How to use the Workbooks

The Moon Workbooks were created to help you understand and harness the energy of the Moon so you can use it to design the life you desire. With the phases of the Moon as your guide, you can learn how to adjust your vibration to live in flow with the cosmos and ride the power of its unseen forces into your most harmonious, abundant life.

When we tune into the Moon, Sun, and other planets, manifesting becomes much more tangible. Understanding and aligning with cosmic cycles offers a framework on when to build energy, when to dream, and when to let go of things that no longer serve us. Living this way maximizes our potential to experience the results we’ve been seeking.

What types of workbooks are offered?

We offer one New Moon and one Full Moon Workbook for you to use every Sun Season as each of these Moons occur during this time. A Sun Season is a four week period when the Sun is in a specific zodiac sign (the personal sign most people are familiar with). The workbooks are part astrological guide and part journal with embodiment and writing practices to harness the energy of each New and Full Moon. 

The New Moon is always in the same sign as the Sun and the Full Moon occurs in the opposite sign. Opposing signs sit across from each other in the sky and on the zodiac wheel. For instance, if the Sun is in Aries, then the New Moon will also occur in Aries and the Full Moon will be in Libra. 

One of the most common questions we get asked is if the workbooks can be used by any sign. Since they are based on the Moon and Sun’s position, not your personal signs, anyone can use the workbooks! While the practices will take you on your own unique journey, the workbooks are written to capture the energy surrounding us all so that we can understand the feelings of the collective and our place in it.

What are the differences between the workbooks?

While both workbooks are for any level of knowledge, we recommend that complete beginners dip their toes in with the New Moon Workbook first. Since the Full Moon is more intense and a time to take real action, the practices are slightly more involved than those of the New Moon Workbook.

Another reason to start with the New Moon Workbook is that the Full Moon Workbook is in many ways a continuation of it. The New Moon Workbook can be for the whole Sun Season while the Full Moon Workbook is to be used for roughly 72 hours around the Full Moon. The workbooks are written alongside each other and are meant to be used together in the Sun Season to experience this process as a whole.

How does the New Moon Workbook work?

Since the New Moon and Sun Season share the same sign, the New Moon Workbook is actually a workbook for the entire Sun Season, not just the New Moon. After finding that many people were using this workbook throughout the entire Sun Season, we redesigned it to clarify which parts are specifically for the New Moon. There are sections for each week of the Sun Season, as well as tools that align you with that zodiac’s energy. 

You can begin using this book at the start of each Sun Season or with the New Moon. It is a personal preference and some people like to use this book only for the days on and around the New Moon. For the sections pertaining to just the New Moon, try to complete them within 72hrs of the New Moon exact. This is when the energy is the most potent, and you will feel it to a greater degree in your subtle body. It is recommended that you complete the New Moon Workbook before the start of the next Sun Season.

How about the Full Moon Workbook?

The Full Moon Workbook is meant to be used on the days around the Full Moon. Try to complete the practices within 72hrs of the Full Moon exact. The practices of this workbook go more in-depth than the New Moon Workbook because we simply have more energy and drive at this time. The Full Moon is a time to do the very important work needed to manifest the intentions planted on the New Moon. 

It’s worth noting that this work changes with the corresponding Moon sign. For instance, the energy we work with on the Aries Full Moon is very different from the energy we work on with the Virgo Full Moon. Furthermore, the energy changes yearly which is why each workbook is rewritten to suit that particular year. It is not recommended that you use last year’s workbook for this year’s Moon.

When do I purchase them?

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase the right workbook at the right time. We only ever have current workbooks up on the site, and when we do have back issues, they are clearly marked as such. Basically, if it’s up on the site, it is “in season”. 

Following the schedule of the cosmos can be tricky. Generally, Sun Seasons change around the 20th of each month. New and Full Moons, however, are on their own rhythm, changing dates every month. Our website lists the dates to help you stay on track but it’s best to subscribe to avoid delays! We take great care in keeping the subscriptions in line with the cycles of the Moon so that you receive the workbooks on time.


Subscriptions to the Full and New Moon Workbooks can be separate or together in a bundle. For those who want to use both workbooks regularly, subscribing to a bundle will charge and ship them together. If you only want to subscribe to receive either the Full or New Moon Workbook alone, this is an option as well.

 Again, we go to great lengths to ensure you receive the workbooks in time for each Sun Season, New and Full Moon. If you are an international subscriber, please contact customer support to inquire about shipping times as it varies by country. If delivery to your location is unpredictable, there are always digital issues of both workbooks available.

Hopefully, we’ve answered some of your questions about the workbooks. The team at Spirit Daughter truly enjoys bringing you these magical tools each month and we look forward to guiding you in your cosmic adventures of manifestation.

Purchase the New Moon and Full Moon Workbooks here.


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