Uranus Retrograde 2020: Accepting the Unimaginable

“I am imagining the unimaginable.”

Uranus, the planet of change and ruler of Aquarius, stations retrograde August 15th until January 14th, 2021. Uranus shakes things up in our lives and the world around us. The planet is somewhat at odds with its current position in Taurus, who is slow to change. Uranus is like a lightning bolt; it comes in quickly, makes its mark, and leaves us to deal with the aftermath. Taurus, on the other hand, is represented by the Bull, it can be a stubborn sign who changes when it wants and on its own timeline. Taurus also represents Mother Earth, who reminds us that everything changes at its own rhythm, nothing can be rushed, and everything unfolds in perfect timing. Taurus governs how we view our resources, our abundance, and our self-worth. This sign rules our financial systems and has even become synonymous "Bull Market," a term of Wall Street, to signify financial abundance in the stocks.

Uranus moved into Taurus two years ago and will remain there until 2026. Uranus moves slowly through a planet, creating long-lasting change. We are only at the beginning of this transit, and part of what we are experiencing in 2020 is to help us reach the light at the end of the Uranus Taurus tunnel. The highest vibration of this transit reconnects us with the Earth and all of the resources she brings us. It has the opportunity to change the foundation of our world and can even start us on the road of world peace. Uranus in Taurus has the potential to shift our lives in a way that connects all of us to a future where everyone is abundant. With Uranus, though, the journey is never comfortable. Uranus is the visionary of the zodiac, but seeing a new future comes with its downfalls. We are creatures of habit, and change of any kind causes anxiety and fear. Every day we must choose to see the opportunity in the change we are presented with, instead of meeting it with aggression or fear.

If Taurus represents the house we live, the Earth we stand on, and the systems that support it, Uranus wants to do a massive remodel. With this pair, though, the change comes with friction as they are naturally at odds. It looks like hurricanes, earthquakes, and devastating fires, all with the intent on waking us up to the change that needs to happen. The silver lining of the current pandemic is the effect it's having on our environment. This shift is representative of the way Uranus creates positive change. It's not pleasant, but it gets the job done. Remember, Uranus uses a sledgehammer to break things up. This energy can be destructive for the sake of creating something better. It's essential to keep a long term perspective, though with this planet. Change that happens today isn't about this week, or even this year, it's about 5-10 years from now. Uranus is a long play; its ripples can felt for years. It's destruction, though, gives way for a rebirth, a renaissance, and new perspective that affects all of society.


When Uranus stations Retrograde, it sends this energy spiraling inward towards ourselves. Uranus is generally concerned with society and the collective. It creates visions for all of us. Retrograde, the energy shifts our attention to looking at how we are responding to this change. Have we drunk the Uranus Kool-Aid? Or are we questioning its motives and long term plan? So much has changed over the last six months, and we're beginning to accept there is no going back. In reality, we never move backward as a society; we only move forwards. Our old way of life is forever changed, and while some things will return to "normal," other things will be permanently reshaped, and this is ultimately a good thing. As a collective, we are in the cocoon. We are undergoing a metamorphosis, and its painful, scary, and anxiety-producing. It's also hopeful and full of opportunity for real change in the places that need it.

The next five months is a time for you to look at how the collective shift is affecting you and how you are affecting it. What in your life has changed over the past six months? How do you feel about the change? Where is your energy stuck and where is ready to move forward. Uranus Retrograde is a time to take action on creating your next dream and challenge yourself to see past the present moment. It's time to let go of the past and trust that a better future is available. That's a scary leap to take, but it's one this Retrograde and 2020 is asking you to take. When you emerge from your personal cocoon, how will your life be altered? More importantly, how do you want it to be altered? In many ways, it feels like we are living in an alternative Universe. Much has remained constant, but much feels surreal. The unimaginable has unfolded in front of our eyes. While it's hard to process, it's also a reminder that anything can happen- and that is something we can run with.

Over this transit, become more aware of how you react to change. Notice if you meet it with resistance or acceptance. Explore with a curious mind how you process shifts in your life. Also, notice if you feel like a victim of change of disempowered by it. How can you find new ways to empower yourself? How can you be the orchestrator of change and the visionary behind the shifts? This retrograde is a time to take action, and those actions can be huge ones with massive consequences on our lives and the lives of others. Uranus continually compels us to see new solutions to old problems. This energy teaches us to look at different angles and think beyond the imaginable. Yes, the changes we are experiencing may feel shocking, but how can you take that energy and direct it towards creating positive shifts in your life? 

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