How will this Affect Me? Understanding Astrological Houses and the Moon

“How does this affect me?” is one of the questions asked the most at Spirit Daughter. Our workbooks are based on the collective astrology, meaning the energy which affects everyone no matter your Sun or Moon sign. When the Moon is in Leo, for instance, it is in Leo for everyone on the planet and everyone can harness the energy of Leo in their own energetic frequency. If the Full Moon is in Pisces, then all of us can tap into the energy of Pisces on the Full Moon and utilize its vibration for powerful release and shifts. So, the simple answer to “How will this Full Moon affect me?” is “like everyone else.” The more complicated answer involves exploration and understanding of astrological houses.

We each have a personal natal, or birth, chart which makes up our energetic signature. You can look yours up at or on the Time Passages app. Our natal chart is made up of a wheel with twelve pieces. Each piece of this wheel represents a house. We all have twelve astrological houses. Each house is governed by an astrological sign. Generally, signs will overlap two houses, meaning you have two pieces of your natal chart governed by the same sign. For instance, in Beyonce’s chart below, you’ll see that her first house is governed by Libra and Scorpio, her second house is governed by Scorpio and Sagittarius, her third house is governed by Sagittarius and Capricorn, and so on. Within these houses are our planets.

Each planet represents a part of our personality. The Sun is our core, which everything else revolves around. Our Sun sign holds us together and is the foundation of our personality. Our Moon sign represents our emotional body and helps us to define our needs in this lifetime. The rest of the planets each take on a part of our personality and all of them together help define the complex person we show up as in the world. Where these parts of our personality show up is dependent on houses. Houses represent areas of our life. This includes our relationships, our career, our communication, even our home. Our houses are governed by the zodiac signs, flavoring them and helping to define the planets position within them.

If we look again at Beyonce’s chart, you’ll see her Sun is in her eleventh house in the sign of Virgo. The foundation of her personality shows up in the area governed by the eleventh house, which represents humanity, large groups, and friends. The energy of Virgo flavors this position of the Sun, defining it. Virgo represents refined, powerful energy capable of great healing. For Beyonce, this shows up as the center of her life (her Sun) focused on being of service (Virgo), or giving her gift, to the collective at large (the eleventh house). If her Sun was in Virgo in her seventh house, for instance, we may not have the amazing performer known as Beyonce. She would be a different version because her Sun in Virgo would show up in a different area of her life.

Understanding natal charts is a lifelong process which is the subject of many astrology books and sites. It is important to have a basic understanding of birth charts to grasp how each New and Full Moon will affect you. When the Moon is in a certain sign, like our upcoming Full Moon in Pisces, it is said to be transiting (or moving through) Pisces. To find out how this transit will affect you, look to the house ruled by Pisces in your natal chart. Returning back to our pop icon, Beyonce’s fifth and sixth house are ruled by Pisces. It doesn’t matter that she has no planets in these houses. She still has these areas in her life and they are governed by the energy of Pisces. The upcoming Full Moon is transiting Beyonce’s fifth and sixth house. Meaning, she will feel the effects of the Full Moon in these areas of her life. The fifth house rules our creativity, our play and even actual children in our life. The sixth rules our work and how it if service to others. So for Beyonce, this Full Moon will inspire her to create a new offering to others through her work. She may also feel it in her relationship with her children. The collective energy of Pisces will still dictate the energy of the day for her, as it will for everyone, but it will be directed towards these specific areas.

Find the house, or houses, which Pisces rules in your chart. These are the areas of your life that will be most affected by the Full Moon in Pisces. Each Full Moon Workbook now has a section that helps you understand how each Full Moon will affect you based on your which house the Moon is transiting for you. There are suggestions on what to focus on and what to expect for each Full Moon, including how to work with the energy. Understanding houses takes some time, but is the key to answering the question “how will this Moon affect me.”




I am new to astrology and this post was so interesting and informative. Thank you!

Terra August 11, 2019

I appreciate this informative email!!

Erin mcdaniel August 11, 2019

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