other than my own Sun sign, but her workbooks explain it all so beautifully. Even over 2 years later, I learn so much from each workbook about the Cosmos, how it all plays a part of in my life, and how I can work with the energy of each Full and New Moon to further support and propel me on my life’s journey. 

The Moon workbooks have helped open me up to embracing all aspects of myself. All my phases, just like the Moon. I’ve also loved exploring the magic and lessons of every sign and seeing how the each sign’s energy plays a role in my life. Because of these workbooks, I also started looking into my birth-chart and discovering the complexities of my personality, and I’ve been amazed (and incredibly comforted) at how accurate so much of the information feels to me. And each month, I’m still in awe about how spot-on the workbooks are for what I am going though in my life at the time.

I’ve been on a massive self-discovery journey these past few years and these workbooks have supported me in coming back home to myself and in trusting that I am always being held and supported by the magic of the Universe. I’m so glad I found Spirit Daughter’s Instagram page and said yes to this journey, and I am incredibly grateful to Jill for sharing her beautiful gifts with the world!”





“I stumbled upon Spirit Daughter on Instagram years ago, at a time when I was desperately searching to collect as much information as I could on a new path for myself. I wanted a more centered life focused on intentionality, acceptance, and knowledge of what so many others before us looked up to…the moon and the stars.⁠

The words in each journal are like cosmic music for my soul. I look forward to how it has become a ritualistic treat and all the little treasures that live within each edition. The Meditations, suggested card spreads, and Affirmations are probably my favorite extra parts to dive into on those special lunar days.⁠

I know that even though my life has changed since I placed my first order, these books are a reminder of how far I have come in my personal journey and more importantly, that there are so many others out there who are just as interested in this mystic roller coaster we are all on."





“I was introduced to the Spirit Daughter workbooks last November, I was gifted the Scorpio New Moon book by one of my dearest friends.⁠

Since doing that workbook during my sun sign it led me to sign up for the monthly subscription for the New and Full moon workbooks. ⁠

I find that working through the workbooks holds me accountable and more connected to the universe. I love how informational they are, I learned so much every time. I would highly recommend these workbooks to anyone who is new or seasoned in astrology. There’s so much for everyone! ⁠

I feel since doing the workbooks it has taught me so much that I’m able to teach my clients. Pass on the knowledge so they can better understand what’s going on in the universe and why certain moods and feelings arise at certain times. This will greatly help us as a collective to create a better world 🤍”⁠




“I’ve been using the Spirit Daughter workbooks since 2018. I find the insights into each sun season really connect me to my surroundings. The mediations and readings ground me into the vibrations of the season.”

“I really connect to the moon cycles, so I also find the New and Full moon aspects helpful in creating powerful manifestation rituals. Journaling is a huge part of my spiritual practice, and the Spirit Daughter workbooks are a perfect addition to that!”





“My first time using Spirit Daughter workbooks was in April 2020 and I have continued to use the books on each and every New and Full Moon. I have always been fascinated with the moon and astrology, but it wasn't until I attended my first Moon Circle last year that I started to look more into moon rituals and how I could incorporate the power of the moon into my daily practice. I found Spirit Daughter on Instagram and quickly fell in love with the workbooks and my passion of working with the lunar cycle unfolded into my healing journey.”

“The New and Full Moon workbooks set the foundation of my healing journey as it gave me the tools I needed to dig deep within to find strength to move forward as I processed life. Healing can be very overwhelming and these workbooks have given me an opportunity to slow down and really listen to the teachings of the moon and how I can incorporate each moon cycle with my own cycle of growth. Through the monthly exercises and journaling, I have been able to get back in touch with my intuition.Twice a month I have the opportunity to be guided through the moon phases to fully embrace the teachings of each zodiac sign.”

“We often need some support from the universe and our tribe to be reminded that we already have everything we need within. I thank the moon and stars for Spirit Daughter helping me see this through my own self exploration alongside the lunar cycles. The workbooks planted the seed, and it was up to me to follow my heart to start to share my story with others as I healed. Sprit Daughter gave me the courage on the Leo New Moon on August 18, 2020 to create my new IG page to begin sharing my story to heal and connect with others on a similar journey I am on.”





