How to Practice Yoga With the Moon

Yoga is an ancient practice that’s designed to help you connect in mind, body, and spirit.

For thousands of years, people have infused yoga practices into their lives. It keeps your energy flowing, connects you with yourself on a soul level, honors your body, and builds physical strength.

Yoga’s intentional, fluid movement that:

→ Calms your mind, with moving meditation.
→ Quiets your worrisome, stressful thoughts.
→ Strengthens and lengthens your muscles for a strong physical body.
→ Brings you back into your body when you’re focused on your external environment.

When it’s just you and your yoga mat, nothing else matters. You’re in your safe space to intimately connect to your breath, move through different yoga poses, and let go of anything that no longer serves you.

What if your yoga practice could connect you deeper into Universal flow? What if your yoga practice could ebb and flow with the Moon and the astrological signs?

We’re talking about Lunar Cycle Yoga flows.

What Is Lunar Cycle Yoga??

Lunar Cycle Yoga means you cultivate intentional yoga flows that align with the Moon in each zodiac sign— it’s astrological yoga.

Each zodiac-themed flow is used during a Full Moon, New Moon, or an entire astrological season.

For example, if the current Full Moon’s in Virgo you’d use a Virgo-themed yoga flow to ground into Mother Earth and embody the moon’s Virgo energy. You could also use that practice during a Virgo New Moon or Virgo season.

Lunar cycle yoga is a divine dance with the cosmos. It goes beyond your typical yoga practice or staying up to date with the latest astrological forecast. It’s the merging together of two spiritual practices— yoga & astrology. You become one with the Universe.

Whether you’re an avid yogi who’s been practicing for years, or you’re new to the world of yoga, you’re in the right place!

How Do You Embody Each Zodiac Sign During Your Yoga Flow?

Each zodiac sign rules or governs a portion of your body.

To truly embody the unique essence of each zodiac sign, you have to consider the unique essence of each body part.

If you’re excited about incorporating astrological yoga into your life, keep reading. We’re diving into details about each zodiac sign, what portion of the body it governs, and how to balance each energy.

We’ll start off with the first of the zodiac signs…

Aries 🜂

The intention of an Aries yoga flow is to invigorate your body and circulate your energy.

Governs: The head, eyes, and brain.  

When Aries's energy is balanced, you feel inspired, ready to charge ahead with focus, and motivated to overcome obstacles. Your head feels clear and determined. Your vision focuses on the future, and you have the energy needed to pursue your path.

If Aries's energy is out of balance, it can contribute to headaches, eye strain, and exhaustion. You’ll feel ungrounded or unable to calm your nervous system. 

How do you balance Aries's energy? Move it and give it direction to free up blockages and stagnation.

Taurus 🜃

The intention of a Taurus yoga flow is to ground, find stillness, and connect with your senses.

Governs: The throat, neck, and vocal cords. 

When Taurus’s energy is balanced, you feel connected to your body and all senses. You are rooted in your self-worth and feel in touch with your inner resilience. You feel strong and ready to express your creativity without hesitation. 

If Taurus's energy is out of balance, you can have trouble speaking your truth or expressing your creativity. You may doubt yourself or your worth. 

How do you balance Taurus energy? Connect deeply with your body and your creative energy. Feel the foundation of your energy to balance your emotions and remind you of your strength.

Gemini 🜁

The intention of a Gemini yoga flow is to settle your nervous system. 

Governs: The nervous system, lungs, hands, and arms. 

When Gemini’s energy is balanced, you feel calm, content, and ready to express your ideas. You can easily reframe situations and have an understanding of perspectives outside yourself.

If Gemini's energy is out of balance, you can feel restless, impatient, and anxious. 

How do you balance Gemini energy? Slow down, get out of your head, and quiet your mind, so you can listen and communicate clearly.

Cancer 🜄

The intention of a Cancer yoga flow is to restore and renew your energy body. 

Governs: The Mother that rules the chest, breasts, and stomach. 

When Cancer’s energy is balanced, you know how to receive nourishment from yourself and others. You ask for help when needed, and you can easily access your intuition for inner guidance. 

If Cancer’s energy is out of balance, you’ll feel overly emotional, insecure, and out of touch with your intuitive self. 

How do you balance Cancer energy? Slow down to replenish and recharge your batteries, so you can tap into your intuition, wisdom, and vulnerability.

