Thursday, November 11th 

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius conjunct (next to) Jupiter in Aquarius

Mars and Mercury in Scorpio continue to form an inconjunct aspect with Chiron in Aries

The Moon squares the Sun today, giving us our First Quarter Moon. First Quarters can feel tense to your system. They bring up challenges in your life and reveal places you need to grow. Be aware of what is shown to you today. It may come in the form of frustration or even confusion, but there is information available today to help your evolution if you are open to it. 

With the First Quarter Moon in Aquarius, you are encouraged to find freedom in your thoughts, behavior, and energy. Feel into what you find unacceptable about yourself, or try to hide from the world. What are you constantly trying to change, and why? Instead, ask yourself what you need to shift to begin to accept these areas. This acceptance also includes embracing what was rejected by others as well.

Every vibration you carry, whether in your shadow or not, is worthy of love and acceptance. It’s also worthy of your support. Begin to love all of your pieces, even the broken ones. Through acceptance, you will find freedom and empowerment. Allow the Moon today to help you discover aspects of yourself that were previously misunderstood or rejected and bring them into the light. Then hold them.

What is something about your childhood that made you feel you couldn’t act a certain way or that an emotion wasn’t accepted? What happened to that behavior or emotion? How is it asking to be seen and accepted today?