Jupiter in Sagittarius: Get ready for an upgrade

Jupiter, the planet of luck, faith, and downright optimism, returns home today to the sign he rules; Sagittarius. Jupiter, simply put, expands us. If he were a person, he’d be the jolly extrovert at the party inspiring everyone to come out of their shells to dance the night away. He’s a mover and a shaker, spreading cheer wherever he roams, making us feel safe enough to shine our brightest.

Jupiter has been positioned in the dark waters of Scorpio for the last year. In Scorpio, he expanded our subconscious mind, freeing the energies held there to come out and see the light of day. It is of no coincidence that Jupiter moved into Scorpio last year the same week the now famous hashtag #metoo went viral. The Me Too movement is a perfect example of what Jupiter in Scorpio looks like. Over the last year, energies held back in the shadows out of fear and shame came to the surface of our conscious minds due to the expansion and encouragement from Jupiter. This past year has been about exposing the underbelly of the world, including our politicians and celebrities. With this, though, Jupiter has brought us hope. He is the planet of faith and works hard to deliver us serendipitous encounters exactly when we need them. With his stint in Scorpio, we’ve seen these coincidences pop up in the realms of the subconscious mind, bringing energies we’ve held in secret out in the open to be seen by the collective at the precise moment when change was needed.

Today, Jupiter returns home to Sagittarius the sign of the curious adventurer, always in search of truth. Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring us luck, serendipity, and above all hope. We will all feel this as a collective, but each of us will feel it specifically in the house that Jupiter is moving through in our chart. Each of us has a natal chart comprised of 12 houses. Astrological signs, such as Sagittarius, govern our houses. Pull your chart here, then look up which house is governed by Sagittarius. To fully understand this, it must be explained that signs generally straddle two houses. It is very rare to have one sign to one house. This is because our charts begin with our rising sign, which is rarely at 0 degrees. It can be, but the chances are that our rising is at 5, or 15, or any of the other 30 degrees which comprise a house. Once you've found which houses are ruled by Sagittarius, you know the houses which Jupiter will transit, or move through, in your natal chart.

In the example below, we see Beyonce’s chart. Sagittarius begins at 19 degrees in her third house and continues into her fourth house until 21 degrees when Capricorn begins. Houses are always 30 degrees each, usually governed by two signs. In the case of Beyonce, parts of her third and fourth houses are ruled by Sagittarius. Therefore, Jupiter will be transiting her third and fourth house, expanding these regions of her life.
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Houses are the regions of our lives which certain astrological energies govern. Even if you don’t have a planet in the houses governed by Sagittarius, you still will feel the effects of Sagittarius, and present-day Jupiter, in those areas of your life. Below is a list of what areas each of the houses represent and will tell you which areas will be affected by the energy of Jupiter.

1st house: This is the house of the self. It is here your chart begins. In Beyonce’s case, her chart begins at 20 degrees Libra. The house of the self rules your self-image, the energy you project and how you reinvent yourself. Many times this is the mask you wear to attract the energy you need in this lifetime. If Jupiter is transiting this house for you, expect to expand visions of yourself and your identity. It will be a time to step into your power. Allow yourself to be fully seen by others for who you truly are and who you identify with most at your core.

2nd house: This is the house of possessions and resources. It is here we find our financial security, our need for resources- including our attachments- and our ability to attract abundance. It is also the place where we develop our self-worth, which is directly linked to our ability to manifest wealth and abundance. If Jupiter is transiting this house for you, expect to expand in the realms of your worthiness and abundance. Basically, you may just hit the lottery over the next year, if you believe you are good enough to do so.

3rd house: This is the house of communications and systems. It is here we find how we exchange energy with others. We also find our inspiration here and our curiosity. This house also dictates our social life because we need others to practice communication. In the present day, this house rules social media, along with the 11th house, and the way we converse through these platforms. If Jupiter is transiting your third house, expect to expand in your communications. This could mean more speaking events, more writing, our even more posts on Instagram. Who knows, you just might become the next greatest YouTube celeb.

4th house: This is the house of the home. It is the most private of all the houses and therefore the most subjective. This house rules our innermost thoughts and the way we view security. It lets us know what we need to feel safe and comfortable to nourish ourselves. It also can quite literally mean the house we live in, dictating the types of homes we buy and the cities where we choose to put our roots down. If Jupiter is transiting your fourth house, expect to expand your vision and concept of your home. This may mean a new house, perhaps in a city which extends your potential, or may mean more time for self-care and nourishment. Either way, get ready for your very notion of security to shift and your roots to grow even deeper. If you’re house shopping, definitely dream bigger, Jupiter will bring you the finances to support your vision.

