Sunday, February 12th

Moon in Scorpio
Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus

Welcome to Day 22! The Moon continues to land in Scorpio today, where it will oppose Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of change and helps us break free of energies that do not belong to us. Part of living a high-frequency life is acknowledging what energies don’t resonate with your soul. Throughout your life, you’ll have many dreams and aspirations. It’s a good practice to experiment and try different dreams to see how they fit with your soul. Not every dream, though, is meant to come to fruition.

It’s important to check in with how each dream resonates with your soul before putting energy towards it. When a vision resonates with our soul, it manifests with ease. It is already connected to our energy, so all we have to do is focus on it. Once we can see the dream, feel the dream, and allow our body to experience it, it begins to take form. This process is seamless with visions that align with our soul’s frequency, meaning they help us on the path we were meant to live. 

When dreams do not align with our soul, they can take us down many twists and turns until finally they dissolve. This loss of what we desire can leave us with two choices. We can recognize that the dream was not aligned with our soul, and losing it has made space for what is aligned. Or we can turn towards a downward spiral and begin to focus on the lower frequencies. It’s important to understand that we can attract and manifest many things in this life, but if they do not resonate with our soul and life path, they easily slip away. They may not even manifest at all, leaving us to feel powerless. 

When dreams do not come to fruition, ask yourself if they felt like home. Was there a part of you that knew all along that the dream wasn’t meant for you? We know when a dream belongs to us. It feels stable and solid in our energy. It feels like it belongs to us. We do not need to grasp at it. There is no desperation. We do not have to trick ourselves into believing it is real. It just is. There is no hoping or earning for it. It feels true to every part of our being, and we know it belongs to us. 

As you work with the energy of today, review what dreams and visions are currently in your consciousness. What are you currently trying to manifest in your life? Does that dream resonate with your soul? Does it feel like it belongs to you, or are you reaching for something that does not feel like home?

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