Sunday November 28th

Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces

Moon in Virgo sextiles Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces

Mars in Scorpio sextiles Venus in Capricorn (exact)

The Moon continues to land in Virgo today, giving us the courage to heal our old wounds. While we often think of the shadow as unfavorable or things we want to hide about ourselves, our shadows can also be positive. The Golden Shadow refers to energies you suppress and detach from within yourself that are positive. These shadows embody the higher vibrations of different archetypes and zodiac signs. They take on the shape of the hero, the innovator, the courageous leader, the benevolent alchemist, the optimistic adventuring, and the paradigm shifter, among others. We detach from these energies just like other energies because we didn’t know how to process them. They weren’t nurtured within us by our caregivers and may even have been chastised or told weren’t appropriate for our life.

Your golden shadow needs to be seen and integrated just like your other shadows. Also, the wound that formed it needs to be healed. It’s often this shadow that takes the most work to bring into the light because it was the thing that made you feel that you didn’t belong. Imagine a child who grows up with the seeds of a great leader inside of them but is constantly told that they aren’t good enough, their ideas aren’t good enough, and nobody will ever listen to them. That child grows up believing these things and detaches from the great leader they were born to be. Their natural leader becomes their shadow. They may even say to others that they could never be a leader. It’s just not who they are.

The child in question will have to fight through old stories and mantras formed by others to find their golden shadow. They will have to fight for who they really are and remember that person even when their old wounds try to take over or the fear they may be rejected for being their true self. Feel today what golden shadow you may have detached from in your energy. Feel into who you are at your core and commit to fighting for that person to be seen and integrated.

There is a lot of Mars energy activated today, encouraging you to place your energy somewhere. Mars can bring up frustrations, especially when working with your shadows. Funnel this energy into searching and feeling your golden shadow. Allow it to motivate you to raise your vibration by integrating all the pieces of your energy. Feel the courage to embrace your light even if it means you will no longer fit in with people around you or you will be rejected in some way. Feel into what you’ve been ignoring out of fear. Instead of being angry that it’s been hidden so long, use your energy to understand it and make it part of your journey.

What positive energies do you hide out of fear of rejection or disapproval? What golden shadows are waiting to be seen and brought to the forefront of your personality?