“It’s only really the past year or so that I’ve started to consciously live by the cycles of the moon with @spiritdaughter. My wellbeing journey started way back in 2016, when I was desperately unhappy. I started weight training, studied nutrition, and tried various therapies which then led me down a spiritual path of reiki, meditation, crystal healing and most recently the power of writing my thoughts down on paper.” ⁠

“I’m going to call this particular writing ‘moon journalling’…and it’s one of the rituals that has helped me process a lot of things going on in my life; business, relationships, finding my purpose…powerful stuff. It’s really helped me understand myself so much more, especially now, when I read back through my words…it helps me tune in, slow down and understand the crazy thoughts that sometimes whizz around my mind.”⁠

“I found @spiritdaughter on insta in 2019 and was immediately hooked at how Jill explains the moon cycles so well and her journal prompts help me to trust that I have all the answers within me! I subscribe to the digital workbooks and it’s always a feeling of excitement when they land in my inbox twice a month…it’s a sign for me to have a big bubble bath, light a candle, settle down and get cozy with the moon...”





“I started the workbooks in March 2019 during a very dark and tough time in my life, the workbook at that time lead my through identifying the happiness i could find and cultivate from within, no longer searching for it in my environment or people around me.

“I love each month reading the workbooks and answering the questions, i love to read through poignant parts with a friend or partner.”

“The most fulfilling is when me and my girls are feeling all sorts from moon energy, up and down or just downright crazy… and i read a paragraph from the Full Moon or New Moon workbook and sigh… ah-ha! Thats why! :) I am always so excited to Dial in, connect, cast some spells and delve within.”





“I started using the workbooks one year ago. I found Spirit Daughter’s account on Instagram and decided to try the workbooks.”

“They have helped me IMMENSELY this past year to maintain a regular spiritual practice, learn about astrology, and connect more deeply to myself.”





“As someone who’s immersed in the wellness & spirituality spaces, I think it’s impossible to not know about Jill and Spirit Daughter! I’ve heard her on podcasts and followed the Instagram for many years, and I finally dove into the workbooks last winter. I’ve been using them ever since.”

“I incorporate spirituality and intuition into my food freedom coaching practice, and I find that embracing the cycles of the moon has helped me and my clients embrace the ebbs and flows that we go through in our bodies, minds, and souls.”

“The workbooks help me better understand myself and the cosmos. It’s time I carve out twice a month for me to dive deep into the energy of the Universe and myself so that I can feel more empowered and aligned in this world. Thank you Jill and the Spirit Daughter team!”





“I was a preschool teacher before the pandemic happened. Now, thanks to all the free time the pandemic has provided, I have walked the road that was ment for me. I immediatly felt drawn to these journals through Instragram and did not think twice about ordering a full year subscription.”

“Best decision I have made for myself so far. I beleive I revieved my offical first books in April and they have taught me so much! I look foward to each moon cycle. I take a mindful shower and put on "spa" music in the background. After saging my house I sit down and do meditation associated with the journals.”

“After my mind is calm i start reading, taking moments to take in all that resonates with me. Finally I get to the journaling which is my favorite part. These journals have had such a great impact in my life. I am able to see my intensions and my growth with each passing moon cycle.”

“Not only am I able to learn about my personal impact of each aspect but also the impact of the world as a collective. I reccomend these journals to all that ask me about it, and to all that I feel would benefit from it. I thank Spirit Daughter for nourishing my mind, and aiding me in becoming who I am destined to be.”




“A little over a year ago, I was presented with Spirit Daughter in the most magical & whimsical way for the age we live in: on my instagram explore page 😆 after following along for a short while, I was hooked. I decided to subscribe to the workbooks, and even though it may sound cliche, they truly changed my life by allowing me to step into my own power.”

“ The lessons described in each workbook and presented by the energy around us have led me to be more aligned, centered, and empowered. I know the sacred space within myself and can go there when I begin to feel overwhelmed or scattered. I’ve been able to also guide others in understanding that every emotion, at its core, is just energy.”

“ The spirit daughter workbooks are at the top of my list of necessary spiritual tools for my life. I never would have started my shop or found so many of the wonderful people I do life with now if i wouldn’t have embarked on this journey, so I am forever grateful 🙏🏼✨💜” 




“I received my first set of Spirit Daughter workbooks in May 2019 after stumbling upon the @SpiritDaughter IG account, and have had a great fondness for Spirit Daughter ever since.”

