Eclipse Season June 2020

It’s that time of year again- Eclipse Season. Our bi-annual Eclipse Season begins June 2nd and lasts until July 7th. it brings us three eclipses; two Lunar Eclipses on June 5th and July 4th, and a Solar Eclipse on June 20th/21st. Eclipse Seasons occurs when the Sun and the Moon come close enough to the Lunar Nodes for an Eclipse to occur, 17 degrees to be exact. Lunar Nodes are the points where the Sun’s path and the Moon’s orbit cross in our sky. There is a North Lunar Node and a South Lunar Node. When the Sun and Moon meet at one Lunar Node during a New Moon, we have a Solar Eclipse. When they oppose each other at opposite Lunar Nodes, we have a Full Moon and a Lunar Eclipse.

The North Node is currently in Gemini, while the South Node is in Sagittarius. The position of the Lunar Nodes governs the direction of society. The North Node is where the collective is headed and the lessons it is integrating. The South Node is what we are transitioning away from and leaving behind, particularly the low sides of the astrological sign. You can read more about the meaning of the current Lunar Nodes in this blog.

Eclipse Seasons help us align with the astrological energies of the Lunar Nodes through Eclipses. On June 5th, we have our first Eclipse of this current season, a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This event brings us the opportunity to step away from vibrations of judgment and righteousness. It also helps us find meaning in seemingly negative experiences, avoiding a downward spiral into existential dread. Lunar Eclipses hold the same power as a Full Moon just amplified.

Our next Eclipse will be a Solar Eclipse in Cancer on June 20th/21st. The Sun and Moon will be Cancer close enough to the North Node in Gemini for an Eclipse to occur. This Eclipse helps us embrace our feelings and even change our perspective around them. It is a chance to rewrite the stories we tell ourselves about our emotions and give ourselves the unconditional love we deserve. It carries all the energy of a New Moon with an extra spark from the Eclipse. This day also falls near the Summer Solstice, ushering in an entirely new energy for us to harness when our New Moon intentions.

Our last Eclipse of this series is another Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 4th. This Eclipse ends many cycles, including the current Eclipse Season but also a two-year cycle governed by the Nodes in Cancer and Capricorn. It is a powerful Full Moon, bringing us the energy of release, revelation, and transformation. It is a time to step into our intuition and honor it as our guiding light as we traverse the path forward. Along with inspiring deep reflection, this Lunar Eclipse also teaches us the power we hold inside of ourselves and encourages us to show it to the world.

As we work with each of these Eclipses, we also take steps on our personal Nodal Path. We each have a North and South Node placement in our birth chart. You can look yours up here.  Your South Nodes is always directly opposite your North. These placements show where the Lunar where located in the sky when you were born. Your North node is what you are here to learn, while your South Node is what you are moving away from this lifetime. Often, your South Node is a place of comfort. These energies feel good to you and you know them well. It is important to recognize areas of your life where you may be blocked by your desire to stay attached to your South Node. Your journey this lifetime is to embrace and integrate the frequencies of your North Node. These energies may feel foreign to you at first, and you may even reject them. Ultimately, though, they will help you grow into the person you are meant to be in this life.

Each Eclipse Season helps us make leaps on our path from South to North Node. Below is short summary of that path depending on your Lunar Nodes. As you learn about your Nodal energies, ask yourself how each Eclipse can help you step into the power of your North Node. More specifically, how can releasing the lower energies of Sagittarius (judgment) while embracing the higher energies of Gemini (curiosity and communication) help you on your path? 

Aries North/Libra South: Partnerships are your comfort zones. You love to be in a union, which is a good thing until it starts to jeopardize your choices. You are on a path of understanding how to be in a relationship without sacrificing who you are and your life journey. This lifetime is about learning how to put yourself first. More importantly, think about how to take care of yourself before you take care of others.

Taurus North/Scorpio South: Magic and intuition are at your core. You rely on these things to navigate your way through life. You sacrifice everything for personal growth and stop at nothing in the pursuit of expansion and the exploration of consciousness. This life, though, is about coming out of your cave and sharing your gifts, in a tangible way, to the world.

