Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: Reclaiming Empathetic Boundaries

All About Neptune

Neptune is an outer planet that was discovered in 1846. It’s unable to be seen with the naked eye, which speaks to its “felt rather than seen” quality. Neptunian people are not ones that care to be on stage, or receive public accolades for their good deeds. This energy is one of the collective unconscious. Because Neptune rules both the monks in the monasteries as well as the prisoners on death row…it’s also an energy that separates us from comfortable, predictable reality.

Whether through transcendence or escapism, Neptune knows how to move beyond the ordinary.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 

Neptune entered its home sign of Pisces in 2011 and will remain in the sign until 2026. Because it’s been in Pisces’ watery depths for more than a decade now, this is one of many similar retrogrades we’ve experienced. Neptune is also retrograde for about half the year, every year, so rather than the jarring confusion we can feel with a Mercury or Venus retrograde, for example, Neptune’s journey is more about internal versus external perspectives. 

Neptune stations retrograde this year on July 2nd, 2024, and as ever, it’s encouraging a review of our subtle senses. However, this year, unlike ever before…it’s stationing retrograde at the “anaretic degree” which makes its lessons much more intense and important.

Neptune will station at 29° of Pisces, the very last degree before it changes signs into Aries. The 29° (anaretic) degree is critical in any sign…but especially in Pisces, because it’s the final degree of the ENTIRE zodiac.

It’s also interesting because since March of 2023, we’ve had Saturn co-present with Neptune in Pisces. This influences the energy of both planets, with Saturn attempting to add structure to Neptune…and Neptune equally trying to diffuse Saturn’s boundaries! These planets will continue to move closer together until their conjunction happens in 2025 and echo the importance of give and take within spiritual connections, as well as the necessary boundaries to keep them in check.

Neptune will sextile the Moon in Taurus when it stations, as well as sextile Uranus in Taurus…meaning the Moon is conjunct Uranus in the retrograde chart. That points to this period potentially being full of surprising emotional upsets. Mercury in Cancer will also be in an exact trine with Neptune when the planet stations retrograde, alluding to communication being critically important to the retrograde journey. 

As a transpersonal planet, this retrograde will mostly be felt on a collective level. However, if you have planets or points from 25-29 degrees of the mutable signs (Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo) this period could be felt personally.

General Tips for Neptune Retrograde

  • Neptune is the planet that connects us with the divine. To tap into the spirit of this energy, stay open to non-linear forms of healing making their way towards you. Pulling Tarot cards, meditating, and practicing yoga are wonderful modalities for accessing Neptune.
  • As spiritual as Neptune can be, it can also be deceptive. This planet is the epitome of empathy, which sometimes means wearing rose-colored glasses and forgetting to take them off. When you’re feeling called to be of service, remember to show the same kindness and compassion towards yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so boundaries are extremely important when working with Neptunian energies.
  • Neptune has a particularly soft spot for animals! If you have any furry friends in your home, use this retrograde as a period to review your relationship and shower them with affection. Any creature without a voice still deserves to be heard, and Neptune loves to listen.

Neptune Retrograde through the Rising Signs

These horoscopes were written based on your rising sign. The rising sign indicates which house Neptune is currently transiting in your birth chart.

☽ Aries 

Neptune will be retrograde in your 12th house. You’ve been in a sort of spiritual awakening for more than a decade now. Neptune is the ultimate liminal planet, so the tendency to get carried away has probably been strong, but your dreams and intuition have been, too. Now that Neptune is preparing to finish its journey here, you’ll be able to start making sense of your behind the scenes reflections in an entirely new way. Consider writing in a dream journal to reflect on the intuitive messages that repeat during waking hours.

☽ Taurus

Neptune will be retrograde in your 11th house. For more than a decade, you’ve connected with your community in both spiritual and perhaps deceptive ways. Because of this type of hive mind, you might have had a tendency of confusing other people’s ideals with your own. Neptune retrograde here will remind you of just how big your dreams are and encourage you to define them on your own terms— once and for all. Reflect on how you’ve been motivated by others, but also how you’re learning to have stronger boundaries with them.

