2018: A Year to Master

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We are about to embark on a year of mastery. A time to focus our attention on a chosen goal and do the necessary work to achieve it. In numerology 2018 breaks down to 11 (2 + 0 + 1 + 8). 11 is considered a master number and therefore 2018 will be a master year. 2017 (a 1 year) was a year to broaden our horizons, to gather information and start a new cycle. It was a time to learn, to start something new and to fail somethings so we could begin again. It ushered many of us into a new way thinking, living and simply being. We are now coming to the end of that vibrational energy and are greeted in the New Year with the vibration of mastery.

In order to fully utilize this potent energy, begin to think back about what you learned in 2017. What seeds, or intentions, did you plant and how were they received by the energy of the universe. Simply put, what worked and what did not? Take a day or two to survey the last 12 months. What were your successes? What were your failures? What did you learn? What do you want devote your energy to in the new year? The thing about mastery is it needs focus. It’s very difficult, although not impossible, to master several things at once. So it’s wise to pick one thing to master this year. This may be learning a skill like photography, or mastering an emotion like anger, or mastering your own ability to nourish yourself. Pick something and commit your attention fully to it over 2018.



Once you’ve choose something, form a plan. Mastery does not happen overnight. It takes time, dedication and discipline. It often gets tedious and redundant. It’s easy to shift our attention to many things, but the real work this year will be focusing on one thing. Luckily, and divinely orchestrated, we have Saturn in Capricorn this year. This duo loves work, the energy thrives in structure and is urging us to create a discipline for ourselves that will lead to mastery. We are also starting the year of with a powerful Full Moon in Cancer, a New Moon in Capricorn and a Blue Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo at the end of January. It’s a power packed month and will give us all the tools and energy necessary to start our year of mastery on the right foot.



As you began to form a plan that will help streamline your attention, keep this energy of discipline in mind. Set goals that seem hard to reach, ask yourself to complete something everyday and don’t shy away from the hard stuff. Instead of saying “I’m going to try to meditate everyday for 5 minutes” say “I’m going to meditate for 30 minutes everyday no matter what.” Be strong in your convictions and really commit to your plan. Choose a discipline that is inline with your focus. So, for example, if you want to master an emotion, commit to mental discipline like meditation or yoga every day. If you’d like to master photography, commit to taking at least 5 photos and editing them every day. If you’d like to commit to self care, commit to going for a run or walk every day. This are just suggestions, please come up with something the feels right for you.

When practicing a discipline, it’s easiest on the mind to practice it at the same time everyday. Sometimes this isn’t possible, but try to put it into your plan. Then began your discipline of mastery. Choose a start date, and commit. There will likely be obstacles on certain days, but align with the energy of Capricorn to climb those mountains and stay steady on your path. Know that it’s not always fun, you may not always want to do it, but recognize that by keeping your commitments to yourself, you are learning to trust yourself. This is the greatest mastery of them all. Good luck out there and remember to always love yourself through the process of your journey.



I am just now reading this. I am grateful for your leadership. This something that I need to do – and will do simply because I have an area that I truly need to master. Thank you again, this is timely.
Best, Liz

Liz February 11, 2018

I absolutely love this and thank you for posting it.

Johnny January 07, 2018

Wow….thank you!!! After weeks of reflecting and looking forward to the New Year I have gotten caught up in my usual routine of passion, excitement which leads to too many desires and goals which then leads trying to achieve everything and doing ok but not true consistent shifts emotionally, spiritually or mentally. Your blog has just provided the clarity that I need. From myself to you thank you so much. Going to work through this blog post today. Happy New Year xxx

Katie December 31, 2017

Thank you!

Lucy December 30, 2017

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