Tips For Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury stations retrograde for the third time this year, from September 9 until October 2, spanning both Virgo and Libra Seasons. During Mercury Retrograde, communication can become scrambled both with ourselves and others. Given that this Retrograde takes place in Libra, this Mercury Retrograde will put an emphasis on relationships, making communications with our partners particularly challenging. While Mercury is in retrograde, you can still have meaningful conversations with your partners, but with some extra caution and understanding.

Here are some things to look out for during this transit that will help you communicate more clearly and compassionately with the people who matter the most:

1. Don’t assume that the other person immediately understands you. Mercury Retrograde can cause our words to land in a way we did not intend. Take the time to clarify what you are saying, even if you have to say it twice or in a different manner. Ask your partner if they understand you, and be open to hearing that they don’t. If your words aren’t landing, how can you say them differently?

2. Use your breath in your conversations. Libra is an Air sign. Align with this element to give space to your conversations. Take a breath before and after you speak. Encourage your partners to do the same. You can even practice breathing together for a few moments before either one of you says a word. Allow your breath and energy to have a conversation first. Fluorite can be a helpful crystal to keep you grounded during this time.

3. Try not to take things personally. If your partner is sharing something intimate that offends you, take a step back before reacting. Was their intention to hurt you? Or are you possibly misconstruing what they said? Are you getting defensive when you should be loving yourself more?

4. Be open to learning about yourself. Mercury Retrograde has a way of showing us things about ourselves we may avoid at other times. During this transit, we can see our patience, compassion, and ability to deal with frustrating difficulties. In Libra, we can see how these things play out in our relationships. Consider this time a window into your behavior and become the observer. What can you learn about yourself during this time? And how can this wisdom improve all of your relationships—including the one with yourself?

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