“I’ve studied under the guidance of a variety of spiritual mentors over the years, appreciating the individuality each one has brought to my ever-widening views. I’ve viewed the resources I’ve gained through Spirit Daughter as equally valuable, albeit in a very different way.”

“The last few years have tested me in some truly soul-searing ways, but through it all, I’ve found strength in my spirituality. Coming home to myself time and again. Having the Spirit Daughter workbooks to explore each New and Full Moon has encouraged me to maintain an element of consistency in my practice, particularly during these long months of isolation during the pandemic.”

“Over time, I’ve found creative ways to modify how I interact with the workbooks to better fit my needs, and have even gifted them to a number of friends. Needless to say, I’m immensely grateful to Jill and to the entire Spirit Daughter community for the beauty they have brought to my life.”




“In the last few years I’ve dove deep into getting more in tune with living a life lead by spirit & yoga has been a huge factor in that so it was likely a fellow yogi! At one point I remember really noticing patterns throughout my life and feeling that the moon was a huge contributing factor to that. I decided that I would try one one of the Full Moon Workbooks and fell in love!”

“The workbooks originally helped me piece together the puzzle of life and reaffirmed all the synchronicities, lessons, and nudges I had about my emotional state/life. It gave me confidence in how I felt and empowered me to express those feelings, no longer allowing outside opinions and societal standards to sway my decision making.”

“What it helped me the most with is learning to live a cyclical life, like the moon, rather than the linear society that we’re raised in. I also love writing and the journal prompts are always so thought provoking and bring out the most honest self in me.”

“Ultimately, it has become part of my morning ritual at least 5 days a month around the time of the full moon and was a huge step on my spiritual journey that lead me down so many other paths, introduced me to so many different perspectives, and allowed me to move through life with more ease and connectivity.”




“I discovered @spiritdaughter workbooks on Instagram December of 2019 when I was going through the end of a relationship/engagement that became very toxic to me over that year. I had actually been following Jill’s page for a long time and had finally decided I wanted to order a workbook to see what it was all about.”

“I have been using them daily to help me stay grounded and focused on how I want to show in this world during a tough transition. Starting my life over again as a single Mom was filled with hope and fear. Then add in a pandemic that has kept me isolated from my family and closest friends.”

“With all that happening in my world, there were many moments of loneliness and sadness. Thankfully I have been able to turn to these workbooks each month over 2020 to better help me work with the energies and focus on my mental, emotional, and spiritual health.”





“After being in therapy for a while and feeling like I had gained great tools to cope with my anxiety and depression levels, I still felt a deep craving for structure in my life. I grew up in an absolutely chaotic household, with a big lack of discipline, rules and guidance. Creating and sticking to a self care plan for myself did not come easy.”

“While I was booking progress at work, paying more attention to my health in general and improving my relationship with family and friends, there still was a disconnect and feeling of lack of purpose. So my self care efforts would come in waves. I would relapse in old patterns, get back up and sprint, crash and burn, over and over again until I started a meditation practice.”

“Then, in June 2019, I started using the SpiritDaughter workbooks. I have been journaling since the age of seven, so reading and answering the questions in the practices section came very naturally and gently. I started creating meditation rituals around the moon phases, which include setting intentions using the guidance of the workbooks. These biweekly sessions basically became the foundation of the structure I was looking for. The intentions I set and constantly track during these sessions keep me connected to my purpose, it motivates and drives me to stay on track.”

“Gaining so much clarity about myself, my goals, what limits me and how to solve it, has brought calmness to my life. I cope with triggers in a graceful way. I see my goals, desires and needs manifesting before my eyes. My life has transformed greatly and I owe a lot of it to using the SpiritDaughter workbooks to keep myself in check and in my power.”




“I had been following @spiritdaughter for quite some time and just happened to learn about the workbooks on their page one day, so I thought I'd order one. I remember signing up to have the physical copies sent to me every month because it would be cheaper if I ended up liking them. I honestly thought I would cancel after the first month because I didn't know what to expect. Little did I know that these workbooks would be something I look forward to every single month now for 6 months!”

“I'm a newbie to astrology but these workbooks have felt magical for me. Every month, I write down the notable astrological dates and when I pull out my workbook to read about what's going on in the universe, it feels like these workbooks are meant just for me. Somehow, there are always at least a few aspects (if not more) that are 100% relatable for my life.”

