How to use the New Moon and the Full Moon Workbook

I’m so excited to offer both a New Moon Workbook and a Full Moon Workbook each month. Both Moon’s deserve to be honored for their specific power and both Moon’s provide us with potent energy to align our lives. Truth is, every one of her phases has a unique power- but the New Moon and Full Moon hold special energy because of their relationship with the Sun. Each workbook is written based on the cosmic energy, not your personal Sun or Moon sign. They are for everyone, as we all are immersed in the same energy of the Moon. 


 New Moon

So…How should you use these magical tools? The New Moon Workbook is based on the sign the New Moon will be in, which is the same sign the Sun is positioned in for 4 weeks (called the Sun sign). This book has been evolving since I first wrote Gemini almost a year ago. It is intended to be read on the New Moon and throughout the entire Sun season. My suggestion is to start reading it around the time the Sun enters a sign. The meditations and yoga are designed to be done over this period and the Moonscopes tell you how your specific Moon sign will interact with the Sun season. The crystals will help guide you through the Sun season as well. You can start to think about and journal on the questions presented in the book anytime. Although, I personally prefer to do them on the New Moon and write them with that intention. Some of the questions, though, need a day or two to percolate in your mind and please give yourself that space. You may even want to answer them at the beginning of the Sun season, then revisit them to see how your answers have shifted over the season.

On the day of the New Moon, it’s best to read the page specifically for that day to become aligned with the cosmic energy. This is also the day to set up your circle or altar with the suggested items and the time to answer the questions for the first or second time. The actual day of the New Moon is when you write your dreams and set your intentions. I always advise people to set their New Moon intentions within 10 hrs of the New Moon exact (written on the first page of every workbook). If this is not possible, try to do this piece within the 2 days around the New Moon.

The New Moon Workbooks change each month to follow the zodiac when you subscribe you will automatically be sent next month's issue which is based on that Sun season and New Moon. 



Full Moon

The Full Moon Workbook is written for the specific day the Full Moon occurs. We won’t ship them until 10 days before the Full Moon, so the information will stay contained on the days it is relevant. This book contains information on the Full Moon, the sign the Moon will be positioned in and the dance of polarity that occurs between the Moon sign and the Sun sign. The Sun and the Moon are always opposite on a Full Moon and this book is about that relationship and how to work with the corresponding opposing energy within us. Along with specific astrological information, there is a section for creating a circle. I plan to provide more detail in this section each issue on how to hold a Moon circle. Things like calling in the directions, pulling cards and the general flow of energy in a circle. There is also specific yoga and meditation for the Full Moon, to be done on that day and possibly the day before to prepare your body and mind.

Then there’s the work. During a Full Moon, we have extra energy making it a great time to do some serious transformation within us. Each Full Moon workbook will feature a sequence of work designed to bring balance to the opposing energy of the Full Moon. There are questions, exercises, and general reflections. This is my favorite part of the workbook and one that hopefully will help you reshape your behaviors and thought patterns. The New Moon is about setting the intention, the Full Moon is about doing the work to manifest that intention. This is the purpose of the Full Moon workbook, to help you take action, create change and follow through on your New Moon intentions.

The two workbooks are designed to work together to take you through the entire Moon cycle and Sun season so you can align with the cosmic energy and harness it to create your best life. Each book is written from universal astrological knowledge, and personal experiences I've had with La Luna. I write each book with complete reverence and awe of the magic of the Moon. My mission is to share her magic with you.  


I absolutely LOVE the new workbook format. This deepens my spiritual practice , and keeps aligned. Thank you!

Jeanette February 10, 2019

Hi! I love the book and I was wondering if there was audio to the yoga, pranayama, and meditation? It would make it easier to practice.

Alison Garcia November 11, 2018

Hi, what book are you on / when is the next one coming out?

Bridget April 27, 2018

Am ve

Am very grateful. Tell me how to use new moon to the full moon spiritually.

Hamid K. Adeshina March 10, 2018

Can one order the book even if one doesn’t have the crystals?

Jenny February 27, 2018

I have read your quotes on zodiacs and fell in love! Please do taurus next

Serina February 26, 2018

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