Saturn Retrograde in Pisces: Reconstructing the Raft

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Saturn, the planet of boundaries, restriction, and no as a full sentence will station retrograde in Pisces on June 17th, the day of the New Moon in Gemini. It will resume forward motion on November 4th, 2023. But remember, there’s nothing to fear about retrograde periods! Saturn, the ultimate planet of responsibility, stations retrograde every year for about 4.5 months, so this is familiar energy to all of us. But while it’s not necessarily major or rare news, it’s still a definite shift- and one that will be felt. 

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces

Saturn entered Pisces on March 7th, 2023 and will be traversing its watery expanse through early 2026. Saturn cycles are about 29.5 years, meaning the ringed planet hasn’t visited this amorphic, transcendent area of our charts since the mid-1990s. And while Saturn will station retrograde several times while in Pisces, this is the first time, which tends to set the tone for the following retrograde periods. The first retrograde of an outer planet is often most significant for the collective at large, but can also be felt individually. 

Since Saturn entered Pisces in early March, it’s also been coupled with Pluto in Aquarius. We’ve seen major explosions in AI the past few months, as well as sudden changes in the banking industry. But Pluto has also recently stationed retrograde, re-entering Capricorn, signaling a larger, collective review period of these themes.

Saturn in Pisces can be thought of as a life raft with a lifetime guarantee. It assures us that if we build something solid enough to withstand the trials and tribulations (and many gifts!) of the collective unconscious, we will emerge successfully from the full circle journey…with plenty of learning lessons under our belt. 

When Saturn retrogrades in Pisces, it signals a time where we might need to adjust the sails of our raft. Perhaps the tides have shifted, and now is the appropriate time to redirect our course. This Saturn retrograde period is a moment to reflect, review, and revise the structures that keep us afloat. Doing so will ensure they carry us to exactly where we’re meant to be- while also supporting the Universe’s plan for each soul onboard. 

General Tips for Saturn Retrograde

  • Because Saturn is motivated to climb the mountain to ultimately succeed, it’s an energy that can bring up shame when we don’t feel like we’ve reached the top/met our goals. Saturn retrograde periods are a great time to review the peaks you’re working towards, and what you’re doing on a regular basis to stay committed to the climb.

  • You can’t work with Saturn without considering boundaries, and Saturn Retrograde asks you to reconsider them. Notice what areas of life might need some new structure, and trust that every “no” makes room for a more aligned yes.

  • Saturn retrograde (especially in Pisces) is concerned with divine timing. This is a far cry from quick energy, and instead encourages us to slow down and feel every inch of the process. Notice what has worked out in your life due to diligently and patiently going with the flow… rather than fighting the current with brute force.

Saturn Retrograde through the Rising Signs

These horoscopes were written based on your rising sign. The rising sign indicates which house Saturn is currently transiting in your birth chart.

⟡ Aries ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 12th house. This is an area of your life surrounded by mystery, and can only be reached by letting go- which is something that Saturn does inherently. When it stations retrograde, you will be challenged to review your relationship with your intuition, and how you might’ve been holding too tightly to what that feels like. Have you been overthinking something, when what’s truly called for is trust? Pay close attention to your dreams.

⟡ Taurus ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 11th house. This is an area of your life all about the communities that bring it meaning. Saturn stationing retrograde here wants you to take a closer look at the people surrounding you. Does the mission statement of your latest community project align with your own? It’s time to reinfuse the groups you’re part of with your authentic brand of beauty. Leaning into your own expansive qualities will lift the spirit of the collective.

⟡ Gemini ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 10th house. This is an area of your life focused on the work you do in the world and the legacy you will leave behind because of it. When Saturn stations retrograde, you will be reviewing how you show up on the public stage and where you might need to loosen the reins. Whether it’s in a corner office, working remote, or somewhere in-between, empathy in your workplace is the task at hand- especially towards yourself. 

⟡ Cancer ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 9th house. This is an area of your life that wants to push the boundaries of your consciousness…and Saturn retrograde will remind you of just why those boundaries have to exist in the first place. Time spent in libraries, practicing yoga, and journaling will have you remembering how exciting it is to ground your thoughts and feelings. Notice the ways exploration can nourish your physicality. 

⟡ Leo ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 8th house. This is an area of your life concerned about the resources you receive from other people, and the comforts (or discomforts) they bring you. Saturn’s retrograde will pull focus on the support systems that surround you, and how truly interconnected you are with them. This is an opportunity to acknowledge the people, places, and things keeping you afloat- and a reminder that you deserve it.

⟡ Virgo ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 7th house. This is an area of your life that connects you with important one on one partnerships. When Saturn stations retrograde, a review period will begin for all of the committed relationships in your life. Now is the time to hold those you love that much closer, and to ensure that you’re on the same page. Defining the parameters of your unions now will solidify their foundations for the future.

⟡ Libra ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 6th house. This is an area of your life dedicated to the daily grind and ensuring that you support not only other people, but yourself. Saturn stationing retrograde will usher in a moment to reflect on how you’ve been moving through your day 9-5. Is it time for a different routine? Writing out habits that aid your self-care is a good way to remind yourself that you’re worth the investment.

⟡ Scorpio ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 5th house. This is an area of your life that seeks pleasure for pleasure's sake, and Saturn’s foray here urges you to take that pleasure seriously. With Saturn’s retrograde, you could be confronted with ways you’ve buried your own joy. This is a moment to reconnect with your inner child and invite them out on a playdate. Allow yourself to be silly, to make mistakes, and know that the best art is messy.

⟡ Sagittarius ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 4th house. This is an area of your life hopeful to expand the bounties of the home front. Saturn stationing retrograde here will remind you to take “feathering your nest” as seriously as you take booking your next flight. Are there ways you can make your home feel like an adventure? Consider donating old items to free up space for new tchotchkes that transport you and your houseguests.

⟡ Capricorn ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 3rd house. This is an area of your life that loves to communicate with like minded friends. When Saturn stations retrograde, you might notice how easy it is to become a product of what, and who, surrounds you. This period will be a chance to survey your inner circle and their methodologies. Trust that the best friendships will evolve alongside you.

⟡ Aquarius ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 2nd house. This is an area of your life indebted to physical reality and the tangible resources that support it. Saturn’s retrograde could have you reviewing your finances with a fine tooth comb and registering how money is simply another form of energy exchange. Take note of where your expenditures are happening, and the return on investment you receive.

⟡ Pisces ⟡

Saturn will station retrograde in your 1st house. This is an area of your life that embodies how you move through the world. Saturn retrograde through this space will bring up the commitments that are truly important to you. While you’re someone that loves to yes, Saturn wants to remind you that discernment is to your benefit. Freedom can be found in choosing yourself first, and that’s something worth celebrating.



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