Friday, February 17th

Moon in Capricorn enters Aquarius at 9:35 PM PT
Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries
Moon sextiles Neptune in Pisces
Moon sextiles Venus in Pisces
Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Welcome to Day 27! The Moon continues to move through Capricorn today, where it will meet Pluto before moving into Aquarius. Take a moment today to reflect on the ongoing cycles of your life. See your life as full of frequencies and waves. Notice any patterns of ease or stagnation. Where is energy flowing freely in your life? Where does it feel stuck? Notice the evolution of your energy, and assess what is collaborating to create your overall vibration. 

Also, look at your process of transformation over this course. Change does not happen all at once. It comes in stages, steps, and even backward motion. There may be times you feel centered, focused, and in charge of your vibration. There may be other times you are swept away by old patterns, collective energies, or outdated beliefs. Transformation is a process. Building awareness is a process. It’s important to remember that none of this has to be done perfectly. You can have days when your vibration is lower and days when it is higher. You may find yourself in a downward spiral of attaching to lower frequencies you thought were long gone. What’s important is to acknowledge that you have felt a higher vibration. You know how to touch your heart, and you know how to align with your soul. You may not always live in these frequencies, but you know they exist, and you know how to connect with them. When you remember these things, you remember who you are beyond the lower vibrations. You remember your soul’s frequency, and you know you can return to it. 

As we wrap up this course, feel into what you want your home vibration to be. Ideally, this resonates with your soul. This vibration is your default vibration, meaning you return to it no matter what else happens. Perhaps you have an encounter with someone, and your vibration lowers to match theirs. Or maybe something happens to anger you, and your vibration lowers. That’s all ok if you can easily come back to your home vibration. You can think of it as your baseline. The place you can return to center yourself, raise your vibration, and attract the energies you need to materialize your visions. Setting this home vibration is the heart of defining your vibration. It’s what this course is all about. When you can define, set, and return to your high vibration, you can live in the frequency of your soul at all times. You can manifest the life you were meant to live, feel fulfilled, and emit higher frequencies everywhere you go. 

What do you want your home vibration to feel like?

What brings you back to this vibration no matter what happens throughout your day?

What can remind you to return to your home vibration?

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