Monday, February 13th

Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:32 PM PT
Moon squares Sun in Aquarius
Moon trines Venus in Pisces
Moon trines Neptune in Pisces
Moon squares Saturn in Aquarius
Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn

Welcome to Day 23! Today the Moon continues to move through Scorpio, where it aspects several planets and squares the Sun for our Last Quarter Moon. This evening, the Moon makes her way into Sagittarius, expanding our consciousness and visions. As you make your way towards a high-frequency life, spend some time imagining what that life looks like. What does a shift in your vibration feel like? What changes around and within you when you commit to high vibrational living?

Sit with yourself and survey areas of your life today. The Moon aspects with many planets. Harness this energy to look at your relationship with different energies. Feel into your love life, your dreams, your commitments, your career, your friendships, and your daily activities. Notice which areas feel stagnant or stuck. Notice which ones feel draining or depleting of your energy. And notice which ones feel alive with potential and possibility. Feel where there is ease and flow in your life versus where there is force or constriction. 

Imagine what life will be like once you fully align with your highest vibrational state. Imagine each area of your life and see it flowing in alignment with your soul. What feels good to you in each area? What feels like the life you are meant to live? Also, notice what situations, relationships, or behaviors dematerialize once you step into a higher vibration. What no longer resonates with your higher vibration? What do you need to say goodbye to as you begin to define your vibration to match your soul? 

Make a list of every area of your life. Look at your health, relationships, career, dreams, goals, commitments, and anything else calling your attention. 

Focus on what is working in these areas of your life. Send gratitude and love to the positive aspects of each area.

Now notice any lower frequencies of each area like frustration, boredom, stagnation, or fear. Acknowledge these vibrations and ask yourself what other vibration you can reach for to shift these lower frequencies.

What would each area of your life look like if you transcended these lower vibrations?

How would these areas resonate more deeply with your soul in a higher vibration?

Return back to focusing on the higher vibrations of each area and create mantras or affirmations for each area of your life that helps you remain focused on what is working and what vibrations you want to continue holding in these areas.

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