Mercury Retrograde May 2021: Speak your reality

Mercury stations retrograde for the second time this year from May 29th until June 22nd. It’s always an interesting three weeks while Mercury is spinning backward in our sky. While Mercury is in one of the signs it rules, Gemini, this transit may be even more spicy than usual. The effects we feel from Mercury Retrograde are due to its alignment with the Earth. Mercury Retrograde is nothing to panic over, though. There are some key dates to be aware of and some general precautions to take, but overall, Mercury Retrograde can be a good thing once you understand it. It can provide us space to slow down, reprocess, reevaluate, and communicate with ourselves on a deeper level. Also, remember that your power of intention is just as strong as any other vibration in the Universe. If you believe the next three weeks will be hell, well, that’s what you’ll get. If you believe that this transit will facilitate breakthroughs and opportunities to understand your life from a new perspective, then you’ll call in that vision instead.

Let’s start by understanding Mercury and its energy. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo. In these signs, it is extra powerful because it’s home. While in Gemini, Mercury quickens our communication and our ability to open our minds. We can receive and process information at lightning speed if we are grounded and open. It’s a wonderful time to gather knowledge, perspectives and connect with other people. Mercury connects us, just like Gemini. When Mercury is journeying through Gemini’s stars, we crave companionship. We reach out to others, and we become more curious than usual about our systems of information exchange. When direct, Mercury facilities the fast transmission of everything related to our speech, body language, writing, and our systems of technology. It not only helps you create the perfect piece of writing or speech to share your thoughts but also helps the transmission of your thoughts. Mercury is the messenger of the Universe and, when running smoothly, delivers our messages in a timely, organized manner.

In retrograde, the normally outflowing energy of Mercury turns inward. It’s as if there is a kink in the information pipeline from us to the outside world. This effect touches everyone and everything. Nothing seems clear, and mistakes are often made when dealing with the transfer of information of all types. Common Mercury Retrograde mishaps include: canceled or delayed flights, misinterpretations of contracts, internet server breakdowns, the resurgence of ex-partners, and even typos or grammatical errors. Anything can be misconstrued during Mercury Retrograde if it pertains to information or energy exchange. With Mercury Retrograde occurring in Mercury’s home sign, this Retrograde is more profound. Mercury is empowered to play all of its tricks. Conversely, all of its silver linings are extra shiny. There are also some key dates of this transit to be extra cautious with your communications, transportation, and technologies. Below are some tips on what to watch out for during the next three weeks, how to use this energy, and dates that need some extra awareness.


Be very aware of all communications. Breathe, pause, and ground your energy before any important conversations. Give the other person space to do the same. Send the other person energy while they are speaking to encourage the smooth flow of their thoughts. Also, remember to listen. Be present with every word, and if you feel triggered by something someone else says- pause and reflect before reacting. Mercury Retrograde can exaggerate our reactions. Notice if your blood starts boiling, and instead of saying something you may later regret, take time to cool off. Give yourself space and journal if you need. Mercury Retrograde allows us to communicate with ourselves more deeply. If you feel triggered by another person’s words or subtle innuendos, take time to talk to yourself first before giving them your reaction and your energy.

Double and triple-check all plans, meetings, and travel arrangements. Mercury rules our transportation, as well as the computer programs the organize our schedules. Things tend to get lost, delayed, or miscommunicated during this transit. Double-check if the meeting is really is at 1 and if your plane is on time. When schedules undoubtedly fall apart, take it as an opportunity to do something for yourself. For instance, if you show up at a lunch meeting and the other person lost it in their calendar, have a meal by yourself. Instead of going on your phone (which may break too) be present with yourself and your meal.

If you must sign any contracts or legally binding documents, read them a few times. Again, Mercury Retrograde causes miscommunication of all types. If you need to sign your name to something, make sure you fully understand it and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Asking the right questions can keep you out of a lot of uncomfortable positions. If you don’t know what to ask, use your intuition to spot things that feel off and start inquiring there.

Back up your most important documents, and if your computer or email crashes, take a reset. Technology has a way of breaking down during Mercury Retrograde. Wires get crossed on all levels. Even Instagram has gone offline during Mercury Retrograde. Systems fail, but you don’t have to. If you find yourself frustrated by some technological breakdown, head to nature. Take time to connect with Earth through a long walk, swim in the Ocean, or a night under the stars. Restore yourself as your systems reset and find their way.

Be aware of people surfacing from the past. Yes, it’s true; exes tend to call, text, and DM during Mercury Retrograde- some even email. Mercury Retrograde encourages us to reprocess events of our life, including conversations we’ve had or wish we’ve had. It dredges up our past so we, or the other person, can find closure. It also allows us to view someone from a different perspective. That guy who broke your heart three years ago, may not even seem appealing to the person you are now. That’s great information to know about yourself. If an ex resurfaces during this transit, ask yourself what are you supposed to be learning? What closure is available? And do you need to say anything or hear something that wasn’t transmitted in the prior relationship? An ex appearing can also simply reaffirm your choice to move on and empower you to continue creating and enjoying your current life.


With Mercury Retrograde occurring in Gemini, our communication with ourselves is enhanced. We can become very clear about what we want, how we feel, and what we believe. Our power of intentions is amplified from this clarity, and we can manifest with great precision in our life. We can speak our reality into existence if we stay grounded and present with ourselves. It is a potent time to bring your thought forms to life and transmit your ideas to others.

Throughout this Retrograde, journal every day. Write down a continuous stream of consciousness to better understand the thoughts you carry and emit daily. Get clear on what you want to do for each day and what you want to do in your life. Then limit any distraction that doesn’t align with your vision of your day.

It’s also a great time to reprocess events of your life and change the story you tell yourself about them. We can’t change the past, but we can shift the narrative around it. We can also own our stories and admit the impact they’ve had on us. We can embody them, and through this embodiment, we can shift how they’ve affected us. Instead of something being disempowering or creating shame, we can instead shift the way we view it and ourselves. We can find power in our stories and see ourselves in a different light.

Important Dates:

May 29th - June 3rd: Mercury is stationed retrograde while it is conjunct Venus. For the first part of this transit, be extra cautious about the words you use with loved ones. If miscommunications arise with your partner, take a pause and give space for the other person to breathe. Also, try to avoid any in-depth conversation about the relationship if possible. Simply enjoy each other’s presence and let the big talks wait.

June 10th: Mercury is conjunct the Moon and Sun for the Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Journal, a lot. This is your time to speak your intentions to the Universe with an extra punch. Realize the power of your words both to yourself and to others. Be bold in your intention setting and write affirmations that remind you of your power to create your reality. You can learn more about the New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Gemini in the Gemini workbook.

June 14th: Today, Uranus and Saturn square for the second time. This aspect translates to a “break in the system.” Be aware that this day can feel very intense, and systems may fall apart. Some of this breakdown might be good and needed. While other potential system failures might just cause frustration. Stay connected with nature this day and your intuition. If something feels tense, avoid it if you can. Also, allow this aspect to break down old patterns and outdated structures in your mind. Change your internal mantras and ways of thinking that limit you by breaking through to your unlimited potential.

Again, try to enjoy this Retrograde and find the opportunities where available. Be aware of self-fulfilling prophecies, and trust that everything that happens is meant to be. Use your words wisely. They, and the energy behind them, are more powerful than you can imagine.

Learn all about Gemini in the Gemini Workbook:

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