Eclipse Season Oct-Nov 2022: Leave Chaos Behind

*Before reading this article, it is highly suggested you look up your North, or Ascending Node here. Your South Node is exactly opposite your North Node.

Once again, we find ourselves on the verge of a powerful Eclipse Season. Each year we are brought two Eclipse Seasons, which work in conjunction with each other. The first Eclipse Season of 2022 occurred in May, with a solar eclipse in Taurus and a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio. The upcoming Eclipse Season will bring us a solar eclipse in Scorpio and a total lunar eclipse in Taurus. It will help finish or complete some of the energies started in the previous Eclipse Season. It will also build upon what we learned and help show us new truths to further our evolutionary journey. Though Eclipse Seasons may feel intense, they hold the capacity for the kind of change that shifts our consciousness and vibration.

The season officially starts when the Sun is within 17 degrees of either the South or the North Lunar Node. On October 20th, the Sun lands within 17 degrees of the South Node in Scorpio, beginning our Scorpio Eclipse Season. The Sun’s proximity to the Nodes is what makes it possible for an Eclipse to occur. This season continues for 34 days, bringing us a solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th and a total lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov 8th.

Eclipses occur at the Lunar Nodes, which are the intersection of the Sun’s path and Moon’s orbit. They are energetic vortices that are just as powerful, or more, as the Moon and the rest of the Planets. While these eclipses are the highlight of eclipse season, we have the entire 34-day period to work with the eclipse energy to create growth and change in our lives.

Many of the changes Eclipse Season brings have to do with our personal lunar nodes. We each have a personal North Node and a South Node found in our natal charts. The North Node signifies the energies you are here to embrace and understand during your lifetime. The South Node represents the energies you were born with, which can often form your attachments. While not all of these energies need to be released, some do for you to take steps on your evolutionary path. This path can also be thought of as your karmic path. It is your work this lifetime to shift from the energies of your South Node to the energies of your North Node. Eclipses activate the Lunar Nodes helping us make leaps and bounds on our Nodal path.

Each Node, just like Planets, is positioned in an astrological sign. They take on and transmit this vibration to us, influencing our soul’s quest for evolution. We come into this world knowing and understanding the energies of our South Node. We have mastered them in a previous life and they most likely where our Sun sign. The South Node forms our comfort zones and the places we return to over and over again simply because it’s familiar. Each zodiac sign has a low side and high side to its vibration. We must be careful to not get attached to the low side of our South Node out of familiarity. Part of our journey is to detach and leave behind the lower vibrations of our South Node.

The North Node, on the other hand, holds the energetic qualities that we are here to understand and embrace. They often feel foreign, but persist in showing up over and over again in our lives until we pay attention to them. Our North Node helps form the life lessons we learn, how we learn them and how we integrate this information into the rest of our being.  Our job is to integrate and understand the high side of the energies of our North Node and mold them into our new place of comfort.

For example, my North Node is in Virgo, while my South Node is in Pisces (Nodes are always opposing). My soul came into this world understanding the energies of Pisces, it is my default, so to speak. It is very easy for me to get lost in my own head, and exist in a world that no one else can see because it’s a dream land. Although comfortable and blissful, that energy does not serve my productivity well or really the rest of my chart. In comes my North Node in Virgo. Through working patiently with this energy, I am able to organize my consciousness and put it in a neatly order for you to read. Order and structure are something known to Virgo, as is healing. My karmic path is to bring order to the chaos in my mind and transmit it in a healing way of service to the world (btw it took me 37 years to fully grasp this concept and at 43, I'm still learning).

It's also important to understand the energies of current lunar nodes and how they can help you on your nodal path. The lunar nodes shape the direction of society. The North Node governs the energies that the collective is ready to embody. The South Node represents the energies the collective is ready to release. It's important to note that the lower vibrations of the South Node are often highlighted to a greater degree in the collective so that we may all see and identify them. Through this recognition, we can decide in unison what is no longer beneficial for the evolution of society. Every astrological energy has a high frequency and a lower frequency. When working with the lunar nodes, we are always stepping away from the lower frequencies of the signs involved.

With a North Node in Taurus, society is asked to slow down, become more grounded, and connect with nature. Taurus represents the simpler energies of life that bring us peace and help us connect to our bodies. With the South Node in Scorpio, society is being asked to leave behind chaos and traumatizing behaviors. Throughout the 18 months that the nodes are in Taurus and Scorpio, we are brought an opportunity as a collective to heal. It's a time to recognize our societal trauma and commit to working on ourselves to understand, process, and heal that trauma. We may witness even more traumatizing events over this period as the Universe shines a spotlight on them. We then have the opportunity to take steps to stop, or at least mitigate, collective trauma by working together. We are all witnessing the events of the Earth together and we all have the opportunity to change the collective path forward to one of a higher vibration.

During an Eclipse Season, the energies of the current nodes are amplified and can help you release attachments from your South Node and understand the energies of your North Node. This period is a time of great change and opportunity in your life. It also highlights comfort zones and stagnant energy that you need to break through to reach your potential. Eclipse Seasons can feel intense and overwhelming. It's important to understand that this energy is occurring and give yourself daily practices to ground your body and energetic field as you navigate this immense energy.

As you work with the energies of the nodes during this Eclipse Season, notice where drama, chaos, fear-based living, and re-traumatization occur in your life. Notice what you may be calling in or creating that amplifies the lower vibrations of Scorpio. Then look to the North Node in Taurus to ground you and show you a path of healing. Find solace in simple moments, like watching the sunset or taking a meditative walk on the beach. Choose to focus on the present moment to find peace rather than future or past thinking that causes anxiety. Notice any habits you formed over the past few years that instill fear, and replace them with new ones that encourage calmness and peace.

Throughout the Scorpio Eclipse and Sun Season, ask yourself how these vibrations can help you step away from the lower vibrations of your personal South Node. Notice what you are attached to and how it can be causing unnecessary pain in your life. Also, notice habits and patterns that keep you feeling a certain way. Then ask yourself how the Scorpio energy highlighted in the Universe can help you understand the origin of these feelings and your attachments to them. What can this energy help you transform and detach from at your deepest level? And how can it help you step into the vibrations that help you grow and step into the highest manifestation of yourself?

Enjoy the journey of this Eclipse Season and know that it is a special time in the year and in your life for you to make the changes needed to reach your energy and potential. Open yourself up to the information and energy available to you and know that the Universe is always here to support you and your journey. Trust your path and trust the path of this eclipse. 

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Wow YeS, thank you for showing up to share with such accurate information I deeply feel the tides and you given the most accurate wording of anyone I’ve read in my years learning and following astrology. •°♡~☆

Heather October 21, 2022

I found this at the perfect time. Thank you for sharing this and shedding light into the nodes — going to dive into mine so I can heal as well.

Erin October 21, 2022

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