🍁 Fall Refinement 🍁

“May the petals teach me the art of letting go - Xan Oku ”

 Oh Fall, a time when the energy of nature settles and we are given a change to refine the material collected since Spring. A slow and beautiful detoxification process begins to take place, giving way to longer nights and quieter times.

 Just like nature, we too go through this natural cycle. Which explains why I’ve spent the last few days clearing out my Phone, my website and Instagram (it was technology based for me this year). There is silent nudge in the air pushing us to release that which is not longer wanted or needed. This, of course, makes room for new things to enter after we’ve had the contemplative pause of winter.

Fall is nature's great exhale and ours too. There is a silent art of letting go, though. It’s not always as easy as we’d like. We become attached to what is familiar, even if it’s not what we want. Attachment is part of our genetic coding, passed down through evolution. Familiar equals safe. So we cling to what we know, even though we’d rather be in different job, relationship, city or even country. We hold on.



A hand that is full cannot receive something else, physically or energetically. If we truly want to to shift our world, we must make space for change. Fall is the season for this. Clear out the clutter in you mind, heart and energy. Recognize there is fear in the unknown, but there is also limitless potential. We know where the familiar road leads, we’ve been there, done that and wrote home about it. Chose the unknown road, the one with possibility. Let go of the things, people and fears keeping you from choosing this path and go for it.

 So how do we let go? We all know when we’re feeling stuck or blocked. Things don’t quite align, we miss the mark and we feel drained or low on energy. This is the key, right within your body, that some junk needs to be released. It’s ok if you don’t know what this might be, just become of aware that some things may be leaving. Hold space for yourself to feel things things surface. Start with simple things, like your closet our photo gallery then transition into the harder stuff.

Gather information about what keeps you in fear, what makes you feel guilty, what makes you feel tired. These are the vibrations that need to be shifted, they can come from many sources but ultimately they are within you and you have the power to change them. Start making lists of all the things that hold you back or no longer serve your highest self. Acknowledge that these things once were useful to you and thank their existence in your life. Feel them and the emotions associated with them. 



Then let them drop. Burn the lists and recognize these things are leaving your energy field. Burn some sage or palo santo around you and your space. Then deeply breath in the new air and energy around you. Know that you are shifting your energetic vibration and you are giving yourself a greater capacity to attract new energy more in line with the grand vision of yourself.

 Write some Fall intentions around what you’d like to attract over the coming months. This can be as simple as; I am aligned, I am attracting what I need, I am open to receiving information. They can be detailed like; I am attracting abundance, or I am ready for change, or I am ready for my perfect mate. Be as creative as you like and be open to guidance from the universe.

 Enjoy this process and enjoy the time of detox the fall gives us every year. Align with nature herself and make use of this period of cleansing out the old to make way for what is to come.

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