The Journey of the 11's: Numerology and Astrology

I'm sure you've heard of the 11 phenomena, which compels us all to take notice when this number appears. We are currently traveling from one 11 portal to another. The number 11 in numerology is a master number which  indicates perfect alignment divinely guided by the cosmos. When we see this number 11 appear, it means we are in the right place at the right time. One swift glance at the clock at either 11:11 or 1:11 illicits an immediate response of inner knowing. When these master numbers appear in our astrological calculations, it give us clues about the cosmic energy which surround and influence us.

Each zodiac constellation is made up of 30 degrees. When all twelve are put together we get a perfect 360 degree circle, making our astrological wheel. The Sun, the Moon and all the planets travel through the signs at their own pace. At any given moment they are positioned at a certain degree. This past Full Moon, or Super Moon, was at 11 degrees. The Sun, always exactly opposite the Full Moon, was also at 11 degrees. Jupiter and Neptune where along for the ride, each at 11 degrees and in a trine, meaning they were 120 degrees apart. Mercury, who went into retrograde, was at 29 degrees, which in numerology boils down to, you guessed it, 11.

As the intensity of last Sunday increased, it became clear that we were entering a period ruled by the master energy of 11. The Super Moon was only the beginning of a four week journey which will deliver us into the next Full Moon in Cancer at 11 degrees. Our first Full Moon of the year and it will take place on January 1st 2018, which in numerology is: 1111. 2018 breaks down to 11 (2 +0+1+8), so we will be guided by the 11 energy all year. Disclaimer, some the world will experience the Full Moon on Jan 2, so we’re not in perfect alignment, but hey who is?

From one Full Moon to another, we have a journey of alignment, influenced by Mercury retrograde along the way. As we begin this journey it’s key to look out for synchronistic coincidences. This is what the 11 energy is all about. Little messages that let you know you are on the right path and you are in the flow of your life. The 11 energy heightens our intuition and our connection to our higher self, the one that is ultimately leading us. The energy shows up in varying ways, like when a path appears brighter or you suddenly have an urge to call someone you haven't’ spoken to in awhile. We may see the same person three times in a row, or we see a picture of an exotic place over and over. We all know the 11 energy when we see it, it just FEELS right.

The flip side is, what ever is not aligned during this time will fall apart. That’s the combination of Mercury retrograde and our journey of the 11’s. Setbacks just give us space and freedom to find new avenues that are in alignment with our true potential, the reason why were put on this Earth. Finding alignment is not always easy. It’s frustrating when things fall apart, but we learn lessons, we grow, we find new ways of being and new perspectives. We break through.

So over the next four weeks, pay attention. Look around you and see what signs the universe is leaving for you. Communicate deeply with yourself. Every day. Journal, meditate and take time in nature to clear your head and your heart. Know that signs will appear to encourage you in the “right’ direction. Set intentions to be open to receiving guidance and intuition, and listen to that little voice inside you, who always seems to know everything.

The energy we are walking through the next four weeks is a glimpse of the magic that will be available in 2018. We are headed for a year of serendipity, starting with a Full Moon in Cancer, a very intuitive sign. This intuition and ability to feel the truth, rather than rely on logic, will be leading us through the year. We have an opportunity to start on this path right now, ushered in by the Super Moon. So, what can you feel today?

Image via Rebecca Reitz


Well I was born on 11 November. And I had a tremendous journey started with lots lows and highs in life. Still I am facing. And I feel good al about that. My father born on 1 January. I have very strong connection with him. Now he has passed away in 2018 June. After that I feel more strong connection with him. I feel him in me so strongly most of the time that I can’t hold that beautiful sorrowful energy so I cried out loud of my heart said my prayers. And I hope, and believe and pray that in eternal life I will meet him if only My creator allowed me so.

Rabia April 23, 2020

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