5th house: This is the house of children, play and drama. It is here we find our inner child and our sense of wonder. It is also where we find our heart’s joy and what makes us happy from the inside out. Once we fully understand our joy, we can lead ourselves into our destiny full of confidence and courage. If Jupiter is transiting your fifth house, expect more time to enjoy the things which make you smile. Play more, and create more time to appreciate the finer things in life. Jupiter in this house could also signify expansion in your life through children, whether they be your own or another’s.

6th house: This is the house of service. It is here we find our inspiration to serve others through our perfection of a certain skill. Most often this house rules our special gifts to the world, which we must refine and then give to the collective. We also find our capacity to heal and heal others through the energies governing this house. If Jupiter is transiting your sixth house expect to the next year to be about honing in on your gifts to the world and finding your diamond in the rough. You’ll feel expanded in your capacity to help others and being of service will feel good to your entire being.

7th house: This is the house of relationships. It is here we find the ways we relate to others, the energies we bring in to a partnership and the energies we expect from a partnership. This house also governs how we navigate relationships and can often predict the problems and triumphs that partnerships will bring us. If Jupiter is transiting this house, expect your love life to heat up and expand into a new realm. You may be brought a new lover who will support you in becoming your best self or you may become the catalyst for expansion in another. This may also be a time to nurture the relationship with yourself so you may attract new partners and energies.

8th house: This is the house of personal growth. It is here we find our capacity to transform. It is also here we find the energies which rule our subconscious mind and help us understand the ongoing cycles of life. This house governs our views of death, our instinct, intuition, and our sex life. Most often, these are the energies which remain just below the surface of mainstream conversation. In exploring the energies of the 8th house we enable ourselves to transmute our subconscious mind. If Jupiter is transiting your eighth house, expect to shine light on your shadow side. Get ready to plunge deep into your subconscious to transform yourself into a new expanded version. You may see this expansion in everything from your intuitive knowing, to your sex life. Allow Jupiter to bring joy and luck to the hidden places of your mind so you can grow past your shadows.

9th house: This is the house of truth and knowledge. It is also the house traditionally governed by Sagittarius, and Jupiter. Jupiter transiting this house will amplify his inherent qualities. The ninth house inspires us to search for new knowledge and new patterns. This house breaks up our usual methods of doing things and urges us to expand our perspectives and consciousness. Often this expansion is done through travel to foreign lands to collect new information from different cultures. Start thinking about where you want to plan your next trip. Also, this transit will bring you many coincidences over the next year, so be on the lookout for those serendipitous encounters.

10th house: This is the house of career and reputation. It governs how we interact with the external world. It also governs how the external world views us. It is here we find our fulfillment with life. The energies of the tenth house dictate if we feel we’ve discovered our destiny in this lifetime. If Jupiter is transiting your tenth house expect expansion in your career, or maybe even a new job or promotion. It may also inspire you to find your place in the world and define how you want to be seen by others. You may start showing up differently, energetically expanded and taking up space which is rightfully yours.

11th house: This house rules or friendships and humanity as a whole. It is here we find our views of society and our place amongst the collective. We also find our inspiration to change the world around us and how we can use our unique personality to create these changes. The energies of the eleventh house dictate how much we feel part of a group of people and also how separated we feel. It determines if we have a sense of belonging or if we feel like a lone wolf. If Jupiter is transiting your eleventh house, expect to feel a greater sense of community with those around you. The next year may be quite a social time for you. There may be an emphasis on gathering with like-minded people who aspire to change the world alongside you. Also, expect Jupiter to encourage you to look for serendipitous encounters which lead you to your authentic truth and voice.

12th house: This house rules our spirituality. It is here we find our affinity to religion, spirituality, and explorations of consciousness itself. The twelfth house is the last house of the zodiac and governs how we view the world and our life on a larger scale. This house carries the essence of observation, where we are the observer unattached to the material world, but seeking a deeper meaning to everything. If Jupiter is transiting your twelfth house, expect to dive even further into your spirituality. This could mean spending more time in meditation, or yoga, exploring your energetic field. Jupiter transiting this house will inspire you to take up a daily practice, which ultimately will teach you more about your consciousness and it's connection with the entire universe.

Wherever Jupiter lands for you, know that for all of us we are ushering in a time of expansion, luck and a plethora of upgrades! Expect more abundance, more success and more serendipity from every interaction. We have until December 2019 with this energy- enjoy it!

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