“I rarely even get around to using all the content and I STILL find them extremely valuable. It feels like a hug and wink from the universe that I'm always supported no matter what else is going on in my life. I never imagined I'd have a central location to learn about astrology and this has been a perfect way to integrate astrological principles into my spiritual practices. So thankful for these workbooks in my life!”





“l signed up for the journals based on following the Spirit Daughter IG feed!”

“I love setting time aside to read through my SD journal and the activities are excellent prompts for my personal growth and development as well I draw on lots of inspiration and ideas for my herbal craft gut shop.”

“As a caregiver in the pandemic it has been so incredibly important for me to define my own boundaries and have special time for my intentions and personal goals!”





“Last April, my partner encouraged me to explore my nature-based spirituality more deeply. I’ve always wanted to, but have been scared of being a “faker” and unsure where to start. I stumbled on Spirit Daughter through Instagram as I attempted to take my partner’s advice. I thought the moon journals looked beautiful, so I tried one out (Sag Lunar Eclipse in June).”

“The thoughts in the journal coincided with some big moments in my life (and society) and I immediately knew this was my introduction to myself and my spirituality. I immediately signed up for the monthly subscription and have felt so much more connected to the universe and myself ever since.”

“The journals are great for someone just starting out, with clear explanations and tips to help with rituals and intention-setting. It was a great way for me to ease myself into consistent spiritual practice. I know that every two weeks, I will connect with the moon and the stars!”💫





“l've been in therapy since 2016. It wasn't until Libra season 2020 when I went deeper in my self-reflections. The Aries Full Moon during Libra season 2020 was my first moon ritual. Since then, every workbook has really helped me work on my shadows, and i've become more aware of the moments when I tend to align with the lower energies.”

“I still find myself aligning with the lower energies, but my notes that I took from the Spirit Daughter workbooks are like a beacon of light from a very loooooong distance. They've really really helped me recalibrate myself and begin the trek back to that light (and out of a very anxious and/or depressed state).”

“I’m so glad I found Spirit Daughter in 2020 when I was in that phase of trying to learn a bit about how to work with crystals and card reading and all this talk about moon phases.”





“2020 brought about a lot of self realization for me; it made me address my health issues, my business struggles and my spiritual journey. After getting my health under control, I was looking for a way to heal my inner world.”

“I stumbled across @spiritdaughter, saw the Capricorn eclipse workbook and decided to give it a try. Each part of the workbook helped me to look inward and find peace through meditation and yoga. Aligning with the moon phases and understanding the energies from the planets in my chart gave me understanding of my world.”

“The journal prompts made me look at myself in a real, raw light; as well as my photography business (@kathleenmariephoto) and where I was lacking confidence to push forward in my life. Jill explains the energies connected with the planets, moon and astrological signs in a simple, relatable way so I could retain the information and apply it to my everyday life.

“These workbooks have opened up spiritual doors for me to take control of my life while opening up to the energies of the universe to flow with me. I want to thank Jill for creating these workbooks because without them I wouldn’t be where I am today.”





“I found the books via yoga girl who recommended them back in 2018. I’ve been using them every month since!”

“They’ve become a dedicated part of my spiritual practice. I love all of it - the artwork, meditations, astrological info, yoga sequences, crystals and questions. These little workbooks somehow embody everything I’m drawn to!”

“Spiritual well-being, feeling deeply, connection, healing, growing, and setting goals and intentions. The community is great too. Love you guys!”





“In May of 2019 I did my first ever full moon circle for the full moon in Scorpio @puralunaapothecary & it was there that I was first introduced to the workbooks. I fell in love with them from the very first use and have utilized them monthly as one of my favorite spiritual tools ever since.”

“They bring a sense of peace & grounding that is almost hard to explain until you have experienced them yourself. They embody everything you need to begin a spiritual/ astrological practice & I am grateful every single day for the clarity not only Jill’s words provide but the illustrations & practices as well. Full of pure magic & feels like it’s written just for me."





“Being a busy mom of two littles, I rarely have time to myself and am not always consistent with the workbooks but when I take the time to do them they are always exactly what I need. They are spot on with whatever I have going on at that exact moment, even if I do them after the Full or New Moons.”

