Uranus Retrograde in Taurus 2019

On Aug 11th, Uranus begins his annual backward motion. Known as the planet of change, Uranus shocks and awes with his eccentric ways. Traditionally the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus currently is stationed in Taurus, shaking the ground of our financial systems and environmental perspectives. Uranus breaks things up, and amongst the chaos, he brings us new ideas, new behaviors, and new normals. Uranus challenges us to see past the proverbial box and expand our consciousness beyond our conditioned patterns and limiting beliefs. 

Uranus’s energy can feel jarring to our nervous system as it brings us into the unknown. With Uranus there is no easing into it, this planet’s energy is bold and confrontational. It throws us right into the deep end then expects us to develop a new method of swimming to navigate the waters. August 11th, Uranus takes a turn in direction in our sky traveling from 6° Taurus to 2° Taurus, where it will station direct on January 10th. Although Uranus won’t be moving very far, its backward motion will certainly shake some things up for us. Retrogrades turn the planet’s energy inward and cause us to feel them internally. We must take time to process them and understand their meaning, most often through times of solitude and quiet contemplation. Uranus Retrograde will take the energy of change and internalize it, creating opportunities for growth and new development through explorations of the mind. Sounds great right? The only catch is Uranus Retrograde can feel like sticking our finger in an electrical outlet, wreaking havoc on our nervous system and sending us spinning in circles for the next five months.

The key to navigating Uranus Retrograde with grace is knowing where his energy will show up in your world. If we become aware of what he is trying to break up, then we have a good chance of remaining calm as he does his work. If we can ride the waves of change, while keeping our cool, we have an opportunity to make some major shifts in our energy. In order to understand where Uranus Retrograde energy will show up for you, pull your chart with the Time Passages App to find which house your natal Uranus falls in. For instance, Uranus in my chart falls in my first house. Houses tell us the area of our lives where we will feel certain energy. Below is a guide, by house, on what to expect for this Uranus Retrograde based on your natal Uranus position.

Uranus in 1st house: The first house rules our individuality and sense of self. It is here we find the development of our image, as well as our loyalty to our soul. Uranus in the first house gives the power to reinvent yourself at any time. You are revolutionary in your image and are never afraid to be seen under a different light. Uranus Retrograde will shake up your very view of yourself. It may cause you to experiment with your outward appearance, but will also challenge your dedication to your life’s journey. Expect questions to arise around your individual freedom- what price are you willing to pay to stay true to yourself?

Uranus in 2nd house: The second house rules our possessions, our security, and our self-worth. It is here we find our comfort, both physically and mentally. The energy of our second house also rules our finances and financial security. Uranus in the second house gives you a unique perspective on money. You think about it differently than most and are adept to take risks for new ventures. Uranus Retrograde will further this drive to find new methods of developing wealth. Expect your view of values, and self-worth, to be shaken over the next five months. You may find yourself questioning your view of security and what it means to feel secure. What does abundance really mean to you and what are willing to change to achieve it?

Uranus in 3rd house: The third house rules our communication and systems. It governs how we exchange energy with the world and what methods we use to express ourselves. Uranus in the third house challenges the conventional methods of conversation. He asks you to create new methods of expression and utilize new technologies to do so (hello social media).  Uranus Retrograde will break through any communication blocks and offer unique options, ones that rely on a progressive and open mind. Expect questions to arise around how you exchange energy with the world. If you could create a new system to deliver your thoughts what would it look like? 

Uranus in the 4th house: The fourth house rules our home and our family. It is here we find our roots and deepest sense of self. In the fourth house lies our emotional body which only we know. It also houses our intuition, as this energy comes from deep within. Uranus in the fourth house breaks up the traditional view of the home. This placement allows for experimentation when it comes to physical homes, as well as emotional homes. Uranus in the fourth house also encourages us to challenge our emotions and the use of our intuition, encouraging both energies to lead us to new places and perspectives. Uranus retrograde will challenge your sense of home and family. It will ask you to look at your roots and decide if they need to be replanted our need a new direction. It will ask you to use your intuition to decide who your tribe is and where you home really can be found.

