Essential Crystals for Living

Crystals have been used for their energetic properties for thousands of years, and for good reason. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are also powerful tools connected to the energy of the Universe. Each crystal vibrates at a specific energy level, which corresponds to certain qualities like love, compassion, protection, and abundance. If you want to call in certain qualities in your life, you can choose a crystal that will help bring that energy into your world and also help you cultivate that energy within yourself. It’s about your intention and matching the crystal with your intention.

Crystals come in all different forms, sizes, colors, and frequencies, it’s all about how you want to use them. You can place them around your home, meditate with them, or simply carry them with you throughout your day. Just having them in your personal space can help you tap into their healing properties. I always say whenever you’re choosing crystals, let the crystal choose you. Even if you’re looking at them online, let your intuition guide the way. To help you find the energy that's calling to you, here are 61 ways to raise your vibration.


aventurine tumbled stone


Mantra: I am lucky.

Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity. It is considered one of the luckiest crystals, as it attracts opportunities to the wearer. It clears the heart of any negative vibrations, helping attract good fortune and clear vibrations. It also acts as a shield for the heart, making it a great stone in a necklace. Have some with you when you need luck and prosperity or when you feel like doors have been closing on you. It will help open doors with grace and ease. Aventurine is light green.



agate tumbled stone


Mantra: I am protected.

Agate is an incredibly grounding and protective stone. Agate of any kind can help you stay centered mentally and physically when feeling restless over the Gemini Season. Agate can also help distinguish between honest and disingenuous people. Keep a small piece in your pocket when meeting someone new, and be receptive to any alarm bells that go off in your energy during the conversation.




Mantra: I am calm.

Amazonite helps you speak with truth, clarity, and heart. It calms any anxious feelings and centers your energy, allowing hope to flood into your energetic field. It's excellent to meditate with when you feel stressed by choices, decisions, or an overabundance of information. It's also an excellent stone for manifestation. Keep some near you when envisioning how you want your life to unfold. It helps keep you calm while transitioning to a new life and keeps you focused on the best possible scenario. Have some near you when creating plans, taking action, or shifting phases of your life.




Mantra: I trust my intuition.

Amethyst activates the third eye chakra, opening the portal to your psychic ability and intuition. It helps you build trust in your inner knowledge and heal the part of you that resists it. Hold some while meditation or have it in your space to hear your highest self, the part of you connected to the wisdom of the Universe.




Mantra: I am connected.

Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. It's a very energetic stone and can spark the mind and spirit, helping cultivate new creativity. Ametrine will help you realize your dreams while giving you the energy to manifest them. It also helps dispel negativity and call in the energy of optimism and positive thinking. It's an excellent stone to have while setting intentions, dreaming, and finding new ways to express yourself. Ametrine helps integrate masculine and feminine energy and is wonderful to use when creating harmony among these vibrations. Hold some while meditating, or wear some in the form of jewelry to fuse together energies for creation.




Mantra: I am spiritually connected.

Angelite is known for its power to connect us with spiritual knowledge and higher powers, like angels. It raises our awareness and allows us to communicate with the universal energy and divine powers that lie within us. It also helps protect the wearer psychically by shielding the physical and energetic body from its environment. Have a piece with you when meditating or trying to connect with your higher guidance and intuition.



Mantra: I am a clear channel for manifestation.

Apatite is a stone of manifestation, helping call in energies needed to clear energetic blocks. It clears away confusion or negativity from any situation and facilitates healing on a cellular level. It also helps the energetic body fight away anything that doesn’t belong there. Apatite is also associated with the throat chakra. It helps you communicate with others and find the highest solution available. Hold some when you need healing or want to communicate on topics of higher consciousness. It will attract the energy you need to share your visions.



Mantra: I am clear and grounded.

Aragonite is a very healing stone that can soothe the nervous system. It’s wonderful if you feel restless or full of energy you don’t know how to channel. Aragonite will help direct your energy and bring your mind into focus. It also removes blockages in the emotional, physical, and mental body. It does this by bringing things to the surface so you can confront them in their entirety. If you are willing to face the shadow sides of your energy, Aragonite can bring clarity and new direction to your spirit. Hold a piece while meditating, and open your mind to any blockages that may rise to the surface. Aragonite is reddish/brown. In raw form, it grows in a beautiful star cluster, or “sputnik,” form.



Mantra: I speak my truth with ease.