“These books are so easy to understand and break down astrology so well, it never feels over my head. They are very clarifying and bring perspective to all of the things I’m going through that are confusing or make me feel crazy, it all seems to make sense after doing the workbooks.” 💕🌙✨




“I have been familiar with astrology since I was a little girl but in running in more spiritual circles since graduating college it has been so cool to see these ancient systems becoming more mainstream. I think I googled astrology-based journal prompts and found the Spirit Daughter workbooks over a year ago now. I’ve learned so much about each season and I’m at the point of now integrating the lessons into my daily life each moon cycle.”


“I teach yoga so I’m often drawing from astrology into creating my sequences and use the Spirit Daughter workbooks as inspiration. I also have used them as an introduction into building a crystal collection and love the ritual of swapping out my desk altar each month. Plus as I said the reason I found the workbooks was because I was looking for journaling prompts. Journaling is my favorite form of self exploration and each book provides thoughtful guidance each season.”


“I’ve also gotten so much more familiar with my chart! For example, I now know I have very little water in it and notice that EVERY water season I get so much out of! It’s like hit after hit from universe of lessons I need to learn.”


“Thank you so much for these incredible books! I’ve recommended them to any friends looking to get started in Astrology.”



“I’m a soul having a human experience on planet earth. I didn’t realize this until two years ago. Although growing up i always felt “different”. I questioned a lot of things when it came to religion. Many questions but very little answers, it wasn’t until  I started my inward journey back home when 💜 I began to trust source and started saying yes to a lot of things.”


“That is when my journey really began. I joined a women’s community, became a student of kundalini yoga, developed a morning meditation practice , began using essential oils, subscribed to spirit daughter journals, open my heart to the healing energy of crystals, all the things that grounded me.”


“Little by little I began to create my spiritual tool box. Little by little my life began to expand. It is my intention to share my mind, body and soul journey to inspire others.”

- @dianecarrillo_az


"I’ve been using the workbooks for over 2 years now! Spirit daughter was really where my deep dive into the astro world first started—it was the first account I ever followed on Instagram and subscribed to the workbooks not long after because I felt like there was so much to learn."


"I think the most influential part of the workbooks (and info shared here on insta) has been understanding how everything is connected. Nothing and no one operates in isolation and that has been incredibly impactful and comforting. The theme of trust comes up often in the books too, which has helped me be more at ease with phases/changes in life. They’ve also helped me understand myself & people better, which is both enlightening and annoying."


"Spirit Daughter and the books are why I’m *that* friend who never shuts up about astrology so thank you sm!!!!!"




“I came across the Spirit Daughter workbooks on Instagram during a very transformative time in my life. Little did I know, it was exactly what I needed at the time. I have been using the workbooks for about 8 months now and they have brought so much balance into my life.”


“I love knowing what the energy of the season is so that I am able to work with it and not against it. The workbooks have brought me a lot of peace, structure, and alignment that I’ve never had before.”


“My favorite part of the workbook is working with the energy of the New Moon as this has helped me manifest a few things into my life. These workbooks always remind me to trust the process and believe in my magic.”




“I originally found Spirit Daughter’s workbooks three years ago, and I’ve been utilizing the workbooks since. They have offered me such a deeper insight to my Self & my relationship to the planets.”


“I also love the depth monthly information! I utilize the meditations, yoga, crystals—all of it! There’s a spiritual piece for each person’s journey. I keep all of my workbooks as a journal. I like looking back to see the growth & what manifestations came to fruition.”


“I love how much my relationship with my Self has grown through the help of these workbooks!”


“I found the workbooks through a friend’s Instagram story early on in 2020 during the pandemic and knew I needed them in my life. I was taking the extra alone time to really focus on my spirituality and was feeling the pull towards finding more guidance around the moon cycles and the workbooks provided me with the perfect solution!”


 “I’ve been using them every month since March 2020 and I don’t think I’ll ever stop!

- Personally, these workbooks have given me so much clarity each month on myself, my emotions, my shadow side, and where I need to grow, change, and release. although I try to take time to check in with myself daily through rituals and routines, the workbooks provide me with 2 very distinct, meaningful ceremonies each month during the new and full moon that help me give myself permission to carve out an extended amount of time for self reflection. ✨”


“I used to find following my the moon cycles to be overwhelming, but now the workbooks help break it down so easily and beautifully. I feel so much more connected with myself, the moon, my spirituality, and the universe since using these workbooks!”



