Jill's Magical Morning Routine

Every product on the Spirit Daughter website is an extension of my personal practice. They are my toolkit to live a happy and peaceful life. They also empower me to manifest my visions by grounding me, clarifying my thoughts, and setting my energy for the day. Here is a glimpse into my morning ritual. Enjoy!
rose quartz crystal palm stone

Meditate with a palm stone

I start my morning practice with a 10-20 minute meditation holding one of my favorite palm stones to bring in the energetic support I need to start the day. Moonstone and rose quartz are two of my go-tos.
the daily journal by spirit daughter

Get clear with the Daily Journal

I then write in the Daily. This simple ritual has been a staple of my practice for over 15 years. It helps me clarify my priorities and dream about what to focus on in the future. 
manifestation oracle cards by spirit daughter

Pull a Manifestation Card

Next, I pull a card to gain wisdom from my higher self. Card pulling makes me feel like the Universe is speaking through me.
balipura auric spray

Set my vibration with Balipura Spray

I then use one of my favorite auric sprays to set my energetic vibration for the day. I love the smell of these! I discovered them on a trip to Bali years ago, and they immediately became part of my daily routine.
by the stars quote book by spirit daughter

Read a quote to uplift my energy with By The Stars

To end my practice, I randomly flip open a page of a quote book for a bit of inspiration to carry into the rest of my day.

All this said, each day looks different and some days my morning routine might just include one or two of these practices (especially with two little ones at home). And that's okay! Even one deep breath or a moment of gratitude has the potential to shift your mindset. My mission with Spirit Daughter has always been to give these tools to you so you can change your life with them, just as I did. I hope this inspires you to find a moment for yourself and incorporate a new ritual that supports and nourishes your day. 

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