☽ Gemini

Neptune will be retrograde in your 10th house. You’ve had a concentration of spiritual energy infusing your life’s legacy for more than ten years now, but Neptune’s story here has almost come to a close. This retrograde will remind you of the motivations that serve both your desires and the rest of the conference room. Use this time as a period to recognize what’s been good for you that was also good for the group.

☽ Cancer

Neptune will be retrograde in your 9th house. For more than a decade, you’ve had both extreme intuition and confusion coupling your adventures to new places. The philosophies that expand your life might have also had a funny way of escaping you! Neptune retrograde here wants you to re-examine the beliefs you’ve come to terms with since 2011, and make peace with where you’ve landed because of them. Rather than being completely carried out to sea by a new idea, try talking through it along the shore.

☽ Leo

Neptune will be retrograde in your 8th house. You’ve had this planet adding both a spiritual and confusing layer to your partnerships for over a decade…but you’re almost done with this story. This retrograde could mark a final turning of the tides in your collaborative journeys as you’re slowly coming out of the fog to reevaluate the resources you share with others. You’ve definitely learned how to give from our heart space, rather than expectation, but your boundaries may have been fuzzy. Review how you’ve given versus where you’ve received and start to make peace with.

☽ Virgo

Neptune will be retrograde in your 7th house. Your partnerships have been a place of both deep healing and confusion since 2011. Neptune transiting this important place for so long has instilled a desire for partnerships that sweep you away! But when it stations retrograde, though, a more discerning look might be helpful. It’s one thing to manifest romance, and another thing to call in your ultimate soulmate. Rather than looking at relationships as something to fix, allow them to show up as a loving reflection.

☽ Libra

Neptune will be retrograde in your 6th house. For more than a decade, navigating your 9-5 life in a linear fashion has been next to impossible. You’ve likely been interested in all sorts of spiritual work and may have had to deal with more than a few invisible illnesses. Now is the time to take a retrospective look at which habits have been supportive, and which have left you confused. If you’ve been sacrificing your own well-being for the benefit of others, this moment will prompt a return to balance. 

☽ Scorpio

Neptune will be retrograde in your 5th house. Your creativity has been a magical wonderland of possibility since 2011. However, your romantic life might’ve been a bit foggy thanks to some disillusioned ideals. Neptune’s retrograde here is an opportunity to review your passion projects of the past decade and ensure your inner-child would be at peace with them. Allow yourself to slow down and let your muse(s) steer the ship in this space. There’s a few final hangups to resolve before Neptune departs for good.

☽ Sagittarius

Neptune will be retrograde in your 4th house. Your home and family life have been sources of extreme spiritual healing since 2011, but they might have also been sources of confusion with lacking boundaries. With the planet stationing retrograde for the last time before moving into Aries, excavating the dynamics of the family tree has almost reached a crescendo. Perhaps your lineage is ready to reveal something from a fresh perspective. Don’t be afraid to go spelunking into your ancestry and it’s deep, and likely unconscious, behaviors. 

☽ Capricorn

Neptune will be retrograde in your 3rd house. Friendships have acted as a warm embrace in your life for more than a decade because of Neptune’s presence here, but they’ve probably also left you feeling a little lost...and maybe used. It’s important to be a reliable shoulder to cry on, but with Neptune’s last major retrograde in Pisces, it’s equally important to notice the ways you’ve become more vulnerable. You’re preparing to transition into a similarly empathetic place at home– and the spiritual friends you’ve accumulated will be ready to return the favor.

☽ Aquarius

Neptune will be retrograde in your 2nd house. It’s not the planet’s happiest home, as it would rather have its head in the clouds than the checkbook- but Neptune here since 2011 has probably done a (literal) number on aligning your money with your values. With the retrograde, a final reconciliation of finances could come due. Notice how you’ve been earning a living over the past decade and ask yourself if your compensation aligns with the effort you’ve put forth. Now is the time to honestly review your energy exchanges.

☽ Pisces

Neptune will be retrograde in your 1st house. Sitting up close and personal with how you show up in the world, Neptune has been softening your already fuzzy edges since 2011. When the planet goes retrograde, it will ask you to recount how your psychic senses have shown up in your body for the past decade. Maybe you feel a flutter in your chest when something is awry, or get goosebumps when your intuition is in overdrive. Honor the way spirit moves through you and, if you’ve had any confusing evolutions of self and identity, know that this chapter will be coming to a close soon.

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