“I started following Spirit Daughter without knowing much about astrology… I noticed some undeniable connections between the moon cycle/ different astrological seasons and feelings/occurrences my own life so to dive in deeper, I ordered my first workbook last Feb 2020 👌”


“We can always find some good and lessons to learn through challenges - the pandemic was a prime example. It inspired a lot of introspection and personal growth for me. With guidance from these workbooks, I worked with the energy of each season to discover more about myself.”


“I love and look forward to working through my journals each month. It’s become a very meaningful routine where I commit to taking time just for me. I’ve evolved over the past year from ignoring or hiding parts of myself to facing and shedding light on my darkness. This journey just began, and I’m learning to accept and love all of me, practicing compassion and patience along the way 😊✨”



“I found the books approximately in the fall of 2020. In 2021, the beginning of Aquarius season, I decided to gift my daughter the book. She loved and shared what she found, which made me subscribe. Ever since that first book, every time I receive one I feel that hope has arrived in my mailbox.”

“The way it is written with so much intention and care that pull through all the activities and makes the reader more empowered and connected. These guidance and ideas are the value I get from the workbooks and continue to love, share and get excited to get every season.”

“Thank you for providing the support this and other Spirit Daughters need♥️”



“I’ve been using them since June of 2018, right when I started getting into astrology. They are so helpful, informative, and detailed. Every time I sit down to do my moon practices, I feel like I’m being guided to meet my truest self, including ALL of the qualities, ‘good’ and ‘bad’. In the spiritual community I feel there can be too much of a focus on the mystical and magical aspects of. What’s the point of being ‘enlightened,’ as people like to say, if you have nothing to actually DO with it. That’s what I love these workbooks for.”

“They spark my sense of passion and creativity for things like crystals, tarot/oracle card reading, astrology, and more, while also honing in on a lot of accurate psychology, which appeals to the scientist in me. It truly has me coming back month after month, and I think it makes the workbooks more palatable for a wide variety of readers. Even if you’re not super into astrology or the zodiac seasons, these books can and will still help you reach a deeper level within yourself.”



“I stumbled upon this ig account that resonated loads with me! When I saw the moon workbooks I didn’t doubt it for a second and I subscribed. It was a couple of years ago when I first opened my yoga studio and was leading moon circle meditations...the information that spirit daughter offers deepened my connection to astrology and the moons cycles and served me as a guide to offer better experiences to my students.”

“I particularly admire her way of phrasing questions as I believe a well structured question is an invitation to deep introspection! I continue to use them for myself and continuously I find myself aligned to the natural cycles of life and atuned to the energy being offered to us.”

“And I also would like to add that whenever I forget to download them and I send an email asking for the link again, they answer in no time and with lots of loving kindness !”



“I’ve been following Spirit Daughter longer than a year now and my love for astrology has always been there but it wasn’t until recently that I decided I really wanted to learn from the bottom what all this was about.”

“A year ago I decided to start getting her workbooks to help me understand better the seasons of the universe and all the changes we go through out the astrological year. I grew up just listening and viewing what someone could be based on their Sun sign but once I opened up to learn and to see that every individual is more than that and sometimes we are not well understood I couldn’t stop by learning each day a little more.”

“These workbooks have helped me to understand my feelings and my emotions better, giving the tools to control the things that set me up to destabilize my inner peace. I’ve come to learn that we have a very special connection to the moon faces and these books have made everything a little more easier to learn from. They have inspired me to have self-compassion and personal growth.”

“I look forward to get my workbook every month because they have become my way of giving myself some alone time and be mindful of what is happening around me. I have come a long way the past year of accepting parts of myself that were getting hidden in the dark and I’ve come too realized it was time to embrace them. This journey just started and I’m here to discover my potential.”





“I’m a life-long learner and for as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the stars and the sky. The movements of the cosmos, the possibility of “What’s out there?” combined with the eternal question of “Who am I” lead me to delve deep into fields such as Astrology and Human Design.”