Gemini North/Sagittarius South: You are given an extra gift this Eclipse Season, as you are in alignment with the cosmos. The next 18 months will affect you greatly and give you more significant opportunities for growth compared to the rest of us. You are a child of the world, always exploring in constant search of new truths. Adventure and freedom are at your core, and you return to your wanderlust ways when the pressure builds in your life. Your North Node encourages you to stay where you are with your feet firmly on the ground as you study the lay of the land. This lifetime is about understanding the pieces that comprise the big picture of the universe you already have already mastered.

Cancer North/Capricorn South: You are steady and sure. It is in your nature to depend on yourself and no one else. You most likely had a hard past life, full of struggles and lessons. You rely on yourself and tend to shut out others when things get tough. This life, though, is about trusting other people and opening up when you need help. It's about allowing yourself to be held and cry on the shoulders of others- or just cry in general. Your path this life is to soften and understand the world is not always a harsh place.

Leo North/Aquarius South: You are on a quest this life to understand how important and unique you really are to yourself and others. Your journey is one of unconditional love. Not for humanity, you already understand that, but for yourself. You are quick to put the collective needs in front of your own. You also can easily blend into the crowd or become aloof in the face of confrontation. Learn to define your unique position in the world and start to envision yourself as a leader.

Virgo North/Pisces South: Boundless, dreamlike, and philosophical are qualities you know well. They are at your core and are the places you escape to when you need comfort. You are quick to immerse yourself into the larger mysteries of the universe and forget about the mundane necessities of life. This is a lifetime of taking all that you know and placing it in neat boxes in service to others. It is a path of organization, with each boundary drawn becoming a vehicle for you to teach others the truths you gained last lifetime. 

Libra North/Aries South: Yours in a path of union. At your core, you understand the importance of your life journey and the notion that what is good for you is good for everyone. You naturally put yourself first, and when times get tough, you run back to this way of being. It is your comfort zone to do what you need when you need to do it. This is a wonderful thing to understand about yourself but does not always serve you well in a partnership.

Scorpio North/Taurus South: Your natural tendency is to hold on to what is real, what you can touch, feel, and smell. These are the things that bring you comfort; the simple pleasures of life. Indulgence, though, in the material things of this world, will prevent you from evolving into the magical being you are here to understand.  Yours is a journey from the security of Earth to the mystery of Water. Allow yourself to get lost in the energy of transformation even though it requires you to let go of everything you know. 

Sagittarius North/Gemini South: The next 18 months will be an interesting ride of you with the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. Use this opportunity to let go of the lower vibrations for both Gemini and Sagittarius. Both lower frequencies of these signs deal with judgment. It’s important to recognize ways you judge yourself both consciously and unconsciously. Shift away from judgment and into a vibration of open-mindedness, realizing it’s ok to still be learning. You do not need to understand everything today. It’s ok to make mistakes, and it’s ok to feel lost. You love exploring the intricacies of the world around you. Your path this lifetime is to open yourself up to the bigger picture of yourself and the world, which means you may not always understand things. See your path as a serendipitous train of experiences all meant to lead you to your truth.

Capricorn North/Cancer South: Your journey this lifetime is to learn where and how to commit your powerful energy. Let go of the need for validation from others and learn to trust yourself. Find ways to create balance in your emotions, as feelings tend to be your comfort zone. You love your emotions and often feel empowered by them. This is true, but you can also become blocked by your feelings, and they may prevent you from fully trusting yourself. This lifetime is about feeling your inherent strength past your emotions.

Aquarius North/Leo South:  You understand the true nature of joy and how to lead with your heart. These are qualities to hold onto and apply to your path this lifetime which includes raising the vibration of the collective. It is time for you to stop craving the approval of others, and step into your power. Love and accept everything about yourself, even the things no one else understands. In doing so, you’ll accept and love others, beginning an infinite loop of love, the most powerful vibration of them all.

Pisces North/Virgo South: This may be one of the more challenging life paths, but also the most fun if you embrace it. Your mission on this life is to be imperfectly perfect. Realize how your need for perfection blocks you from being the person you were meant to be. Your life does not require the organization, scheduling, and boundaries you feel it does. Those are your comfort zones. You also do not need to always be of service to others. You are already of service simply by existing. Get lost in the wonders of the Universe and truly feel yourself as an infinite being. 

Feel into your Nodal Paths throughout this Eclipse Season. Feel into what you need to shift and what energies you need to step fully into to realize your potential. Our Nodal Path represents our life path and can teach you great things about your journey this lifetime. 

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