Saturday, February 18th

Moon in Aquarius
Sun enters Pisces at 2:35 PM PT
Moon sextiles Jupiter in Aries
Moon conjunct Mercury in Aquarius
Moon squares Uranus in Taurus
Moon trines Mars in Gemini

Welcome to Day 28! The Moon lands in Aquarius today before the New Moon tomorrow. This is the last day of the Lunar Cycle and of this course. Take a moment to review your intentions from the Aquarius New Moon. What do you want to continue to work on? What do you want to release? How can you make space for new energies? 

As the Moon moves through Aquarius today, it meets Mercury. Sit down with your journal and write yourself a letter. First, though, feel your home vibration. Feel your soul and focus your attention on these frequencies. Then write about how you feel. Write so that when you forget this feeling, you can return to your letter and remember. What does your heart feel like? What does your body feel like? What thoughts are helping to raise your vibration in this moment?

Take a moment to reflect on where you are in your process of energetic transformation. What lower frequencies are still trying to get your attention? How can you stay aligned with your soul frequencies even when your thoughts begin to downward spiral? How can you give your lower frequencies the attention they need to shift and change?

Congratulations on making it through this course. Defining your vibration is one of the most powerful tools you can own. You are in control of how you feel, what you focus on, and the frequencies you connect with in your energetic field. You can manifest the life of your soul, and you can align with your mission this lifetime. Feel your power to raise your vibration and reach for higher frequencies. Feel your power to touch your infinite potential and materialize it in your life today, tomorrow, and throughout time. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the course and it’s brought you in touch with who you really are- a powerful vibrational being capable of manifesting your highest visions.

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