Aquamarine is the stone of communication. It clears the throat chakra and allows for deeper truths to be spoken. It connects the heart, mind, and throat, combining the centers energetically and opening up the pathway for clear, heart-centered speech.Have some with you when you speak your truth or send messages from the heart. Aquamarine holds the properties of the sea. It is both calm and soothing, bringing Water vibrations for healing and letting go. 




The Force Field Protector

Secure under the dome of Black Tourmaline’s protection, not even the worst energy downer can burst your happy bubble. Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for protection and elimination of negative energy. It helps to put an energetic boundary between you and others so that you don’t pick up unwanted energies. When placed in the four corners of a room, Black Tourmaline seals the room with a protective shield. This formation assists in balancing out the energy and dispelling any energies of a lower vibration.


Mantra: I am strong.

Bloodstone is an excellent stone for deep contemplation. It facilitates concentration and can boost mental activity, allowing decisions to come with more ease. Place some near you during meditation when you have a choice to make, then watch the answers magically appear. It's also a great stone for boosting your immune system, as it improves physical strength and endurance. If you feel a cold or the flu coming on, lay some on your chest as you rest. Bloodstone is dark green with a speck of red.



Mantra: I am confident.

Carnelian is a wonderful stone for creativity, motivation, and willpower. It taps into your deepest desires and brings the energy of courage to help you go after your dreams. It also illuminates your creative potential and enhances your self-esteem, helping you pursue your creations without self-consciousness. Carnelian activates the third chakra near the solar plexus, which is the seat of willpower. Have some with you to bring in the confident energy needed to manifest your visions.



Mantra: I am balanced in my communication.

Chalcedony is an excellent stone for balancing the mind, body, and emotions. Its energy creates harmony between all three. Chalcedony also serves to enhance your generosity and goodwill toward others. It is a wonderful stone of connection. Bring this stone to any gathering to encourage sisterhood and a sense of community among all the attendants. It will improve the flow of the gathering by helping to enhance listening skills and receptivity to information. Feel it bring the group together through any medium as it enhances the rhythm of all communications.


Mantra: I am abundant.

Citrine is known as the merchant’s stone. It helps usher in abundance through its power to manifest anything we desire. Always have some near when writing intentions or calling in energies. Citrine also has the power to dispel negative energies and never needs cleansing. It immediately rids itself of frequencies that do not belong to its core essence. It is a wonderful reminder to always stay true to ourselves and let negativity roll off us with ease. Citrine is yellow.




Mantra: I radiate positivity.

Clear Quartz is the do-it-all crystal. It can clear away negativity, bring in positive vibrations, and amplify other crystals' energy. Quartz can also clarify the mind and is a perfect stone when you need to focus on the task at hand. Use it during this season of Gemini to bring presence to your energy, enabling you to see clearly. If you feel confused, or inundated with information, grab a piece and sit with it as you meditate. The answers you seek will soon be in your mind.




Mantra: I am activated.

Desert Jasper is known as the stone of fire. It brings forth the energy of action. It can connect you with your innermost desires and help rekindle lost passions. Jasper, in general, is a very grounding and nourishing stone. It can provide protection, especially when doing energetic work on yourself and others. Desert Jasper can keep you grounded as the excitement of new beginnings takes over. It will allow you to focus on your work and stabilize your energy as things begin to change. During significant shifts, it will help you keep your inner fire burning brightly. Carry some in your pocket to nurture and protect your spirit.



Mantra: I am clear.

Dumortierite brings both patience and the will to stand your ground. Its vibration centers your energy and clarifies your vision. It helps you understand who you are and how to take control of your life by believing in yourself. It also helps you access your psychic visions and intuition. Hold a piece when you feel confused or overwhelmed by information and need to access your inner knowledge to make a decision. If the external world is drawing too much of your attention, place a piece in your pocket to stay grounded and centered on yourself.



Mantra: I am transformative.

Fire Quartz is formed from the combination of Quartz and hematite. This is a powerful combination that brings the energy of transformation. Fire Quartz can help shift any energy within you, turning stagnant energy into fuel. Use it to remove negativity and ground you through transformations this season. Fire Quartz also helps with self-esteem and confidence by connecting you to your highest self. It will reveal what you are truly capable of in this life.


Mantra: I am focused.

