7 Effective Ways To Cleanse & Recharge Your Crystals

Are you ready to master the art of intuitive crystal cleansing & charging? Grab your favorite crystal and dive in. 

So, you’ve collected the most magical crystals. You already know your crystals are much more than decorative slabs of minerals.

Your crystals are your…

→ travel buddy that infuses you with a sense of safety. 
→ pocket companion that fills you with peace when you feel anxious.
→ your gentle reminder to stay focused & productive during your hectic day.  

Crystals are powerful transmitters of vibrational energy. They have an innate ability to harmonize, align and absorb energy. 

They have the capacity to transmute your “messy” vibrational energy into symmetrical energy patterns. It’s what they do best.

Crystals need to be charged, and balanced, to radiate vibrations of positivity, love, and light into every aspect of your life.

How do you know if it's time to cleanse your crystals?

You want to shower your crystals with intention and love so they’re clean, clear, and ready to support you. 

You’ve probably heard that you should never allow people to touch your precious crystals because it’ll immediately absorb their ‘toxic’ energy…

While that can be true, remember that your crystals can clear themselves to stay positive, flowing, and high-vibing. 

It’s time to cleanse & recharge your crystals when you’ve been…

→ Surrounded by illness or grief.

→ Repeatedly using your crystals for body healing or reiki.

→ Feeling that your crystals have absorbed negative energies & emotions.

But, always remember that you’re also an intelligent, vibrational being. You have the ability to feel into your energy and your intuition. You know ‘good’ vibes from ‘bad’ vibes. You know when your intuition is speaking to you. I invite you to see crystal cleansing & charging as an intuitive ritual. 

Check in with yourself and ask:

“Do my crystals need to be cleared of stagnation, bad energy, or energetic cobwebs?”

If your intuitive answer is yes, dive into your preferred method of crystal cleansing. If your answer was no, that means you have faith in the power of your crystal— a cleansing ritual isn’t needed right now. 

Cultivate crystal-clearing rituals that align with you

There’s no crystal rule book. No set-in-stone ways to use your crystals. Try not to get tangled up in the do’s and don'ts because there’s no “perfect” way to use them. 

There’s only *your* perfect way. 

What are the best ways to recharge and cleanse my crystals?

Here are my seven favorite ways to cleanse & refresh your crystal collection:

Cleansing Your Crystals in Moonlight

Moonlight is a mysterious, magical energy that supercharges (all) of your crystals. Allow your crystals to bathe directly in the moonlight overnight. Set them in a safe space and let the moon infuse its energy. Pick up your crystals in the morning and feel them vibrate through every cell of your body. 

Let your crystals moon bathe once a month on the Full Moon, or whenever you feel called to do so.  

Tips & Tricks: Craving the energy of new beginnings and opportunities? Charge your crystals under the New Moon. 

Calling in the energy of completion, or letting go? Charge your crystals under the Full Moon. 

Care: Keep in mind that overnight dew can cause metallic crystals to rust over time.

Cleansing Your Crystals in Sunlight

Sunlight is a sparkling source of energy that shines away stagnation & build-up in your crystals. Set your crystals under the rays of the sun for at least a few hours. Pick them up later and feel them infuse solar energy into every cell of your body. 

Let your crystals sunbathe once a month, or whenever you feel called to do so. 

Tips & Tricks: Easily cleanse your new crystal by setting them on a sunny windowsill. 

Care: Keep in mind some brilliant-colored crystals such as Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, and Rose Quartz can fade in sunlight over time.


Cleansing Your Crystals with Intention and Breath

Intention & breath are powerful ways to clear (all) of your crystals. While holding your crystal, focus on your intention and take a deep breath in through your nose. Imagine a bright light filling your body — breathe out through your mouth— and visualize ‘energetic dust’ leaving your crystal. 

Practice this ritual once a month, or whenever you feel called to do so. 

Tips & Tricks: Ensure your intentions are positive & clear. 

Setting an intention to “cleanse a crystal” isn’t very clear. “May my breath clear this Jade of any stagnant energies so its intuitive, lucky energy can effortlessly flow through me” is very clear.

Cleansing Your Crystals with Water

Water is a powerful, purifying element that rinses away unwanted energies. Soak your crystals in water for up to 48 hrs, and allow negative energies to wash away. 

Let your crystals bathe once a month, or whenever you feel called to do so. 

