Jill Wintersteen is a spiritual teacher, author, and founder based in Venice Beach, California where she lives with her family. In 2016, she founded the popular astrology and wellness brand Spirit Daughter after noticing a growing need for practical, reliable information on current astrological events. Jill has had the pleasure of sharing her knowledge with the communities of Yoga Journal, Elite Daily, PureWow, to name a few, and she is always excited for the chance to do so.

Spirit Daughter is a platform that empowers people around the world to design their best possible lives using astrology and spirituality as a roadmap. To guide others through healing and transformation beyond limiting beliefs, Spirit Daughter offers accessible tools and teachings like the highly sought-after Moon Books. These monthly workbooks provide guidance for understanding our relationship to cosmic cycles and how we can align with them to affect the change we’ve been seeking in our lives.

Jill is passionate about helping others step into their purpose because she knows how it feels to take a leap of faith towards a dream. As a teenager, she spent much of her time collecting crystals, practicing yoga and studying astrology. She would even make charts for her friends along with hemp necklaces that matched their sun, moon and rising sign. 

Despite this early foundation, her career began on a more traditional route when her interest in the study of consciousness led her to become a neuroscientist and even pursue a doctoral degree. Though she experienced success in this field and enjoyed aspects of her research, she couldn’t ignore her inner knowing that this was not the correct path for her. While working in a Neurogenetics lab at Johns Hopkins, Jill made the decision to leave it all behind and move to Venice to rediscover her true calling of helping others find grounding and peace in exercising their own agency. 

Once in Venice, Jill began to naturally create a life fueled by this calling. After leaning back into yoga to process the stress of this big life change, she built a robust private practice infused with alignment-based yoga, Chinese medicine and astrology. With the support of many amazing mentors, she continued to study and refine her skills to provide her clients with a variety of tools for healing and understanding themselves. After 8 years of working privately with clients, she again felt an intuitive hit that it was time to pour what she had learned into a new direction—one that could reach others on a much wider scale. Jill had no idea what this would be but decided to travel the world and open herself up to new energies that could show her the way. She eventually landed exactly where she belonged, as the founder of Spirit Daughter.

Now, Jill takes pride in being able to ignite expansion in the lives of others through Spirit Daughter. She is grateful for the opportunity to share what she’s learned from her experiences with a vibrant, growing community. 

Jill is a Leo, Scorpio Moon, Libra ascendant. Keep up with her on Instagram here.

Image of Jill via Maryvine Street

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