Fluorite is a wonderful crystal to help you focus while bringing positive vibrations into your life. It reminds you to hope even when your heart feels heavy, and it clears away negative vibrations. With its rainbow hues, Fluorite simply feels good to your soul and can help you create more of everything you want in your life. It also increases your ability to concentrate on a task and assists in new learning. It will help you look at any situation with a discerning, objective but positive eye. Use it when you are taking on something new to keep your focus and feel good about what you are doing. It is also great when you feel a cold coming on, as it clears anything negative or harmful away from you. Fluorite is either green, purple, or clear.



Mantra: I am grounded.

Garnet is a powerful stone used for many things, including grounding your energy. Wear some around your ankle on days when you have lots to do and think about, as it will control your racing mind. You can also wear it on your right hand, as it will stimulate the masculine side of your body, helping you tap into your logical intuition. Garnet is also known as a stone for commitment, allowing you to fully devote yourself to a project, person, or even yourself. When deciding where you should plant your flag, have some near you or hold some in your hand. Garnet is dark red.




Mantra: I project truth.

Girasol Opal is a gentle stone that can activate your capacity to mirror another emotionally. This mirroring is particularly useful when communicating with partners to cultivate empathy and understanding. Hold a piece while speaking with someone. It will help you communicate more freely and speak your mind, mirroring your own energy to another. The powers of Girasol Opal will also guide you to the truth of any issue, making it easier to resolve a conflict. Use it to calm your mind when confusion has arisen. It will create peace and clarity within you and your partners.




Mantra: I am abundant.

Green Onyx is a stone of abundance and fertility. It brings us the energy of new beginnings and helps us focus while we nourish this new energy. It is a calming stone that helps us tap into our seeds of creation and trust that we can nurture them to full bloom. Have some near if you are in the beginning stages of creation, especially if you doubt yourself. Green Onyx also protects against negativity, even if that negativity is coming from within. Have some near if you feel you are self-sabotaging your efforts with limiting beliefs. Green Onyx is light green with shades of cream.


Mantra: I am golden.

Goldstone is made from quartz and sand, then infused with copper particles. It is an excellent stone for helping you visualize and achieve your goals. Its energy enhances your imagination, increasing your powers of innovation and bringing out your inner genius. Once you have your vision firmly in place, Goldstone brings ease, grace, and magic to manifesting it. Goldstone is copper with shimmery flecks.



Mantra: I am discerning.

Hematite is one of the most grounding crystals available. It helps settle your energy and bring you back to your center. It is known as the stone for the mind. Hematite helps increase mental activity as well as discernment. It will help you make decisions and changes when they are necessary. As it centers your mind and energy, it brings clarity to your thoughts, allowing the steps forward to appear naturally. Hold Hematite while you are meditating and feel it bring balance to your body, mind, and spirit. Hematite is silver.



Mantra: I am calm, cool, and collected.

Howlite is the stone of awareness. It can help unmask illusions in your life and show you the larger truths of your journey. Howlite is grounding, cooling, and calming—an excellent combination for this fiery season. It also helps remove anger and anxiety, typical side effects of too much fire, from the energetic body. Grab a piece if you feel your temper start to rise or need to focus your mind.



Mantra: I am ready to move.

Iolite is a wanderer’s stone. It helps move you from realm to realm by aiding access to your inner compass. It can bring balance if you are feeling disoriented or lost. Iolite also helps widen your perspective by enhancing your creative side. Use some when you need to develop new ideas or want to call in new experiences. Iolite motivates you if you are feeling depleted or resistant to adventure. Take some with you when traveling. It will help you overcome days when you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to process new information. 



Mantra: I am lucky.

Jade is the stone of luck, manifestation, and abundance. It was once thought that anyone who touched jade was blessed for the rest of their lives. This belief is why it adorned so many kings and queens of centuries past. Jade soothes the energetic body and reminds us that we are inherently happy people. It allows us to let go of self-defeating thoughts and encourages us to create with our hearts. Jade also teaches us that abundance is always available, and we never need to fear losing it. Place some in the money corner of your home, which is the farthest left corner of your house, when walking through your primary entrance. Jade is light and dark green



Mantra: I am stable.

Kambaba Jasper is a rare type of Jasper known for carrying the energy of tranquility and peace. It helps stabilize your frequency and ground you in the present moment. It also helps release negative emotions, such as self-doubt and criticism. In doing so, it brings about courage and the willingness to leap into new situations. Kambaba Jasper will help you tap into the part of you who is fearless and ready to take action from a place of peace. It is dark green with swirls of a crocodile.


Mantra: I am aware.

