Your Saturn Return: Aquarius

While we will all feel the effects of Saturn entering the realm of the water bearer, those born between Feb 1991- January 1994 and those born January 1962- March 1964 will feel it most intensely. These people have Saturn in Aquarius in their natal chart. It pops in and out a bit because of Retrograde motion, so be sure to check your chart at to find out if you have Saturn in Aquarius in your personal astrological chart. When Saturn returns to the sign it was positioned when you were born, you have your Saturn Return, a rite of passage in many ways that ushers you into the next cycle of life. For most of us, this occurs around 28-29 and then once again around 58-59. We’ll dive deeper into what Saturn return means in a moment, for now, let’s look at the effects of Saturn in Aquarius on the entire population.

Each of us walks through our Saturn Return around age 29, 58, and if we’re lucky, 87. The first Saturn Return is arguably the most challenging. This is the time, for lack of better words, shit gets real. Our twenties are the time to have fun, to experiment, and to try on different visions and dreams. It’s a natural extension of our childhood when we have enough autonomy to spread our wings and see what the world is really all about. Now, not all of us take this road of freedom, some commit to a life by the time they are 23 and their Saturn Return may look very different than the freedom seeker backpacker.

For everyone, though, Saturn Return reminds us that what we do today has long term consequences. It’s a time when 5, 10 year plans come into our lives. We start thinking about marriage, kids, and mortgages. In the midst of a three-day festival, we may realize that pretty soon our life will be filled with three-hour outings, as we rush home to relieve the baby-sitter. The craziest part is that we may even find ourselves excited for this new, slightly less glamorous life. Because Saturn reminds us that our time is limited and if we want to get in all the traditional milestones we better start sooner than later. So in this period of time, we settle down. We start making plans for the future, we look for a serious partner, and we start making commitments- the kind that aren't easy to break.

If you’ve already made serious commitments, Saturn Return becomes a time to reevaluate them. It doesn’t mean you’ll end up divorced, but it does give you a chance to recommit or change your mind. Just as Saturn Return reminds you that your time is limited, it also reminds you that there is still a lot of time left. Saturn asks you if what you’re doing today is how you want to spend your tomorrow. If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track. If the answer is no, then you have some readjusting to do.

With Saturn in Aquarius in the natal chart, there is an overwhelming sense to be responsible to the collective. This, of course, will mean different things for each person depending on other chart factors. The common theme though rests on the desire to make the world a better place through your work, your commitments, and your faith. With Saturn, the road may not be easy and most likely will require discipline, but when you feel you are contributing to the good of humanity any pain or hardship will be well worth it. For Aquarian Saturns, you need to contribute to the collective in some way, which will be dictated by either your Sun or another planet in your chart. You also feel the need to commit to a vision. Aquarius gives us visions of the future, and for you these visions are imperative. In order to plant your feet somewhere, or with someone, you need to have a concrete vision of the future, and the vision better include the good of all.

The good news is: Saturn in Aquarius is one of the more exciting placements for Saturn. Aquarius asks us to break the mold and so for those of you with this energy informing your personality, mundane tasks take a different tone. Commitments take a different shape and so do responsibilities. You even view time as a different format, perhaps not feeling so constrained by it and instead ready to make it work for you. Then there’s faith. For you, faith becomes an essential part of life. Faith in humanity, faith that people will do the right thing, and faith that it’s all part of a better plan. Faith is essential for you and helps you maintain the vision of a new world. A world where the actions of all are for the good of many.

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I looked up your page to share with a friend who is experiencing Saturn return in Aquarius. Your page is well written, insightful and I want to read more of your comments. They are by far among the best I have found.

Jose Hernandez March 30, 2023

During my first Saturn return I started and graduated college in high tech. I did this while working at a software co. If I hadn’t persevered, finished school, and graduated, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Now I’m working in high tech with the knowledge and skills needed as a professional and skilled worker in an exciting and progressive autonomous driving technology job. Glad I didn’t give up.

Melissa January 10, 2023

“ Faith is essential for you and helps you maintain the vision of a new world. A world where the actions of all are for the good of many.”
This has always been a huge pillar of character for me but to see it written in my return makes so much sense. I’ve always wanted to contribute my part to the human collective whether it was through medicine, acts of service or just trying to give back to people in general and now I feel I am certainly heading in the right dirextion. Thank you for your words and enlightening recollection of the challenge we all face with this dynamic and challenging time.

Charles May 06, 2021

I just learned today what a Saturn Return is (from a dear friend). Wow!! 29 years ago, there was a lot of turmoil in my life and HUGE changes. This year feels very much the same. This article is helpful in understanding my chart & circumstances better. Thank you!!

Deborah May 06, 2021
I’m really happy to say that your article has been very helpful to me. I am studying astrology from and it is indeed a very Saturn time now, and yet I feel that we all need a reboot … due to the fact that we are forced to go inward … to really think about a lot. Having reached the understanding of many of the many, one can hope for what really matters NOW.
Emma September 21, 2020

It is astounding to me and not at all surprising at the same time that you are spot on. I quit my job and dropped out of my school program because I was in a deep denial. I am so terrified of being seen as a failure that restarting in so many sectors of my life… is terrifying. I wasn’t aware of what was happening. As soon as I sent the email to my school letting them know, I read your post. Thank you for your constant source of comfort in easing this pisces mind that no, I am not crazy and that my intuition is spot on in leading me to my truest path. THANK YOU!!! <3

Brittany March 27, 2020

Thank you so very much. I am going through my Saturn return right now and your words really resonate with where I’m at and have helped me better understand and see things more clearly.


Amelia McLean March 27, 2020

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