Wednesday, February 15th

Moon in Sagittarius enters Capricorn at 9:01 PM PT
Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces
Moon squares Neptune and Venus
Moon sextiles Sun in Aquarius
Moon sextiles Saturn in Aquarius

Welcome to Day 25! The Moon continues to move through Sagittarius before entering Capricorn tonight. The Moon makes powerful aspects to Neptune and Venus today, helping us focus on the vibrations of our hearts. Our hearts are the center of our energetic field. They help us emit powerful vibrations and also help center our vibration in our body. Our hearts are like an anchor for the many vibrations we feel throughout the day. Our hearts also have the capacity to generate the highest vibration of all- love. 

When we tune into our hearts, we can feel love for ourselves and others. By feeling and embodying our heart’s vibration, we can easily direct our mind and body to reach for higher frequencies. By focusing on our hearts, we can reach for joy, gratitude, hope, and love. It can be easy to disconnect from our hearts and live in our minds, which can be full of fear, pain, worries, and anger. These vibrations can take over our energy and cut us off from the expansive and higher frequencies of our hearts. 

Reaching and focusing on the heart's vibrations requires a break from the lower frequencies that can plague the mind and body. Throughout today, notice what helps you disconnect from lower frequencies, like fear or worries. What stops the ongoing cycles and downward spirals of lower frequencies, so you are free to connect and focus on your heart? This could be a bodily movement like running or yoga. It could be a night out with a friend or a walk in the park where you can only hear the wind around you. It may be a five-minute meditation on the trees outside or a few deep breaths to ground your body. 

For instance, you may find yourself in a continuing pattern of lower frequencies. Perhaps you’re struggling with your partner. Maybe you’re behind in work, or perhaps you’re getting over an illness. It may feel like the world is stacked against you, and you feel frustrated, stagnant, and uninspired. These lower frequencies disconnect you from your heart, your joy, and your gratitude. These vibrations feel far away and unobtainable until you do something to work through them and shift them. This may be a good cry, some time with your journal, or a fast-paced run to free your mind from focusing on lower frequencies. 

The work to disconnect from these vibrations may take days, weeks, or minutes. Afterward, you can begin to notice your heart. It feels expansive and directs you towards gratitude. You begin to feel grateful to your partner for showing up, grateful to have a job you love, or grateful to be over your illness. This gratitude expands your heart, and the more you focus on it, the more you raise your vibration. All of a sudden, you are more willing to compromise or work through issues with your partner. You feel confident to conquer your workload and even excited to get started, and you feel strong in your body, ready to face another day. These higher vibrations continue to connect you with your heart, where you feel joy and possibility. The world seems to open up as you open. Your breath becomes easier, and you start to trust the process of your evolving journey a bit more. You also recognize the power you have to define your vibration. You can take control of how you feel and the vibration you carry. Yes, it takes some work, but it is possible every day to decide how you want to feel and what you want to focus on. 

What helps you acknowledge lower vibrations in your field?

What helps you redirect your focus to higher frequencies of the heart?

How does aligning with your heart’s vibration feel?

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