K2 is a powerful stone that opens up a portal to higher consciousness. It illuminates your intuition and can give you glimpses of the future. While opening up your third eye, it also keeps you grounded in your body, helping you practically apply the knowledge you gain while working with it. Hold K2 while meditating, sitting quietly with it in your left hand to receive new insight and inspiration. You can also place it on your third eye while lying down, meditating on its cool texture as you drift into a higher vibration. K2 is white with flecks of blue and green.



Mantra: I am magic.

Labradorite is a stone of magic and healing. It helps us access our own innate magical powers. Labradorite’s real strength lies in its ability to help us transform our intuition into intellect so we can make practical decisions. It allows us to enter the void of the ethers, where everything and nothing exists. From there, we can pull guiding knowledge for our journey. Have it around when you make a decision and need guidance from yourself and the Universe.


Mantra: I am at peace.

Lapis Lazuli is a magical stone that connects to the element of Air. It stimulates both wisdom and peace simultaneously, activating your highest visions. Lapis has the power to reveal the whole picture of any situation and brings a clear perspective. It is also a stone of truth and will allow you to see the truth of any partnership while dispelling any negative thoughts. Lapis is perfect for both meditating and negotiating. Hold a piece if you need wisdom at any point throughout your day, and have some while you have heartfelt conversations with loved ones. It will facilitate healing on all levels, including creating a bridge for restorative conversations.




Mantra: I am fierce.

Leopard Jasper connects us with our animal side, including our instincts and raw emotions. It can help you become one with your personal animal totem and harness the animal kingdom's powers for healing. It also helps to connect your willpower with your natural instinct to protect yourself and your family. As a Jasper stone, it brings the energy of strength and stability, reminding us of the ability to overcome any obstacle. Align with this stone if you need to feel your strength, perseverance, and animal instinct.




Mantra: I am still.

Lepidolite is an energetically stabilizing stone. It reduces anxiety by bringing us back to center and the source of our energy. In doing so, it helps us redirect our energy into something creative instead of something destructive. It reminds us of our divinity and our connection to the Earth, recalling that everything is happening as it’s meant to be. Lepidolite is also an excellent stone to use when spacing out, as it can allow you to rest in stillness so you don’t feel the need to do something. In this stillness, it can bring you to great truths. Lepidolite is lavender.


Mantra: I am transforming.

Malachite is a stone of transformation. With its beautiful green hues, it connects you with the strength of the Earth. Like Mother Gaia, it is both supportive and protective, shielding you from any negativity. Malachite soothes any fears, especially when shifting into a new vibration. It encourages spiritual growth and helps keep you grounded when you lose touch with your center. Malachite facilitates creativity and deep intuition that comes from a place within, uninfluenced by the opinions of others. Have some on or near you when you need to access answers from your inner depths. By tuning in to the power of your higher guidance, you will stay grounded and feel supported as vibrations shift around you. Malachite is green with beautiful swirls of darker green.



Mantra: I am grounded and ready for adventure.

Mookaite connects the wearer to the Earth. It creates grounding and helps plug you into the positive frequencies of Mother Gaia. It is an excellent travel companion, as it grounds you and allows for serendipity to occur on your journey. Mookaite also helps you keep a positive outlook on any adventure, even when things start to go awry. It pulls you back to center when most needed and reminds you that the Earth is always here to support you. Mookaite represents the color of the Earth with reddish-brown and beige hues.



Mantra: I am all knowing.

Moonstone holds the light of the Moon beneath its iridescent surface. It is connected not only to the Moon, but also to feeling, helping us explore our emotions with ease. Moonstone helps us transition from the logical mind that demands answers, to the intuitive mind that has all the answers. Use it during your meditation to call in your inner guidance and calm your active mind. It is also excellent when emotions become overwhelming. Use it to bring peace as you ride the waves that come with this season. Moonstone is iridescent and ranges in opacity. It often has specks of black, but not always.



Mantra: I am fearless.

Moss Agate is considered a stone of abundance. It brings abundance in all forms, including the courage needed to pursue challenging goals. It brings strength and vitality to help you fight battles both with yourself and the outside world. If you feel misunderstood, Moss Agate will give you the strength to defend your true self. It will also ease the pain of feeling misplaced without community. Have some with you if you are traveling to new communities or forming a new collective. This crystal will bring you grounding and reconnect you with Mother Earth. This connection will lessen any fear or stress of a new situation and restore balance to your entire system. Moss Agate is translucent green.



