Welcome to Wholesale shopping with Spirit Daughter! 

 Wholesale Store Login Link: Here

 We currently have five products available for wholesale purchases. The following items require a minimum order of 10, with a 35% discount for wholesale purchases.

No other items on our website are available for wholesale purchases outside of the following five items: 

By The Stars
By The Moon
The Daily Journal
Manifestation Cards
Wall Calendars

How to create a wholesale purchase:

In order to complete a wholesale purchase, a company representative will need to follow the above link to ensure that there is a company account created with Spirit Daughter through Shopify. 

Once the account has been created, the login link below will ask for an email to send a verification code. The verification code allows the company to view wholesale pricing in their shopping experience, rather than seeing the general customer pricing. 

When placing an order, there is a requirement of 10 of each item you would like to place a wholesale order for, the shopping cart will not let you add a wholesale item to the cart without the minimum quantity being ordered. 

Payment for wholesale purchases is due upon check out, and will be delivered during standard delivery timelines. 

Should the company wish to purchase other items in combination with their wholesale products, they will need to close out of their wholesale account to purchase further items. 


If there are any further question, please reach out to wholesale@spiritdaughter.com for assistance with your purchase.