The Best Holiday Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

Do you have a friend who’s a fan of astrology? Is your mom in tune with the Moon? Does your co-worker keep up with cosmic cycles? This guide is for you. We created a list of holiday gift ideas for every zodiac sign under the Sun sure to wow all the astrology lovers on your list this year.

Lunar Yoga Flow Collection

Aries are bold, direct, and live life eagerly. When they need a moment to settle their fiery energy, a grounding practice like yoga can help. A gift like the Lunar Flow Collection, which includes 12 yoga flows for every Moon of the month, is perfect to ground their fire and align them with their breath to move that energy through them.

A companion to the videos is an Aries Yoga Mat they can practice on that’s as gorgeous as it is practical.

The Daily Journal

Taurus are grounded and practical, thriving on routine and committed to comfort at all costs. A journal is a gift bound to be a staple to any Taurus’ morning.

The Daily Journal includes 244 undated pages, a gratitude practice, a 5/5 list, and a space for reflection. Pair this practice with a crystal such as Green Onyx to help the Taurus in your life welcome new beginnings – physically or spiritually. Doubt and negativity give way to trust with this stone around, making it the perfect holiday gift for a Taurus to take into the new year.

gemini crystal kit

Geminis are perceptive, versatile, and voracious learners. They are also susceptible to negativity and drama when they are unbalanced. Gifting them a Crystal Kit with hand-picked stones for their zodiac sign can help them align with their true intentions, leading to better communication with others and themselves. The kit includes Clear Quartz, Leopard Jasper, Agate, Septarian, and Chalcedony crystals.

If the Gemini you know and love has an insatiable thirst for astrological knowledge, they can dive into what the stars have to say about their personality, evolution, and lifetime opportunities with our Natal Chart Series.

bathmate crystalline bath salts

Cancers work hard and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Take the load off of nurturing Cancers and give them the gift of Crystalline Bath Salts to elevate their self-care experience. 

For after the bath, gift them the Pure Love Roll OM. It’s infused with crystals like Rose Quartz, Jade, Chrysoprase, Amazonite, and Aventurine. This is a great gift idea for the Cancer in your life who deserves to feel unconditional love for themselves or others.

balipura auric spray

Leos are the dazzlers of the zodiac, confident in themselves and their instincts. They need a holiday gift as captivating as they are. We know just the thing.

The Balipura Auric Spray is perfect for the Leo in your life who needs to release an energy, thought, person, or limiting belief. And when they let go of the old, they can welcome in the new with Smokey Citrine, a powerful integration of Smokey Quartz and Citrine to help cleanse any negativity, ground their energy, and attract anything they desire.

2023 lunar calendar

Virgos are intelligent and particular. What better gift for them for the holidays than a cosmic calendar to keep them organized and aligned with the cycles of the Universe?

The Lunar Calendar illustrates each Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde, New Moon, Full Moon, First, and Last Quarter with their governing zodiac sign. This gift gives them the cosmic info they crave right at their fingertips. Plus, it’s printed on eco-friendly paper, which is bound to thrill any detail-oriented Virgo.

Another idea for your favorite Virgo is our Protection Auric Spray. This spray is blessed by a Balinese Priest under the Full Moon and helps to clear energy and realign vibrations. It’s all in the details for this zodiac sign!

libra zodiac prints

Libra loves the aesthetics of the home. Give them the gift of magical artwork with our Libra Prints to help them embody the harmonious energy of their zodiac sign.

Another beautiful gift they’re sure to cherish is the Libra Crystal Kit. As a sensitive and empathic sign, these soothing crystals help calm their nervous energy and inspire peace.

manifestation oracle cards

Scorpios have depth, intensity, and an astute aura about them. As a water sign, they are receptive to things beyond the physical realm and crave emotional depth. Manifestation Cards are the perfect gift to help them tap into their intuitive side and uncover the answers they seek.

Another magical gift to elevate their manifestation practice is our Selenite Moon Bowl. Selenite is a powerful tool for clearing negativity and ushering in new, more supportive vibrations. The Scorpio in your life can also use it to hold their crystals, jewelry, or other trinkets. 

hamsa plate

Sagittarius is an explorer on an eternal quest to discover themselves and the world around them. That’s why the Hamsa Plate makes the perfect gift for this zodiac sign. Now your favorite Sagittarius will have a place to store neat trinkets, ritual items, and cool collectibles from their adventures.

If you want a more practical holiday gift that inspires and motivates them on their physical and spiritual journey, the By The Moon & By The Stars Bundle is it. With quotes and poetry designed to uplift, this is the perfect pocket-sized companion for the Sagittarius in your life.

2023 digital astrology calendar

Capricorns keep their eyes on the prize. They don’t get distracted by what others are doing as they pursue success for themselves. What better gift for a Capricorn than a Digital Astrology Calendar to ease perfectionist tendencies and remind them to flow with the cycles of nature?

As Earth signs, Capricorns are drawn to crystals that help settle their energy and bring them back to center. Hematite palm stones do just that. Hematite helps with discernment and decision-making, bringing clarity to thoughts so necessary changes can occur. This crystal is a great holiday gift for a Capricorn who loves to meditate and manifest their next move.

lemurian crystals

Aquarius are eccentric forward-thinkers, constantly experimenting and redefining the structures of society through rebellion and reform. A gift for the holidays they’re sure to love is Lemurian.

The crystal has healing properties to aid an Aquarius’ spiritual growth and energy attunement so they can move through the world with a more evolved lens. And since inspiration can come from anywhere for this air sign, our Aquarius prints are another great gift. These magical illustrations can help them envision the new world they’re helping to create.

by the stars and by the moon quote book bundle

Pisces are sensitive signs, often able to understand how you feel even before you even do. They pick up on the smallest of shifts in energy, which means our 7 Chakras Auric Spray is a great gift for a Pisces who needs to realign their vibrations. 

Observers by nature, Pisces attune to the energy of those around them in order to gain new perspectives. A great gift to help them tune into their own intuition is our By The Moon & By The Stars Bundle. These pocket-sized quote and poetry books are the perfect addition to a Pisces’ self-care practice.

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