Mantra: I am protected.

Obsidian clears away any negativity, opening up a portal for growth and learning. Obsidian is also a very protecting stone, shielding the space, and you, from negative energies. Have one near you when setting intentions, calling in energies, or performing rituals of any kind. Like a mirror, feel it reflecting your own power back to you, amplifying it beyond its current potential.



Mantra: I am powerful.

Onyx is a stone of magic. It has been used for centuries in rituals, healing practices, and ceremonies. It encourages alignment with your highest powers and gives you clearer access to your visions. Onyx also helps you recognize your power while grounding your energy so you may use it. It is a powerful stone and a beautiful addition to any circle or altar space. Have some near when you are practicing rituals or want to access your powers of transformation.



Mantra: I accept myself.

Pink Calcite is a stone of self-love and self-acceptance. It will assist you in loving every part of yourself and feeling your inherent worth. It also helps direct energy away from negative vibrations of fear, anxiety, and nervousness that can come with the low side of Virgo’s energy. It is a wonderful stone if you need to return to your inner home to raise your self-worth and trust in yourself. Hold a piece while meditating when you need to let go of self-criticism and heal yourself with love.



Mantra: I feel calm and supported.

Peach Moonstone is a soothing crystal that calms nervous energy and inspires peace. It is excellent for sensitive individuals who feel emotions intensely. It helps you develop emotional intelligence and encourages empathy for others, along with an understanding of your own emotions. Peach Moonstone will keep you balanced and centered in your intuition when communicating with another, helping you truly listen. It also provides emotional support during the most trying times and periods of new beginnings. Hold some while meditating or carry it in your pocket when you need energetic support.




Mantra: I am happy.

Peacock Ore, or bornite, is a stone of happiness. It promotes joy by dispelling any negative energy in the space or the person wearing it. It also helps align and activate all the chakras, bringing full integration to the energetic system. In doing so, it sheds the lower frequencies of the body and makes space for the higher ones to flourish. It is also an excellent healing stone. Try placing a piece on one area of your body and feel it align the rest of your system with its energy. Peacock Ore is vibrant, generally electric blue with hints of the rainbow.


Mantra: I am the Earth.

Petrified Wood gives us grounding energy. It helps us form roots in our environment and reconnects us to those roots when we lose our connection out of fear or anxiety. Petrified Wood brings us the essence of the Earth herself. It also reminds us that there are things we can't control, and that’s ok. As long as we stay grounded in ourselves, we can handle anything life throws at us. Petrified Wood is brown.




Mantra: I am at peace.

Pink Opal is the stone of peace and tranquility. It brings about a feeling of calm, especially when painful memories arise. Hold a piece during meditation and allow its energy to softly heal old wounds that undermine your efforts to be still. Pink Opal is also wonderful to sleep with under your pillow if you have disturbing dreams or nightmares. It serves to gently soothe the soul and shift consciousness into a state of joy and creativity. Pink Opal is pink and cream.




Mantra: I am powerful.

Pyrite is a powerful stone composed of both Fire and Earth. It is protective and empowering. Known traditionally as “fool’s gold,”Pyrite is a wealth magnet. Its energy brings us to the seat of our power and is linked to the third chakra, home to our willpower and identity.Pyrite encourages us to assert our energy into the world and, from that place, draw in abundance of any kind. Have some with you when you need to feel your power from within or want direction on where to lead yourself next. It’s also a good practice to place Pyrite in your office or workspace to help call in inspiration and abundance. Pyrite is golden.




Mantra: I am calm, cool, and collected.

Rainbow Hematite is a stone of balance. Its magnetic properties help balance the energetic systems of the body and bring grounding to the spirit. Through this balance, hematite helps filter the mind's thoughts, sorting out what information is important and what is coming from a place of fear or anxiety.Hold a piece when you need to feel grounded and focused. It will also bring about a sense of calmness. Rainbow Hematite metallic in color.




Mantra: I am at ease.

Red Jasper is both a protecting and empowering stone. It is associated with the root chakra and helps ground the wearer. It also calms the mind and clears away any emotional disturbances in the energetic body. This place of clarity allows you to claim your rightful power and move forward into the unknown.Red Jasper is a stone of luck, as many red stones are, and can bring about serendipitous interactions during your journey. Always take a piece of Red Jasper with you when traveling to call in good fortune and positive encounters.




Mantra: I am supported.