Tips & Tricks: Your crystals love natural, fresh-flowing streams, lakes, and oceans. Bottle up some seawater or even run your crystals under tap water— either way, will be effective.  

Care: Keep in mind many porous crystals like Aragonite, Desert Rose, or Celestite can rust when exposed to water over time. As a general rule of thumb, keep any crystal ending with -ite out of the water.


Cleansing Your Crystals with Smoke

Smoke cleansing is an ancient ritual that purifies (all) of your crystals. Light your dried herb bundle and let the smoke dance around your crystal to remove stale energy. 

Immerse your crystals in smoke once a month, or whenever you feel called to do so. 

Tips & Tricks: Visualize your incense or herb bundle as a magical wand. Twirl it clockwise around your crystal at least seven times to infuse it with even more magic. 

Care: Make homegrown herb bundles or sustainably source alternatives like cedar, lavender, and rose.

Cleansing Your Crystals with Earth

Earthing is a powerful way to ground & cleanse your crystals. Bury them in the soil, or place them among your houseplants overnight. They’ll absorb all of Mother Earth’s grounding frequencies. 

Let your crystals ground once a month, or whenever you feel called to do so. 

Tips & Tricks: Mark where you bury your crystals, so you’ll never lose your precious gems.

Grounding crystals such as Black Tourmaline, and Smoky Quartz love this cleansing method. 

Care: Keep in mind some metallic crystals, like Pyrite, can rust from damp soil over time.


Cleansing Your Crystals with Music

Music is a playful vibration that infuses joy, and positive energy into (all) your crystals. Play your favorite instrument, sing a song, or chant to immerse your crystals in the healing frequency of sound. 

Cleanse your crystals with music once a month, or whenever you feel called to do so. 

Tips & Tricks: Bring your crystals to your next sound bath experience so for a thorough tuning. 

Care: Be conscious of your music choice. Playing Solfeggio frequencies or using tuning forks is a wonderful way to cleanse your crystals.

Which crystal cleansing practice are you intuitively drawn to?

Now that you’ve learned the most effective crystal cleansing methods, tap into your intuition and ask yourself:

Do I feel drawn to cleanse my gemstones in the ocean or the river? Do I love earthy energy and feel drawn to plant my crystals in the soil? Or do I feel called to infuse lunar energy into my crystals for a touch of magic?  

Allow your intuition (and your magical crystals) to guide you. Whatever answer came to you first, is your *right* ritual for recharging & cleansing. 


Which crystals should never go in water?

Don’t water cleanse Selenite, Azurite, or Pyrite, Tangerine Quartz or Turquoise. Typically any crystal that ends in ite (kyanite, selenite, labradorite, malachite, hematite) shouldn’t be submerged in water. 

What happens if I charge my crystals on an Eclipse?

Your crystals may absorb some chaotic energy. This isn’t the best time to charge your crystal’s battery. Wait until the next Full Moon or New Moon to do your cleansing rituals. 

Can I charge my crystals together?

Yes! Cleansing your crystals together is convenient and extra magical. 

Where can I buy crystals to add to my collection?

We have a treasure trove of hand-picked, ethically sourced crystals that are intuitively chosen just for you. Tap here to discover your new favorite crystals. 

Which crystals
don’t need cleansing?

Citrine or Kyanite never need to be cleansed.

 smokey citrine

What happens if I
don’t cleanse my crystals?

They can lose their vibrational potency, and may not be as effective for you. 

But always remember crystals are highly intelligent and self-regulating. There’s no need to worry if you’ve forgotten to cleanse them.

Crystals always support you no matter what. 

What does programming mean?

Crystal programming is simply giving each crystal a very specific job to do. 

- Set a specific intention for your crystal. What energy do you wish for it to embody?

- Hold your crystal and envision wrapping it with shimmering white light. This infuses your intention deep within your crystal. 

- Speak your intentions aloud. 


Ex. Do you want your Malachite to help you open your heart to love? 

Say, “I program this Malachite for heart chakra opening so I can give and receive more love. So it may be.”

 Ex. Wanting your Amethyst to assist in removing destructive addictions?

 Say, “I program this Amethyst to help me find control when I feel the need to overindulge. So it may be.”

The more specific to you, the better. 

Programming is simple, yet profound. Try it with any (and all) of your precious crystals!


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