EFT and the Full Moon

EFT, or emotional freedom technique is self-care therapy based upon the same energetic system used in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. According to Chinese Medicine, our body is comprised of twelve energetic lines known as meridians. Each of these meridians corresponds to an organ or bodily system. The twelve meridians are further divided into five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. There are two meridians per element with the exception of one element, Fire, which has four meridians. Each meridian is made up of a series of points where energy collects. Acupuncture and acupressure use these points to move stagnant energy or tonify (recharge) energy. These points can become so full of energy, it prevents energetic movement or they can become so depleted that they need daily charging. Ideally, we want energy to move smoothly through all of our points and meridians for optimal health physically, emotionally, and energetically.

Following the same theory as Chinese Medicine, EFT uses gentle finger tapping to balance key energetic points along nine meridians. Through focusing on a few points (we have 365 in total) tapping, puts the power to restore our body’s energy literally in our own hands. Tapping can be used for a variety of ailments including physical pain and even PTSD. It also can be used to free energetic blocks which prevent us from attracting things like love or abundance. Tapping uses a specific sequence of movement from one point to another while the tapper says different phrases out loud as they pass through the points. Depending on the goal of the tapping session, the phrases are altered to bring attention to the issue at hand. For instance, a tapping sequence for anxiety will use the same series of points as a tapping sequence for attracting abundance, but the phrases spoken will differ in content.

Every tapping sequence uses these points:

The Side of the Hand (Karate chop point)

Eyebrow (EB)

Side of the Eye (SE)

Under the Eye (UE)

Under the Nose (UN)

Chin (CP)

Collarbone (CB)

Under Arm (UA)

Top of the Head (TH)

You can tap through these points with either your left or your right hand. If using your right, you’ll tap on the right side of your body (with the exception of the Karate chop point), if you are tapping with your left, you’ll tap the left side of your body. Tap with firm but gentle pressure with either four or two fingers. Use two fingers for more sensitive areas like the eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, and chin. Use four fingers for wider areas like the side of the hand, top of the head, collarbone, and under the arm. Tap each point 5-7 times. Start with the Karate Chop point and end the loop with the top of the head. This is considered one round.

 eft meditation

The magic of tapping lies in the phrases you repeat as you tap. Each tapping session will have a different focus, depending on your desired results. You can focus on anything you like and there are many guides on YouTube to help you create the best phrases for tapping. In general, there are two sets of phrases for each session. The first set identifies the problem and the feelings you are trying to shift. You can think of this set as a way of calling out the energy and bringing it to the surface. Always begin this set by tapping on the Karate chop point and saying some variation of “Even though I feel ___, I deeply and completely love myself.”  After repeating this acceptance phrase at least three times, move on to the rest of the points. Flow through all of the points at least twice repeating the first set of phrases.

After you completed the first set of phrases. Pause and take a few deep breathes and access how you feel. If you don’t feel anything has shifted, do another round with the first set before continuing. You’ll then move on the second set of phrases, which are meant to shift your energy and remove any blocks from your energetic system. These phrases are compiled of positive affirmations like “Starting today I choose to love myself,” or “I am good enough for my dreams.” Please consult our favorite tapping channel for more guidance on phrases for specific issues.

Tapping and the Full Moon are a perfect match. Each Full Moon brings us energy to work within our bodies and shows us blocks in our frequency preventing us from realizing our dreams. We can use the theme of each Full Moon to theme our tapping sessions. Tapping itself is a powerful technique and paired with the Full Moon’s energy it becomes even more powerful. Use it as a tool to shift energy with the help of the Moon and clear away stagnation in your meridians. Try practicing tapping on the upcoming Full Moon to harness the combined power with the practices in the Full Moon Workbook.

spirit daughter full moon workbook

 Images by Becca Reitz

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