“The more I learn, the more I am amazed and I now use these modalities amongst others in my work and my coaching to help people discover their Soul Blueprint, how to work with the celestial energies to create the life of their dreams and my partner and I help people to find their soul mates and thrive in conscious relationships. As the old adage goes “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and that was certainly the case for me with the Spirit Daughter workbooks.”

“My first full moon workbook was a Scorpio Supermoon over two years ago and perhaps with a slight bias as it’s also my moon, I fell instantly in love. I haven’t missed a workbook since and I am constantly gaining more valuable insights for both my personal life and the lives of my clients. Thank you Spirit Daughter for assisting me on my mission to raise the vibration of consciousness on this planet and bring awareness to all things magic. So much love ✨❤️”



“Throughout my childhood I had always been drawn to astrology and self improvement. Last August I dove deeply into my spiritual journey and soon after discovered The Spirit Daughter. Drawn to the in-depth analysis, moving artwork, yoga sequences, and crystal knowledge I found myself welcomed into an entirely new world that felt “right.”

“Like many, last year was pretty challenging for me in all areas of life. The Spirit Daughter workbooks helped me ground during chaotic situations, become present while making important decisions, and really sink my teeth into the larger picture of what is going on around me.”

“I love following the moon cycles and planning my short and long term goals. I’ve been reintroduced to my core self and learned how to find my intuition. Every month I look forward to learning about every sun sign and moon phase. Introducing crystals and new rituals and improved ways of thinking. It’s truly changed me for the better.”




“I’ve been using the full moon & new moon workbooks since 2019. I use them at my goddess and moon circles. They are inspiring and keep myself and my guests informed about the current moonology and astrology themes.”

“They are filled with inspiration, lots of seasonal meditations, yoga, prompts, exercises, activities and astrological information. In 2020/21, I led virtual moon circles for clients and friends inspired by the guidebooks. I always recommend the Spirit Daughter guidebooks. They are incredible”❤️❤️




“I’ve been loving and using the Spirit Daughter workbooks for almost two years now.”

“A friend shared them with me during a time of transition and transformation. It was instantly clear that they were a beautiful resource for a deeper astrological learning experience, but I had no idea how helpful they would be for my own personal journey. I truly enjoy flipping through past journals and recognizing cycles and patterns or simply giving a little gratitude for growth.”

“There are so many things I admire about the workbooks, but I’d have to say that the most fun* part is the door they have opened for community. I love love love doing workbooks with friends, or building on the cosmic conversation with others.”




“I’ve been using the workbooks honestly only this year during the Cancer Season, I was hearing great things about the workbooks and how it’s more than just another journal. I found the workbooks through IG, I’ve been following Spirit Daughter for awhile and I felt for my birthday (cancer season) why not treat myself. I wanted a workbook I could carry with me everywhere and not weigh so much, so this was perfect.”

“The workbook has helped me be more intentional with my manifestations and with my self care time. I’ve dove deeper into setting healthy boundaries with myself and with others during the reads of aligning my spirit. I love how interactive the workbooks are, i have fully felt my growth through this summer solstice. There is no better feeling than gaining so much energy from writing in a workbook that just fuels your soul.”




“My journey with the workbooks started early this year for Aquarius season. I have been following Spirit Daughter for some time now on Instagram and discovered the moon journals through their posts. I’ve always had a passion for astrology and a deep love for the moon. I thought it would be a wonderful idea to bring more structure to my practice with the moon cycles, so for my birthday I decided to start these amazing workbooks and have been using them monthly ever since.”

“With the guidance these amazing journals have given me, I’ve hosted New/Full moon circles with my friends. The workbooks have also given me such wonderful insight and allowed me to align more to myself with all the helpful tips they give. It is a beautiful practice of self love and self care that I have come to embrace on a monthly basis.”




“A good friend of mine who has been embarking on the journey of self discovery and spiritual growth introduced me to spirit daughter’s content and workbooks about a month ago. I downloaded the Leo season and Aquarius workbooks and really just loved taking the time for myself to learn more about how the cosmos effect us as human being and exploring the different aspects of my myself guided by the workbooks.”

“Astrology is a topic I’ve always been interested in but with some recent life struggles I was really feeling lost on my path. Attuning back into astrology has made me realize that it is a window into my heart and soul helping guide me to align with my true self. Particularly the Lion’s gate was a really powerful day for me and the guided practices for it in the workbook really helped me set my intentions for the coming weeks.”

