In the course membership, you have the option to self-pace or opt-in to the astrological roadmap.

So, what is the astrological roadmap? Each course can be taken in alignment with the current astrology and lunar cycle. The astrological roadmap is a guide that provides you with the current moon and planetary transits. If you have taken a Spirit Daughter course prior to The Circle Membership, this is how the courses were structured and delivered. By default, The Circle Membership courses can be taken at any time without the current astrological transits. That being said, I wanted to give you the option to opt-in (using the form below) if that is a part of what aligns you on your journey with The Circle.

While you don't need current astrology to impact your life, syncing up with the lunar cycle can keep you engaged. It can provide an extra-cosmic boost on the days you feel a little lost, but it is also not essential in taking these courses. Astrology is a framework for understanding these core aspects of the self. If you want the framework and the structure, please use the form to opt-in at the bottom of this page.

And remember, you can always opt-in or out anytime. It's all about making these courses work for you.

What does it look like if I Opt-in to the Astrological Roadmap?
With the astrological roadmap, you’ll be directed to begin courses the day after the New Moon each month, which starts a new lunar cycle. This also means you will be directed to take the course corresponding to that lunar cycle. For example, if you sign up for this membership one week before the Taurus New Moon and opt-in to the astrological roadmap, you will begin receiving notifications on the Taurus New Moon about the Abundance course, which is the course that aligns with the Taurus lunar cycle.
  • Sign up to opt in for this feature with the form at the bottom of this page.
  • You'll receive daily email notifications at the start of your next course.
  • These notifications will provide details on the Moon's position, along with other planetary aspects such as the Sun transitioning signs, and will indicate which day of the course corresponds to this information.
What does look like if I Opt out & take the Self-Paced Route?
Not aligning the Astrological Roadmap? No problem.
  • By default, these courses do not include the astrological roadmap, so you’re free to self-pace.
  • No need to do anything else! Take all the time you need to soak in the wisdom. It's your journey, your way.
* If you change your mind at any time, you can opt-in or opt-out of this feature by emailing The Circle is all about you. Craft your unique journey, it's yours for the taking. ✨