Exhaling into Fall

“May the petals teach me the art of letting go - Xan Oku ”

On Monday, Sept 23rd at 12:50 AM PDT the Sun will be directly in line with the Equator, giving us equal day and equal night. It is a beautiful merging of opposites when light meets dark and balance can be found. It also marks the beginning of Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and Spring in the Southern, showing the polarity of our Earth and the cyclical nature of our universe. The rhythms of nature mirror our internal rhythms. If we choose to align with them, they can guide our continual growth and constant evolution.

The cycle begins nature begins with Spring. Spring brings us new energy, new ideas, and fresh starts. Summer, follows, and asks us to be patient as we wait for our planted seeds to grow. Fall is the time of harvest when we give thanks for all we’ve received and let go of what is no longer of use. Winter then becomes a time of turning inward and restoration until we are reborn again in the Spring. Each season holds powerful energy for us to tap into and set intentions around, ones that will carry us through the next three months. These intentions also add to our Sun Seasons. The Fall Equinox ushers in Libra, followed by Scorpio, then Sagittarius. We can work with the energy of Fall in combination with the energy of these Sun seasons to make them even more magical.

Fall is a time of detoxification and release. Just as the trees let go of their leaves, we too have the opportunity to drop what no longer serves us. The Fall Equinox gives us a glimpse of where we may be out of alignment, or out of balance, in our lives. It can show us where energy needs to be shifted, including our relationships. The Fall Equinox not only kicks off Autumn, it also marks the start of Libra Season; a time to create equanimity in our unions and solidify them after the heat of summer. Libra brings our attention to our partnerships, at the start of Fall. We have the choice to either let go of the relationships which are unbalanced beyond repair, our give thanks and nurture the ones that do fit our energy and life.

Libra evolves into Scorpio, which encourages a period of inward contemplation resulting in transformative personal growth. Fall reminds us that what we let go of becomes fertilizer for new energy. As the leaves hit the ground they decompose, mirroring the cycle of life. This process shows us everything has its purpose, even endings. When we align with Scorpio, we can release negative patterns and transform them into something else. We are also reminded during this period that gratitude is a key in transmuting energy. Throughout the Fall Season, shift your mind from scarcity to abundance. See all that you have attracted since Spring and know that this gratitude attracts even more abundance into your life.

Our last Sun season of Fall is Sagittarius, a time to expand before the contraction of Winter. It is during this time of Autumn we seek out new truth and knowledge. Fall prepares us for a period of rest. We create balance, let go, give thanks and then expand our energy before resting. During this final stage of Fall connect with new things, spread your roots, and fill yourself with new experiences. Know this material will nourish you over winter and will become fuel for a new cycle come Spring.

We start the journey of Fall this Saturday. Just as leaves begin to turn color, feel yourself shifting into a new space, a new season and new energy. Sit with yourself and feel your center. Feel your core and recognize what throws you off balance. This can be a person, a thought, an action, or really any energy. Make a list of things you are allowing to drop. Know that you have the next three months to release these energies, but start to mentally shift your vibration into creating a reality without them. Burn your list as a symbolic expression of your resolve to let go. As you watch the words drift away in the smoke, set the intention for the energy to be made into something new, something aligned with your center.

Make a second list of your gratitudes. Write everything you are grateful for in your life. See the abundance that has been brought to you already, Instead of asking for more, honor what already is. Hold onto this list, keeping it in your notebook our place it under a crystal to help amply the energy (Quartz is a good one). Gratitude is a powerful tool when it comes from an authentic place. Feel into what you are truly grateful for and allow this energy to shift your vibration. Honoring our abundance in Fall, creates a container for us to fill come Spring and attracts the energy we need for the next cycle.

Lastly, set some intentions for the next three months. These can be simple statements which call in the energy you need. They can be something like; “I am grateful” or “I am in balance.” They can also be detailed like; “I am open to releasing _____” or “I am ready for change”, or “I am ready for my perfect mate”. Be as creative as you like and be open to guidance from the universe.

Enjoy this process and enjoy the time of detox the fall gives us every year. Align with nature herself and make use of this period of cleansing out the old to make way for what is to come.

Embrace the energy of Fall with the Libra Workbook, which will help you restore balance and create peace in your relationships.

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I LOVE your work. I will be using this week to prepare myself for this detox. Thank you

Kaila October 23, 2019

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