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Mother Earth has shared a beautiful gift with us— essential oils. 

Essential oils are highly-concentrated liquids derived from the bark, leaves, stems, flowers, and roots of plants.   

For thousands of years, humans have cultivated potent oils for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. This plant medicine’s used for physical and psychological healing. They’ll stabilize your mood, boost your energy, and calm your nervous system. 

Essential oils come without chemicals or synthetic perfumes, making them safe for ingestion or application on your skin— that’s why we adore them. 

Each essential oil has unique energetic qualities. They’re quite magical when incorporated into your daily rituals, or Moon rituals. 

Let’s dive into our favorite essential oils combos. Plus, creative ways to cleanse, amplify and restore the energetic body using essential oils! 

We love using essential oils to…

✨Cleanse your sacred altar space.

✨Anchor and ground you during healing work. 

✨Clear the energy in your home or a public space. 

✨Boost your energy upon waking up, or during morning rituals. 

✨Purify your room, and spray on your pillow for a restful night's sleep.

✨Prepare your sacred space for a New or Full Moon Ritual. (Perfect for the upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st!)

Essential Oils for Grounding

When we think of grounding into Earth, we think of ginger and vanilla. 

Ginger represents rootedness and healthy energetic balance. If you notice patterns of lack, or scarcity, use ginger essential oils to bring abundance into the equation. 

Vanilla embodies the energy of relaxation. Vanilla essential oils melt away feelings of overwhelm, tension or stress in your mental and physical body.

When you need to get out of your head and feel your feet on the ground, try our luxurious Grounding line. 

We offer a Grounding Auric Spray & a Grounding Roll OM.

Essential Oils for Unconditional Love

When we imagine an open, loving heart we imagine ylang-ylang. 

Ylang-Ylang’s derived from a tropical blooming tree. It’s the true embodiment of the Heart—  removing heart chakra blockages, healing traumas, processing heavy emotions, and reconnecting us to our inner child. 

When you need more love in your life, or you want to spread the love to yourself (or someone else!), use our Pure Love line. 

It’ll feel like an energetic hug. 

We offer a Pure Love Auric Spray & a Pure Love Roll OM.

Essential Oils for Letting Go

When it’s time to let go of something or someone, our go-to is essential oils grapefruit and cinnamon

Grapefruit essential oils are extracted from the peel. Grapefruit represents self-love and healthy habits. Loving yourself, and appreciating your body will naturally occur when using grapefruit. This can help you put yourself first when releasing, or making difficult decisions. 

Cinnamon is a spicy oil that aids in digestion, or removal of what’s no longer serving you.

The combination of these powerful oils will help you let go of people, places, thoughts, energies, etc…

Release with ease by using our Let Go line — Let Go Roll OM & our Let Go auric spray. 

Essential Oils for Space Clearing

We love using lavender and lemon when clearing our space— especially for a New or Full Moon circle!

Lavender’s potent energy helps soothe your nervous system and calm insecurities. It’s also known for helping you speak your innermost truth. 

Lemon essential oil’s the embodiment of restoration. Not only does it clear stagnant energies, but it also invites in new, positive energy. 

Try our luscious Space Clearing auric spray! Spritz the perimeter of your sacred circle before beginning any ritual. 


Essential Oils for Protection

When we think of potent cleansing oils, we think of lemongrass and eucalyptus

Lemongrass cleanses feelings of despair, stagnation, and hopelessness. When you’re energetic field feels weak and needs an infusion of strength, lemongrass swoops in to save the day. 

Eucalyptus’s aromatic abilities promote feelings of self-love, and empowerment so you don’t fall victim to negative energies around you (it’s perfect for people that work with the public!). 

Use our Protection line when strengthening your energetic field, or forming boundaries. 

We offer a Protection auric spray and a Protection Roll OM

Essential Oils for the Seven Chakras

Sometimes your chakras feel out of alignment or blocked — that’s when we reach for frankincense and sweet orange

Frankincense’s been used for thousands of years in religious and spiritual ceremonies. This spicy essential oil purifies your body's energy centers, bringing a sense of peace, and inner harmony. It also clears busy thoughts when meditating. 

Sweet orange embodies the energy of balance and happiness. It’s a natural stress reliever — magical sweet orange revitalizes your body, mind, and soul. 

Use this dynamic duo to cleanse the energy centers within you, and around you. Because, when your energy’s free-flowing, you experience synchronicity in all aspects of your life. 

Use our Seven Chakras line when you want to increase your energetic flow, and remove blockages. 

We offer a 7 Chakras auric spray and a Chakra Roll OM

Essential oils are profound plant healers. You’ll feel their physical, and non-physical effects almost immediately if you allow it. 

Share your favorite ways to use essential oils with us in the comments below! Or tag us on Insta when using our Balipura Auric Sprays or Roll OM’s!


Written by Jill Wintersteen

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