Uranus in 5th house: The fifth house is the house of pleasure, creativity, and drama. It is here we find our inner child, our sense of wonder and what brings us joy in the world. Uranus in the fifth house wants you to explore different methods of release. Each of us has a different way of enjoying the world we live in. Uranus in the fifth house wants you to explore as many methods as possible and use them to fuel creation. Often times this placement creates musicians, artists or writers who explore new ways of creating and become the visionaries of entertainment. Uranus Retrograde asks you to go within find your unique creations. Is there a new sound or a new medium of art waiting to be shown to the world?

Uranus in the 6th house: The sixth house rules service and our gift the world. It is here we find our sense of purpose and the drive to put that purpose to good use. Uranus in the sixth house challenges our very definition of service. He illuminated different ways we can give back to society and encourages us to experiment with our offerings. Uranus Retrograde will ask you to look within to find your gift then use it create positive change in the world. He will also ask you to widen your perspective on what your gift may be. Often times something may seem like a burden but is the exact perspective someone else needs. What extraordinary energy lies within you that you can give to the world in your own unique way?

Uranus in the 7th house: The seventh house rules our partnerships, including our romantic relationships. It is here we learn how to exchange energy equally and fairly for all. Uranus in the seventh house challenges the conventional definition of relationships. It opens the way for a progressive view of what a true partnership is and how to demonstrate it to the world. Uranus retrograde will ask you to evaluate your relationships and adjust them as necessary. It will also ask you if you feel free in your partnerships and will break any that don’t fit in your vision of what this looks like. How can you feel free and committed at the same time?

Uranus in the 8th house: The eighth house is the house of personal growth. It is here we find the energy of transformation, as well as our unconscious mind and shadow side. Uranus in the eighth house opens up a portal of discovery and brings in new methods of self-inquiry and mind expansion. There is no limit to the realms of consciousness that may be discovered with this placement. Uranus Retrograde will fuel the party by urging you to dive even deeper and experiment with what alters your perception of everything. Uranus Retrograde wants you to break up any blocks which prevent your personal growth, just as stigmas or conditioned patterns, and expand from the inside out. What new methods of transformation are calling your attention?

Uranus in the 9th house: The ninth house is the house of philosophy. Often thought of as the house of travel and wanderlust, the ninth house is where we go to find our truth and knowledge. Sometimes this quest leads us to actual quest, traveling across foreign lands to find the answer. Uranus in this house expands this quest and opens the possibility of further exploration in the unknown. Uranus loves an adventure and will inspire many with this placement. Uranus Retrograde will affect what you consider true. Expect this transit to bring you situations which will challenge your truths and ask you to form new stories based on a different perspective. What truths are blocking your growth?

Uranus in the 10th house: The tenth house governs our career and our reputation. It is here we form how we are seen by the outside world. Uranus in the tenth house fuels the modernization of work life. He broadens the perception of what work actually is and where it has to be done. This placement leads to the belief that careers are something you design, not something society designs. Uranus Retrograde will ask you to look at your current work-life and decide if a change is needed. This change may be surprising to those around you but will help you feel more aligned with your life path. With Uranus Retrograde in play, it could include a shift to a more digital space where you can work from anywhere or may lead you to invent a new business paradigm altogether. How can you create a career built for the future?

Uranus in the 11th house: The eleventh house is the house of friends and humanity. It is here we find our relationship with the collective. This house also rules our humanitarian efforts and is traditionally home to Uranus. When Uranus is placed in the eleventh house, he fuels a progressive approach to humanity. He sees the future of our world and brings about ideas on how that vision can be reached. Often this placement produces visionaries who see the future before others. Uranus Retrograde will ask you to break up any conventional views you have about humanity and search deep within to create new ones. Expect situations which will inspire you to create visions of the future and then share them with others. What change will you bring to humanity?

Uranus in the 12th house: The twelfth house is the house of spirituality. It rules our subconscious, our dreams and our desire to seek something bigger than us. Uranus in this house brings the future to dreaming. It allows for an even greater expansion of consciousness and soul growth. Uranus retrograde will question your individual choices and if they are blocking your spiritual growth. Uranus makes us aware of our makes us unique, but sometimes those very things prevent us from growing past them. This retrograde will challenge you to let go of your eccentricities and surrender to something beyond you.

Wherever Uranus falls for you, be open to unexpected change and welcome it. Uranus reminds us that the unknown can be a scary place but it where the most potential for growth lies.


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