Leo 🜂

The intention of a Leo yoga flow is to feel confident and open your heart

Governs: The spine, heart, and upper back. 

When Leo's energy is balanced, you feel confident and express yourself with ease. You lead from your heart and are not afraid to be vulnerable with your feelings. 

When Leo's energy is out of balance, you’ll feel overly reliant on others for love and validation.

How do you balance Leo's energy? Build heat in your body and practice opening your heart while feeling supported in your spine. You’ll feel vulnerable, strong, self-accepting, and loving.

Virgo 🜃

The intention of a Virgo yoga flow is to connect with your body and detoxify. 

Governs: The digestive and nervous systems. 

When Virgo’s energy is balanced, you feel connected to your body, able to digest information and accepting of your imperfections. You are in touch with your intuitive nature and use it to teach others. 

When Virgo’s energy is out of balance, you’ll feel nervous, insecure, and unworthy of your gifts.

How do you balance Virgo’s energy? Remove stagnancy and ground your body by connecting with it. You’ll feel powerful, intuitive, and in charge of your life.

Libra 🜁

The intention of a Libra yoga flow is to find balance and re-center yourself

Governs: The kidneys, lower back, endocrine system, and buttocks. 

When Libra’s energy is balanced, you easily bring yourself back to inner peace when life becomes chaotic. You have a healthy toolkit of practices that calm your spirit and center your energy. 

When Libra’s energy is out of balance, you’ll feel misaligned, indecisive, and unsure of your next steps.

How do you balance Libra’s energy? Center your mind and body by balancing the two sides of the body. You’ll feel harmonized with life and be able to make clear, conscious decisions.

Scorpio 🜄

The intention of a Scorpio yoga flow is to invite fluidity and creativity. 

Governs: The hips and pelvis.

When Scorpio’s energy is balanced, you feel aligned with your intuitive strength. You fearlessly venture into your subconscious, knowing that you have the power to transform an aspect of yourself. 

When Scorpio's energy is out of balance, you’ll feel stagnant and unable to create. 

How do you balance Scorpio’s energy? Quiet your thoughts and feel your creative intuition flowing through you. Allow yourself to explore the depths and your shadows with acceptance.

Sagittarius 🜂 

The intention of a Sagittarius yoga flow is to build trust and inspire you to take leaps of faith

Governs: The hip flexors, thighs, and liver. 

When Sagittarius's energy is in balance, you feel ready to move forward into the unknown. You trust that the best will unfold and know that you always rely on yourself. 

When Sagittarius's energy is out of balance, you’ll feel like you’re unable to grow or expand your mind. 

How do you balance Sagittarius's energy? Practice a fast-moving flow that moves you away from fear and into trust. You’ll feel expansive, ready to learn, and open to new experiences.

Capricorn 🜃

The intention of a Capricorn yoga flow is to ground and stabilize. 

Governs: The knees, joints, teeth, and skeletal system. 

When Capricorn’s energy is balanced, you feel determined, ready to conquer obstacles, and committed. Your yeses come through as resounding, and say no without guilt. 

When Capricorn's energy is out of balance, you’ll feel unfocused and unclear about the direction of your life. 

How do you balance Capricorn energy? Feel your stable center and strength. You’ll feel clear and ready to move forward with confidence.

Aquarius 🜁

The intention of an Aquarius yoga flow is to circulate energy throughout your body 

Governs: The ankles and the circulatory system. 

When Aquarius’s energy is balanced, you feel at ease with yourself. You express your visions to others without the need for approval. You lead others by providing your unique perspective. 

When Aquarius’s energy is out of balance, you’ll feel nervous and full of excess energy.

How do you balance Aquarius energy? Move your energy throughout the entire body. You’ll feel calm, clear, and ready to move in the right direction. 

Pisces 🜄

The intention of a Pisces flow is to restore your energy.

Governs: The feet and lymphatic system. 

When Pisces’s energy is in balance, you feel connected to your intuition and the entire Universe. You trust the process of your life and let it flow with force. 

When Pisces’s energy is out of balance, you’ll feel energetically depleted or like you want to escape life. 

How do you balance Pisces's energy? Incorporate a Yin practice. You’ll feel receptive and tuned into your universal rhythm. 

Wish to Dive Deeper?

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Written with love by Jill Wintersteen

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