Crystals and Your Living Spaces

Creating a home for me has always included crystals. Their magic can change the dynamic of a room, and they truly add such beautiful energy to your space. Each crystal contains its own benefits, and they can be amplified based on the placement in your room. You can put crystals anywhere in your home that feels good to you, but these are my recommendations based on how I have placed them in my own space.

Room: Bedroom

Stone: Amethyst

Reason: Amethyst helps calm the nervous system bringing you the energy needed for peaceful sleep. It extends this energy into your dreams, encouraging messages and visions when you need them the most. Amethyst can also help with dream recall. If you're trying to remember your dreams have a piece on your nightstand along with a dream journal to encourage your memory to retain important information that comes to you during the night.


Room: Entry Way

Stone: Black Tourmaline

Reason: Black Tourmaline is a stone of protection. It creates a field that acts as a protective barrier between your home and the rest of the world. When placed just before the entryway to your home, it acts as a mirror for negative frequencies, reflecting them back to the outside world instead of letting them in. It also can help clear negative energy from anyone who walks past it, encouraging the people who enter your home to leave any negative part of their day behind them.

Room: Dining Room

Stone: Rose Quartz

Reason: Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It can help open your heart and express its messages. The dining room is often where conversations are had around daily activities, feelings, and future plans. Rose quartz can open everyone's heart sitting around the table to encourage loving communication imbued with kindness and consideration for others.

Room: Office

Stone: Smokey Citrine 

Reason: Smokey Citrine is the stone of happiness, abundance, and joy. It has the power to transform any negative vibrations into positive ones and never needs to be cleansed. It is also known as the merchant’s stone as it helps anyone near it to manifest their greatest visions. Citrine can help you cultivate abundance in all forms throughout your life. This can include the abundance of time, wealth, happiness, love, or anything else that you need right now.

Room: Child’s Bedroom 

Stone: Celestite 

Reason: Celestite inspires harmony and focus. It can help plant the seed of mindful behavior in those who are just learning how to direct their energy. Celestite also emits a calming frequency. It helps ground anyone around it by encouraging them to connect with their body, mind, and breath. It is also a wonderful sleeping aid helping to create uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

Room: Kitchen

Stone: Clear Quartz

Reason: Clear quartz creates positive vibrations and happiness. The kitchen is often the center of the home and is filled with laughter, conversations, and inspiring ideas. Clear quartz can help set the tone for everything done in the space, giving it a foundation of positivity and clarity. Clear quartz also helps filter out negative vibrations, helping anyone near it release their worries and instead focus on the good in their life. It is also an excellent stone to facilitate meditative activities like cooking, doing dishes, or even making your morning coffee. It brings a calming focus to the entire space.

Room: Meditation Room / Space

Stone: Lemurian

Reason: Lemurian opens the bridge from your intuition to the infinite universal knowledge. It is an amazing stone to have near you when meditating as it can call in information you need right now. It also enhances your connection with your inner knowledge, helping you recognize your soul's messages. Lemurian itself is said to contain ancient information in its ridges. This information can be unlocked when you are open to receiving it through a meditative state.

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