Mars is Out of Bounds!

On Saturday, while we were all under the influence of the New Moon, Mars left the fires of Sagittarius and entered the earthly Capricorn. A seemingly normal transit, expect that Mars is now out of bounds. So what does it mean when a planet is out of bounds? Image the equator was projected onto the sky, everything above would be north, everything below would be south. On Earth we calculate the degree of North or South by latitude. In the sky, however, it’s called declination. Same thing, just a way to measure a position. At any given point, the Sun reaches a certain declination. The highest, or most northerly, declination occurs at the Summer Solstice, the lowest at the Winter Solstice (here in the northern hemisphere). The Sun sets the bar, as far as declination, painting order in our solar system through these two points. When a planet, in this case Mars, goes past the possible declinations of the Sun, it is considered out of bounds.

Okay, that’s the technical explanation- but what does it mean? A planet out of bounds is a little more erratic than usual, energetically speaking. It’s as if it went off into the desert to find itself and acts a little unhinged until it comes back. Basically Mars just went to Burning Man. He’s out there having a good time, rearranging his energy and exploring new ways of being. He’ll be out there until April 7th, making the next 3 weeks a very interesting time for us, as Mars moves through Capricorn meeting Saturn and Pluto on his way.

What about Capricorn? Capricorn is our steadfast goat, stable and wise. She gives us order and structure. She sets the tone for the systems we use in our immediate life and in the entities that rule us, like our government. Capricorn holds us to our utmost integrity and ensures that our methods of doing things are aligned with our authenticity. Mars is the planet of war and passion. He is the most masculine of the planets and rules over the masculine energy within each of us, male and female. Mars rules the part of us that would defend ourselves, or our loved ones, at any cost. He represents our primal instinct and our capacity to motivate ourselves to start anew. Mars in Capricorn traditionally is a stabilizing time for masculine energy, when it can settle a bit and find structure and order, but not when it’s out of bounds.

Out of bounds Mars in Capricorn, actually destabilizes the masculine energy ruled by this fiery planet, enough so that it can be reorganized. It couldn’t come at a better time. Masculine energy has been a bit lost for some time now. In years past, when we lived as hunters and gathers, which by the way are the same genes we are walking around with, masculine energy protected and provided for the feminine. It slayed dragons and made sure women could nurse their babies in peace, all why having enough food to eat. It’s fairly clear that the feminine energy no longer needs to be provided for, or needs protection. If anything, the feminine needs protection from the masculine, as evidenced by the Me Too movement, and women- not men- are taking care of that on their own. So where does this leave the masculine? Lost at Burning Man, figuring it out.



We are undergoing a massive shift in the feminine energy, it is rising in both men and women. Women are finding their voices, establishing their place in society and leading future generations into new territory. Men are learning to respect the feminine energy within themselves and their female partners. This includes listening to intuition, making time for self care and working through emotions, instead of self medicating. This is what the rise of the feminine energy looks like, but what does the reorganization of the masculine look like?

Well, we are about to see some of the first steps of this reorganization as Mars makes his way through Capricorn. The masculine energy will have to reformulate new systems, ones that don’t compete with the rising of the feminine. For women, this means more self reliance, more leadership, more initiation and less passivity. For Men, this means finding healthy ways to express their masculinity that is compatible with their femininity. This includes, learning to nourish themselves through cooking and other forms of self care. It includes men learning to lead with their intuition and not just logic. It also includes men turning their aggressive ways into constructive creativity, where they can funnel their passion into something other than aggression.

So what should we do over the next three weeks? Both Men and Women, play around with combining feminine and masculine energy. Strongly lead others with intuition over logic. Become passionate about self care routines. Think about how you want to be treated by the opposite sex and speak that position with truth. Continue to question the powers that be, and challenge yourself to come up with new systems of order that are in line with both energies. Also rework your frustrations. Mars rules our anger and our resulting motivation. Find ways to funnel any frustration into something productive. Create something, a very feminine notion, or at least find a new workout routine that will restore balance, like yoga. Also, be easy on yourself over the next few weeks, know that energies are shifting cosmically and this can make us feel a bit uneasy. Remain the observer instead of getting caught in your emotions and be careful to not direct them to your partner unnecessarily. We are all going through a shift, be kind to each other. Both Men and Women are finding their new place in the world and that’s not an easy feat, and certainly won’t happen overnight.

This current transit of Mars out of bounds is the perfect opportunity to start reformulating how masculine and feminine work together. See if you can add some motivation and passion into your femininity and some softness to your masculinity. This is just the start of long process, one that will continue until balance, true balance is formed between both energies. Take the first step over the next few weeks and begin to watch the world around you shift into a higher level of consciousness.


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