“I really love the journal prompts as I find journaling to be so vital for being open to the answers that live within each of us. Lastly, all the information about crystal healing has ignited a new passion for me that I get more excited to learn more about each day.I’m so grateful for this beautiful journey I am on and blessed to have found a community like spirit daughter’s to be a part of!💫❤️😍”




“I have been using the Spirit Daughter workbooks for about two years now and I still look forward to them every single month. Jill breaks everything down so beautifully in a way that I feel is relatable to everyone and easily digestible. I believe that we are deeply connected to the moon, stars and planets, and understanding the energy they bring can help us navigate better through our daily lives.”

“I love to incorporate the workbooks into my morning rituals. I am a big believer in journaling daily to help process and release any emotions or anxieties we may be feeling. Through understanding the energetics happening in the Universe with the Spirit Daughter workbooks, I like to journal around what I am currently trying to work through, manifest, and release during the different seasons. My favorite parts of the workbooks are learning about the sun sign, the new and full moon, reading my personal moon scope, and the beautiful illustrations.”




“I came across spirit daughter workbooks exactly a year ago and I can honestly say that have been life changing. I have felt so connected to my spirituality and love the guided moon circles, yoga and crystal suggestions. I also truly love the way she writes, with such beauty and meaning. My moon journal practice has bright me joy + peace through the toughest moments and has helped me manifest my true potential this last year. I’m so grateful!”




“I’ve been using the workbooks for probably five years now?! They help me ground into what I have going on in my life, connect with my self worth and my intentions. I love to use the guided meditations for group gatherings, to bring connection and peace to the people in my community. I also love to go back to my old journals and acknowledge the growth and expansion that I have gone through in certain times. I can’t say enough good about the deep connection these journals bring to your life. The perfect addition to my monthly rituals 🙌🏼”




“Discovering Spirit Daughter on instagram and her workbooks has brought so much magic into my life! I’ve been practicing with the workbooks and listening to Jill’s astro talks for about two years now. I’ve always felt all of the energies we experience, but using her workbooks has really helped guide me into an entirely new way of connecting with myself, other beings, and nature! I now make boxes with Spirit Daughter’s workbooks and crystals to go with her setting up for magic section✨ I love introducing the workbooks and Spirit Daughter’s page to people interested!”




“I found out about the workbooks exactly a year ago through Instagram, shortly after I’ve decided to sign up for an astrology course and I’ve been working with them ever since. I had this inner knowing that astrology would be a big part of my path, becoming more aligned with my true nature, remembering my purpose and falling in love again with who I am and how I want to serve.”

“The workbooks have helped me combine astrology and yoga and inspired my own offerings. I learn best when I teach, sharing what’s helped me on my way is the most meaningful work I can imagine. Learning more about all the aspects of our souls, our human experience, the different archetypes, their similarities and differences has changed my view and understanding of our existence. I believe this has awakened and nourished my ability to provide a sense of comfort and stability in the face of uncertainty by teaching meditation, yoga and the basics of astrology. I am beyond grateful for your work.” Thanks for sharing your journey with us, we love having you as a part of the community!



“I started my journey with the Spirit Daughter journals eleven months ago. Every month has been full of synchronicities while working through these journals, shining a new light in my world.
I love using my tarot & oracle decks in conjunction with the example spreads given in the journals. Jill's sections on "Aligning The Spirit" are some of my favorite to read and take notes on because they help me to remember some of the tools I already had, and to learn new tools that are needed to create and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.”

“During the Lions Gate Portal back in the beginning of August, the books were there to lighten the mood with yoga, meditation and teach me the magic of divine timing during my transition into a new job as a licensed massage therapist and reiki practitioner at a place I feel honored to be a team member of.”

“Today, in my healing practice, I enjoy referring to the Spirit Daughter journals for creative ways to set up my crystals in the room for the day, and create crystal grids for long distance friends and family. I like using the guided meditations in my sessions and have found them successful for my clients and myself.”

“Lastly, I'm thankful to have had these by my side during some difficult times; working through some of my own depression. The writing and artwork in the journals, as well as the support of the community, has shown me so more beauty, helped strengthen my connection to Mother Earth, and allowed me to grow in a way that has made my own process of change somewhat more manageable. For all of that, I am deeply grateful 🙏🏼🌈.”