Rhodonite is deeply connected with the heart space. It is very beneficial during times of emotional turmoil, as it helps calm and eases anxiety. Rhodonite also supports deep emotional healing. It has the ability to clear negative patterns from the heart chakra and bring peace to your perceptions of the past. If you need heart healing, place a piece directly on your heart and let its energies soothe you. Rhodonite is deep pink and black.




Mantra: I am love.

Rose Quartz carries the frequency of unconditional love. It brings about compassion and understanding and can help you tap into your heart’s messages. Have some near you when you want to make heart-based decisions. Rose Quartz can help you understand what it is you love and how to bring more of that energy into your life. It can also help you give love to others when they are in need. Energetically, it is very cooling and can be beneficial if you are experiencing heat in your body in the form of anger or frustration. If this is the case, hold some while meditating or place a piece on your forehead. It’s also great to rub on burns of any kind, including sunburn. Rose Quartz is light pink.



Mantra: I am loved.

Ruby Fuchsite helps you open your heart and dive deeper into your truth, including your truth about yourself. It also helps remove barriers around the heart space, facilitating the transmission of unconditional love both to yourself and others. Hold some in your hand to give yourself support when doing shadow work. Feel into your love for yourself no matter what Scorpio Season reveals, and know that by maintaining an open heart, you keep the connection to your intuition open.



Mantra: I am balanced.

Ruby Tourmaline is a stone of the heart. It helps dispel negative emotions of guilt, shame, and depression, and it calls in energies of love and compassion. It also helps balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, combining both masculine and feminine energies. Ruby Tourmaline brings about the feeling of peace by balancing the energetic body. Hold some while meditating if you need to find a middle ground in your emotions or energy. It will assist you in attracting harmonious vibrations ready to return you to an equanimous mind.




"The Illuminator"

Rare and powerful, this beautiful golden rutilated quartz resonates with your entire energetic system and all seven chakras. It enhances your higher mind, contributing to psychic visions and telepathic communications. Due to its powerful nature, it wards off negativity of all kinds and clears your aura as soon as you are in its vicinity. Golden rutilated quartz is especially helpful when you need creative insights and hits of brilliance to break through old patterns. It can give you a different perspective and provide you with energetic downloads just when you need them the most.



Mantra: I am at peace with change.

Scolecite facilitates deep spiritual transformation. It brings about peace and inner calm during times of change and can even help with sleep when the mind is overactive. Place some under your pillow if cascading thoughts wake you in the night. It is also great to have near while journaling or meditating as you navigate unknown territory.



Mantra: I am clear.

Selenite is a powerful tool for removing negativity. It removes lower vibrations from your home, other crystals, and even your own energy field. In its removal, it clears the path for new, supportive vibrations to enter and encourages the overall flow of energy circulation. It will also protect you from psychic attacks, shielding you from other emotions and energy so you can be free to sympathize with others without taking on their energy. Try placing your smaller crystals on a Selenite plate or near a Selenite stone to cleanse them. Selenite is milky white.




Mantra: I am connected.

Septarian strengthens group activities and facilitates energy exchange among many members. It is an excellent stone to have when creating a circle or gathering. Septarian also enhances communication while protecting privacy. It can help you distinguish what information is for others and what is for you alone. If you feel you are vulnerable to over-sharing information, have some Septarian near you to help contain your energy.



Mantra: I am grounded.

Shungite is a stone of shamans. It provides both protection and grounding. It is a wonderful shield against negative vibrations of any kind, including EMFs. Place a sphere on your nightstand or desk to protect your field from unwanted frequencies. Shungite also helps enhance inner wisdom by connecting you to the knowledge of the Earth Spirit, boosting your natural healing abilities. If you are on a path of healing, have a piece near you to help your journey.




Mantra: I am worthy.

A perfect integration of Smokey Quartz and Citrine, this dual power stone brings you grounded energy and manifestation powers. Smokey Quartz helps cleanse any space or energetic field of negativity. It also helps to ground and center your energy. Citrine is the stone of manifestation. It is the equivalent of liquid sunshine and helps to raise the vibration of any energy, including yourself. It will help you call in abundance in all forms and remind you of your infinite potential. The combination of these two energies creates a crystal powerful enough to cleanse, ground, and attract anything you desire.



smokey quartz tumbled stone


Mantra: I am grounded.

