A Shift in Perspective: The North Node moves to Gemini

On May 5th, the North Node moves into Gemini from Cancer, and the South Node moves into Sagittarius from Capricorn. This transition impacts all of society and will usher in changes over the next 18 months. Let’s start by first understanding the Lunar Nodes. The Nodes are energetic vortexes formed where the Moon’s orbit meets the Sun’s path in our sky. There are two points: North and South. Think of them as energetic poles, affecting the vibrations of all of society. The frequencies they rain down depend on which astrological sign the Nodes fall in. The Lunar Nodes change signs every 18 months, always moving backward through the zodiac. Every year and a half, we enter a new path as a collective determined by the Lunar Nodes. They bring us change, shifts in mindsets, and opportunities for societal evolution.


The North Node represents where we are headed as a collective. These energies may not be apparent or even understood in our world right now. The North Node, like a magnet, shifts our consciousness to include these frequencies on a global level. Since November of 2018, the North Node has been positioned in Cancer, bringing our attention to how we take care of ourselves. This nodal placement asked us to slow down, spend more time nurturing ourselves and to return home to what is most important. The North Node in Cancer opened the door for us to embrace the idea that we don’t have to work so hard. We don’t have to “make” things happen if we are genuinely in touch with our intuition. The lessons of the North Node in Cancer teaches us how to hold space for the process while we sit with our feelings, trusting the path we are on. In many ways, we’ve have been forced to slow down and return home to ourselves over the past six weeks. We’ve also been asked to open our hearts, to practice compassion for those around us, and to trust in the process despite how it makes us feel. These energies all belong to the crab and will continue to teach us as we complete this Nodal cycle with the next series of Eclipses over June and July.

The South Node represents the energies we are resolving as a society. In many ways, these vibrations bring about closure, karmic resolution, and allow us to see what is blocking our evolution on an individual and collective level. Every energy has a low side and a high side. The South Node placement gives us the opportunity to release the low side of the astrological frequencies it brings us. Eclipses occur at the Lunar Nodes. Every eclipse we’ve had over the last 18 months has brought us the chance to let go of the low vibrations of the South Node in Capricorn and embrace the higher vibrations of both Cancer and Capricorn. The Seagoat brings us many beneficial energies like stamina, motivation, and clarity. It also brings us aloofness and isolation. When we align with these low vibrations, we tend to work ourselves to the point of exhaustion, forgoing our relationship with ourselves and others. We also disconnect from life itself, including nature. In our great collective pause, we’ve been given the opportunity to shift away from these low sides of Capricorn. Productivity today looks a lot different than it did a few months ago. We’ve learned to let go of our expectations, and instead of demanding more, we’re accepting what is and trust that it’s enough. We’ve also found ways to connect more deeply with people despite being separated. We’re using our technology to work for us and make our lives easier as we step into a new paradigm. We will continue to let go of these energies of Capricorn during our Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn in July.

This Tuesday, everything shifts. The North Node moves into Gemini, and the South Node enters Sagittarius. Over the next 18 months, we will be brought energies and events that help us embrace the vibrations of Gemini and step away from the lower vibrations of Sagittarius. Gemini is often a misunderstood sign of the zodiac. Gemini governs communication, our thought process, and the way we perceive the world. It also rules our systems of information exchange, including some of our technology. Gemini is logical in nature, inspiring us to look at the pieces of a problem to find the solution. This energy encourages curiosity of our local environment and our understanding of the web of energies we live amongst. Gemini is concerned with our immediate family and our inner circle of friends, encouraging us to learn from the people closest to us and share their vantage point.

One of the essential lessons from Gemini is that we need each other. We need each other’s perceptions to understand the world around us. We each hold a piece of the puzzle, and only through communicating with each other can we ever see the whole picture. With the North Node in Gemini, we usher in a time to embrace this lesson and learn new ways of listening and exchanging with each other on a global level. We need to be willing to suspend judgment of others and embrace information - not to evaluate it as right or wrong, but to see if it offers a perception we had not yet considered. In the highest energy, Gemini teaches us to develop systems of energy exchange that give space for everyone’s ideas to flourish. There is a potential with this North Node placement to truly co-create our reality with the people around us through balanced communication.

Sitting opposite in the sky is the South Node in Sagittarius, showing us our comfort zones and what we need to transform as a society. Where Gemini is ruled by logic, Sagittarius governs the abstract. Sagittarius is the mystic who wanders in the unknown to learn the truth about existence. The key to working with Nodal placements is to understand that though embracing the North Node. We unlock the true gifts of the South Node because we shed the lower frequencies. To fully grasp the energy of the mystic, we need to release the shadow side of the archer, which is righteousness. This energy occurs when the mystic assumes they know everything and therefore a better than everyone else around them. This type of behavior blocks new knowledge from entering and prevents growth. When we let go of the assumption we already know the answer, we find the real truth. Where we find this truth over the next 18 months will most likely be in the minds of other people.

Sagittarius has another low side, which is lose of faith. The archer in its higher vibration teaches us to trust our journey and take leaps into the unknown. There is certain confidence with this sign what inspires us to make the best out of any situation. In the shadows, though, the Sagittarius energy can bring about an existential crisis where we question the meaning of everything. This low side can cause us to lose trust in the world, in our journey, and demotivate us from pursuing our dreams. It becomes apparent when we wake up each morning and wonder, “why bother?” Our current reality is bringing up many of these feelings, in a time when it can be challenging to find meaning.

Feel the Lunar Nodes helping you become aware of when you lose faith in yourself, others, and the world. Step into the energy of the North Node in Gemini to work with those around you. Look at the small pieces of your life that are meaningful and bring you joy. Thread together your community and inspire each other to see different meanings of the same situation. Find your silver linings through being curious about what they could be and where they may be found. Search for them like a skilled researcher, asking questions of yourself and others. Allow small shifts in perception to take place over the next 18 months, opening your mind to see possibilities everywhere. From here, begin to restore your faith and learn to take small steps into the unknown with the support from your community, knowing you are all co-creating the new world together.

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