How Expressing Gratitude Can Have Profound Effects On You


You’ve constantly heard this term swirling around online whether it’s your favorite spiritual teacher encouraging a gratitude practice or searching for gratitude affirmations to start your day.

Gratitude’s gained popularity for a beautiful reason— it’s a simple concept that can drastically change your life for the better. 

But, what is gratitude, and how can you infuse its energy into your life?

Gratitude’s a positive emotion, a state of acceptance, an embodiment of appreciation. 

Gratitude’s a potent energy. It’s one of the highest vibrational frequencies you can experience. It vibrates higher than love at 540MHz, infusing you with euphoric waves of positive energy. 

It’s the frequency that attracts your deepest desires while keeping you present, grateful, and aligned. 

Experiencing gratitude feels like complete and utter presence. It’s savoring all of life’s pleasures— big and small. It’s the overwhelming feeling of appreciation for everything you are, and everything you have. 

It’s a “muscle” that needs to be worked consistently, with the goal being a constant state of gratitude. That’s where the gratitude practice comes in. 

So, what’s the easiest way to build a gratitude practice? 

Daily gratitude journaling. 

Write down things that bring you happiness, peace, or satisfaction. Maybe it’s your freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning, hot sunshine kissing your skin, supportive friends & family, or the roof over your head. 

When you start tapping into gratitude, you’ll notice how abundant you already are. 

Dedicating a small portion of your morning to journaling is powerful. But, remember this is your time, so do what feels good for you.

Your gratitude journaling practice can ebb and flow. 

The key to building a long-term gratitude journaling practice is showing up daily. Consistency is key. If you feel called to devote 30 mins to journaling in the morning, that’s wonderful. If you only have the energy to write down one small thing you’re grateful for, that’s great too. 

Remove the pressure to make this practice ‘perfect’. 

The goal isn’t to fill up your gratitude journal or cross journaling off your daily to-do list. The goal is to feel gratitude while you’re writing— gratitude can become your default state of Being. 

Starting a fresh, new day with a gratitude journaling practice will:

☽ Increase your positive energy. 

Making lists of what you’re grateful for trains your brain to think positively— you’ll naturally focus on what’s going well, as opposed to what’s not going well. It’s an invitation to remove default worst-case scenario thoughts, stress, and worry.

☽ Enhance your sense of self. 

You’re spending quality time with yourself, turning your focus inward instead of outward. You’re less likely to compare yourself to others because you’re deeply satisfied with your life. 

☽ Boost your feelings of happiness. 

You’re acknowledging the good in your life, which makes you feel grateful, content, and optimistic. If you’re thinking positive thoughts, the Universe will reciprocate that energy (the Universe loves gratitude! The more you embody the feeling of gratitude, the more goodies will come your way.)

☽ Heal your physical & mental body.

It’s been scientifically proven that gratitude can lower inflammation in your body, reduce stress and improve your sleep patterns. Your daily journaling practice can be therapeutic. 

I’ve had a gratitude journaling practice for over 15 years— it’s a staple in my daily rituals. It’s helped me cultivate a positive frequency, that I’m proud to share with the world. I’ve journaled throughout my world travels, my decision to get married, and the birth of my children. 

It’s truly become the foundation of my life. 

I’ve collected countless journals over the years and began noticing that I would make gratitude lists. I’d make lists of what I was grateful for each morning, then I’d write five things I want to accomplish today and five things I want to do in my life. I call it the 5/5 list. 

Then, I write a mantra to set the tone of my day. 

Creating a daily gratitude journaling practice will have a profound effect on your energy. You’ll appreciate everything and everyone. You’ll notice all of life's simple pleasures and relish in them. You’ll naturally feel abundant. 

It’s your daily dose of high-vibrational energy. Joy, peace, and love naturally flow into your life when you’re grateful— it’s profound but simple. 

Developing a gratitude practice can look different from person to person, but journaling is an easy & effective way to infuse your life with gratitude. 

The Daily Journal’s a beautiful addition to any morning ritual. It’s designed to help you make gratitude lists, write your daily mantra, and leaves space for you to reflect before you go to bed.

Start journaling what you’re grateful for every morning and watch your life transform, one day at a time.  

How’s gratitude journaling changed your life? Share your experience with daily gratitude journaling, or your favorite way to express gratitude!

Written with love, 

By Jill Wintersteen

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