Smokey Quartz is a wonderful stone for grounding and releasing negativity. It will help you rid yourself of unwanted feelings, including anxiety and perfectionism. Hold it when you feel your mind begin to criticize and critique, as these are the lower vibrations of Virgo Season. Have a piece near you while you meditate to ground your energy and help you feel connected to the Earth. It will stabilize and strengthen your energetic field while sending any lower frequencies back to the Earth to be recycled.


snowflake obsidian tumbled stone


Mantra: I am grounded.

Snowflake Obsidian is known as a stone of purity. It cleanses the mind, body, and energy of any negativity and brings balance to the wearer. It is an excellent grounding stone, connecting to the energy of the root chakra. Hold a piece when you are feeling insecure or unstable. Snowflake obsidian also holds the vibration of reflection. It will reflect the energetic frequency you are holding. Through this mirroring, it helps you shift your energy and transform it into something else.



sodalite tumbled stone


Mantra: I hold truth.

Sodalite is the stone of truth. It helps you look past your emotions and find certainty in any situation. It is excellent to have during a discussion or a debate, as it allows both parties to recognize the real details and let go of hidden agendas. Have it with you this season when you are sharing energy with others. It will help you express your true feelings and, in turn, encourage the other person to share theirs with you. Sodalite is blue with specks of white. 




Mantra: I am joy.

Sunstone carries the energy of the Sun. It brings light, warmth, and joy through its vibrations. It helps clear the energetic field of anything that disrupts joy from entering. It also protects against negativity and reminds us to enjoy life. Inspiring luck in all endeavors, it is the perfect stone for calling in abundance and attracting serendipity. Sunstone can also help you feel your inner child and remind you of what you love about life. Hold a piece while meditating or wear some on your body to raise your vibration and help you attract a more joyous life. Sunstone is mixed copper and white.




Mantra: I am calm and balanced.

Tiger's Eye is a balancing and calming stone. It holds the properties of both yin and yang, masculine and feminine, Sun and Moon. It is the perfect stone to have throughout Leo Season to bring equanimity to the Sun’s power. It will also help balance the energies of the New Moon when both Sun and Moon are in Leo. Have it during your New Moon practice to harmonize the energies and allow you to work with them both. Tiger’s Eye is striped with gold, black,and honey tones.




Mantra: I am balanced and grounded.

The perfect blend of black tourmaline and quartz. Black Tourmaline grounds your energy, provides protection from negativity, and clears away unwanted vibrations. It’s the ideal crystal to have with you when doing energy work on yourself or others. Quartz amplifies the properties of Black tourmaline and helps bring in positive vibrations to your energetic field and your space. The blend of these crystals in one piece creates a powerful stone to help ground you, clear your energy, and protect you from detrimental frequencies trying to enter your space.



turquoise tumbled stone image


Mantra: My wisdom protects me.

Turquoise is an ancient stone of protection and nobility. It has been used for centuries in many cultures—including Native American, Egyptian, Asian, Aztec, and Inca—for its ability to protect and bring wisdom to the wearer. It’s a stone of nobility and was worn by many kings and queens through the years. Go to any museum with ancient artifacts, and you will see Turquoise adorning the crowns, bracelets, and amulets of kingdoms past. Turquoise is also known as a stone of travel, protecting the wearer from the pitfalls of traveling long journeys. Carry some when embarking on an adventure, or place some in your luggage to protect against theft. Once you arrive at your destination, set the Turquoise where you can see it upon awakening. This placement will bring good luck to the rest of your day. (You can do this at home as well.) Turquoise is blue-green.




Mantra: I see.

Unakite brings you in touch with your psychic visions and intuition. It can even bring them to you while you sleep by calming any anxious vibrations that come up in the night. Place a piece under your pillow so you have a calming night’s sleep and awaken with a knowledge of the future. It can also help clear attachments to old habits and ways of thinking or being. If you feel something is holding you back from pursuing your dreams with full commitment, look to this stone to free you. Hold some while meditating to help move your energy forward in a new direction, guided by your intuition.




Mantra: I am ready.

Yellow Jasper is a stone of action. Embodying the element of Fire, this stone gives us the energy of forward motion. It not only motivates us to act, but brings excitement to what we are doing. It is both encouraging and nurturing to our energy, making it the perfect stone to have near when starting a new project or giving life back to an old one. Yellow Jasper keeps your internal fire grounded in the Earth, so you rise higher without losing your footing. Hold it while meditating and feel the power of both Earth and Fire helping youform your next actions. Yellow Jasper is caramel.

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