The Numerology of 2023: Time To Elevate

Everything in the Universe carries an energetic resonance, even numbers. When entering a new year, we can feel the tone of the year by understanding its Universal year number. The number for 2023 is 7 (2+0+2+3). The energy of seven will guide this year and affect many of the events, including the cosmic ones. If you find yourself wondering what to do with an energy this year, like the Full Moon or an Eclipse, look to seven for inspiration.

Seven represents the completion of cycles. There are seven days in a week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes on the diatonic scale, and seven main chakras. Seven represents the ending or completion of one cycle and the entryway into another. As we journey through this year, expect shifts and endings. Allow them to naturally take place instead of fighting them, and honor what they have taught you. Look for the natural completion of things and resist the urge to hold on. Instead, flow with the energy around you and let it move you into a new realm.

Seven is also a number of mysticism. In numerology, energy moves in directions. One begins the cycle by moving straight, like an arrow. Energy then comes together from two directions to form the number two. It splits again, moving outward to form three. It then comes back together in an organized matter to form four, the foundation. It then moves in a new, destabilizing direction to form five. It re-grounds itself to form six, having acquired new energy. It then goes more deeply inward to integrate this new energy to form seven, where it will then find its strength again to form eight, a new power.

The year after this, 2024 will be a Universal eight number, where we will find a new way of being as a collective, rooted in our strength and infinite wisdom. 2023 is the pathway to a new integration and personal empowerment. Its the year we make sense of it all, go inward to understand the knowledge gained over the last few years, and find our new equilibrium. This year is a grand opportunity to tune into yourself, to your own frequency, and understand who you are now, having lived through the last few years, and who you are about to become because of it. If you don't have one already, this year is an excellent time to establish a meditation and journaling routine. Give yourself space to sit with your energy and observe your personal vibration. Open yourself to a new level of consciousness and know that this is a time of elevation for all beings.

Astrologically, we have many shifts taking place this year that will set the tone for the next cycle of humanity. Pluto moves in Aquarius briefly in march until June 2023. It will weave in and out of Capricorn until November of 2024 where it will settle into Aquarius until 2043. Pluto moving signs is a big deal because it spends so much time in a sign. The longer a planet stays in a sign, the greater the impact it has on society. Pluto's exit from Capricorn this year signifies a completion of that cycle and the introduction of another. Pluto rules transformation, cycles of death and rebirth, and power. As Pluto shifts, so does our relationship and understanding of transformative cycles, including the pandemic we all endured the last few years. It's time to see this event come to an end and integrate the new energy it brought us as a society.

As Pluto dips into Aquarius, we see a glimpse of the future. Aquarius rules the collective and shows us the potential of humanity. It brings us all face-to-face to share knowledge, exchange energy, and offer our unique voice. This year is the bridge between Pluto being influenced by Capricorn, a structured, disciplined, and somewhat harsh energy, and it being influenced by Aquarius, an air sign that connects us all through energy and information. As Pluto shifts in March, remember the lessons of seven. Go inward, feel your vibration, and ask yourself what has transformed within you and how can you integrate it for the higher good of the collective. Let the number seven take you on a mystic journey of unraveling, understanding, and reformulating your higher consciousness.

In March, we also have Saturn entering Pisces for the next three years. It has been in Aquarius after its ominous meeting with Pluto in Capricorn in 2020. Saturn in Pisces softens us. It's a reminder to let go of some of the structures and routines that we formed while in survival mode. Saturn in Aquarius also stirred up so much needed activism and inspired conversations around rules and regulations to make them more equitable for all people. While there is still much of that work to be done, Saturn moving in Pisces allows us to dream about a better future. It helps us widen our view of what is possible.

Saturn in Pisces introduces more flexibility for ourselves and everyone else and is aligned with the energy of seven. The number seven can feel a bit destabilizing, as all odd numbers do, but that destabilization makes room for possibility. It's a time to breathe a little easier and not hold on so tight to things. It's a time to trust that the evolution humanity needs is happening, and it will continue to happen. It's also a time to trust that there is purpose and meaning to it all. These are lessons of seven. There is a reason, and you may not ever know what it is, but you can still believe in it and still know that it is true. When you trust the process of not only your life, but the whole of humanity, you can step out of survival mode, and find your personal freedom. You can empower yourself to move forward to the next level, knowing that its all going to be ok, somehow, someway.

Over this year, ask yourself what you need to feel grounded, centered, and in tune with your vibration. What will allow you to integrate new knowledge? What will allow you to trust? What will guide you to your intuitive self? Give yourself permission to go inward, and become a hermit if you need. Seven is not a social number. It's a number that guides into the cave of your internal mind and encourages you to stay there until you have some answers- or more questions. Skip the parties, and opt for some quiet nights spent with your journal, your energy, and your favorite pen.

Overall, though, this year has the potential to create peace and harmony. The seventh house in astrology is ruled by Libra, ruled by the planet of love- Venus. Let this year transition you from fear and chaos into love and peace. Let it elevate your vibration and be the bridge from lower frequencies to higher ones. Let it help you transform the narrative of the past into the beautiful story of the future.

There's much more happening astrologically this year. You can learn more in my 2023 astrology forecast live on January 19th at 2pm PT on Zoom- sign up here.


From one numerologist to another; your article is spot on with the vibrations of Mother Earth. Lots of exciting days ahead of us.
I appreciate you and your gifts.

Chaz Rothenberg March 20, 2023

Excellent information shared in a way so easy to understand. Thank You!

Shelly Nigel January 24, 2023

Thankyou so much I think you are absolutely brilliant I am going to take your advice Reading these brilliant knowledgeable articles made me realize exactly what I need to do with my life and the correct way to do it in order to move on in positivity happiness and love I appreciate your existence in the world Sincerest Gratitude’s

Heather Church January 10, 2023

Hi Leanne! Of course, the link to sign up for the Astro Forecast is:

We’ll make sure you’re signed up! See you then!

Spirit Daughter January 09, 2023

Can you send the link to sign up? The link above doesn’t take you to the sign up page. Thank you!

Leanne Sandau January 09, 2023

Hi Paola! We’ll make sure you’re signed up! You’ll receive an email with more info and the Zoom link closer to the Astro Forecast date.

Spirit Daughter January 06, 2023

Hi! I would love to join the zoom but when I press “sign up here” it just takes me to the shop page but there’s no form to fill out to sign up or mention of the zoom?

Paola January 06, 2023

Spirit Daughter,
Thank you for your interesting article about the numerology of 2023 – 7!! The clarity is amazing , and so easy to understand!!

Thank you,
Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones January 04, 2023

I’m excited to learn that this year’s number is 7! I don’t know too much about the field of numerology, but I have always had different sensations when certain numbers align. My fiance and I just decided that our wedding date will be 7/1/23. I was already satisfied with the fact that it rolled 1-2-3 after 7, and now that I know that the number of the year is seven, it all seems very fitting. We are ready to end the cycle of dating/engagement and commit ourselves to a future together. It feels like divine timing for us! :)

Katlyn January 04, 2023

Wow! Thank you so much for this information ✨️

Agustina January 04, 2023

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