Jupiter conjunct Neptune: It’s time to elevate

On April 12, 2022, Jupiter meets Neptune in the stars of Pisces, bringing us a once in a lifetime opportunity. These two planets meet every 12 years, but they won't meet again in Pisces for another 166 years. This conjunction is incredibly potent, with Neptune and Jupiter being co-rulers of Pisces. Both of these planets are amplified in the fish’s sign. They bring us immense energy to work with beginning on April 7th and through the rest of the month until May 10th when Jupiter departs Pisces and enters Aries.

So what do these planets bring us? Neptune is the ruler of dreams. This planet helps us envision a future bright with possibility. It also can take us down a pathway of illusion and fantasy. When working with this energy we need to consciously choose to use it for our highest good versus for distraction. When Neptune is amplified in the cosmos, a dreamy energy takes over. It's important to keep yourself grounded at this time through yoga and meditation. Connect with reality through your breath and body to not get swept away in the sea of disillusion. If you find yourself lost in daydreams or fantasy ask yourself if they are productive and helping you create your higher self or if they are merely a distraction from the work in front of you.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It amplifies any energy it touches and helps us realize our full potential. Jupiter illuminates where we are selling ourselves short or not fully embracing our power. Jupiter is also the planet of abundance and generosity. These two energies go hand-in-hand. When we feel truly abundant, we give, and that giving begins the cycle of reciprocity. We gain back what we guess in terms of energy and compassion. Jupiter helps us step into our most compassionate selves, which in many ways is our highest potential as a human being. 

As these two giants meet in the energy of Pisces, they amplify spiritual practices in our lives. Pisces governs our spiritual journey and is synonymous with mysticism, religion in all forms, and universal knowledge. Pisces represents the depths of consciousness and inspires us to keep raising our own vibration in the search of true enlightenment. 

Pisces is also the sign of great healing and helps us find meaning in the most challenging times. It reminds us that we are all connected, and we share a common energy with everyone in the world. Pisces helps us understand the invisible thread that ties the entire Universe together. This understanding helps us form compassion for others and see ourselves in another. It also allows us to heal by understanding the vastness of our energy and the notion that everything in this life has a greater meaning that is yet to be understood.

With the meeting of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, we are brought an opportunity to elevate our consciousness. Our visions are amplified at this time. If we choose to direct them with our highest vibration, we can elevate our spiritual practice to help us heal and find compassion for others.

As your journey through this energy, notice where your mind wanders. Be aware of illusions that come up in your life. Are you fantasizing about something to distract you from your inner world instead of doing the work to heal your soul? Or are you indulging in fantasies that ultimately limit your potential and make you feel small?

You have a great opportunity to envision and feel the consciousness you want to embody each day. There is a portal opening, and you can elevate your entire existence if you step through it. While you may not reach enlightenment this month, you can take steps to get a little closer. You can find ways to exist in higher frequencies each moment that bring you gratitude, joy, abundance, and compassion. 

You have an amazing potential as a human being alive on this planet right now. We are all undergoing trials of heartache and challenges that ask us to face our darkest demons. Every day we are confronted with uncomfortable feelings, and we can choose to ignore and distract ourselves from them, or we can meet them head-on to understand them at their deepest level. There is a greater meaning to why you exist in this moment, and now is your chance to start to figure it out. Now is your opportunity to find a higher meaning in everything you do, everything you experience, and everything you emit to the Universe. 

To work fully with this transit, commit yourself to a morning meditation until May 10th. Use this meditation to ground yourself and be open to receiving wisdom and knowledge from the Universe. Allow yourself to change. Surround yourself with people who help to raise your consciousness and encourage compassion. Take steps to bring your compassion out into the world to make a difference in the lives of others. These actions will help you remember that we are all connected, and this connection will help raise your consciousness even further. See yourself in others and see the full potential of humanity through this transit. It can be quite beautiful if you let it, as long as you stay away from the darkness trying to pull you into illusion.

Some Journaling Prompts for this time:

  • What can I do each day to ground my energy and open myself up to visions?
  • How can I tell higher visions apart from illusions?
  • When and why do I allow delusions to take over?
  • How can I find more compassion for myself and others?
  • How can I act from a place of compassion?
  • How can I prepare myself and my life for a higher consciousness?

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