Why a Moon Book?

Spirit Daughter’s Moon Books were born from a natural evolution of Jill Wintersteen’s journey with astrology and the Moon. Part guide and part journal, these workbooks are her way of spreading the magic of cosmically aligned practices to touch and affect as many lives as possible.

The Moon rules our emotional body and intuition—both of which serve as excellent compasses when we tap into them. However, we often turn to more logical methods of sorting through our thoughts, seeking clarity in systems that don’t account for our human nature or unbound souls. A pros and cons list might be useful when deciding where to go for dinner, but not when you're standing at the precipice of a major life shift. Luckily, the Moon provides a framework that can ground and guide us through all seasons of life. 

While teaching yoga in LA, Jill began a series of New Moon Circles to show others how this kind of structure could be applied to their lives. Each circle aligned with the energy of that New Moon alongside the corresponding zodiac and from this, Jill created her "New Moon Formula" of intention setting and consciousness exploration. She learned so much from the women that attended these circles and began to see how a New Moon practice could impact the lives of many others. 

Wanting to expand the offerings of Spirit Daughter, Jill spent a morning in meditation, opening up to the universe with the question of, “what is my next product?” By the end of the meditation, she received the answer of a “New Moon Workbook”. This would be a book that people could turn to each month to learn about the astrology that was theming the New Moon, and how to hold a New Moon ritual themselves, wherever they lived in the world.

Soon, lovers of the New Moon Workbook were asking for more. Realizing the effectiveness of this practice, they became curious about what this format would look like for a whole sun season (the 4-week period assigned to each zodiac sign). It later became clear that a Full Moon Workbook was also needed to put action behind the intentions that were set during the New Moon. To learn more about how each Moon Book is used, visit our how-to guide.

The questions in each monthly workbook invite you to really look at your behavior and dissolve limiting beliefs (there’s Jill’s background in psychology coming in). Jill sees this monthly practice as a way of having a conversation with oneself on a regular basis. Through this conversation, themed by the Moon, you are guided through your mind to your most empowered self. From this place, you can realize your soul’s purpose and create an abundant life with unlimited potential. If you’re ready to shift into your higher path and claim your power, you can view the workbooks and order yours here.