Jupiter in Pisces 2022: Things are looking up

Jupiter enters Pisces for the second time this year from December 28th until May 10th. It entered Pisces last May until a retrograde sent it back to Aquarius in July. Remember last May? It was filled with hope, travel plans, and long-awaited meeting with loved ones. The collective breathed a sigh of relief, and life felt good. We're about to feel that joy again, this time amplified for the next five months. And hopefully, this time, those good feelings will be here to stay. 

Jupiter in Pisces feels good to our entire system. This is a beautiful placement and has the potential to undo some of the trauma caused by the last few years. It's a time to dream, feel, heal and expand in all ways imaginable. We all feel this transit. It breaks the sky open for us to step into a new reality, one filled with hope and positivity.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion. This planet brings luck, abundance, and joy to everything it touches. Jupiter is the jolly guy at the party getting everyone to dance and feel good in their bodies. Like attracts like in the world of energy, as we start to feel positive vibrations from Jupiter's influence, we attract more positivity building an infinite loop of good vibes all around. Jupiter also helps us recognize opportunities in our life especially when it comes to growth. When we align with Jupiter, we grow past our perceived limitations into our true potential.

Pisces slows us down and reminds us to feel. In this feeling, we can access our intuition and feel our connection with the Universe. Pisces also brings us in touch with our dreams. It teaches us that we have the power to manifest any vision. We are everything in the Universe; therefore anything that exists iis n our reach. Our only job is to dissolve anything within ourselves that prevents us from receiving our dreams. We do not have to do anything to manifest them. We simply need to be with our presence and be open to the energy we need at this moment of our evolution.

Pisces is also a healing energy. It teaches us how to sit with our pain and understand it. It helps us be fully present with ourselves and explore the depth of our soul- without reacting to our emotions. In this nonreactive state, we can heal through conscious awareness. We can sit with our emotions and let them be seen. Through this observation, we can shift them and make space for new, positive energy, to take hold. 

When Jupiter enters Pisces, it expands all energies associated with Pisces. Our attention is pulled inward, and there is a stillness to this transit. It is a potent time for self-reflection and self-inquiry as our emotions are amplified. This transit will intensify all feelings, so we can see what we carry with us and choose what we want to carry forward. It allows us to feel our pain, our grief, our joy, and our passions. Jupiter in Pisces brings our dreams and vision to the forefront of our minds, showing us what they feel like. We can also feel what emotions are limiting the full manifestation of our visions.

We've all been through a tremendous ordeal these past two years. Jupiter in Pisces is an opportunity to understand the toll this it has taken on our emotional bodies. It may bring up grief for missed memories or the pain of anxious times. As these emotions rise to the surface, find the deeper meaning in all of them. As you acknowledge, accept, and process them, you'll find hope and inspiration for the road ahead. This transit is about improving your overall well-being. It's about feeling good and giving yourself the nurturance you need to feel your most radiant self. Some of this work includes looking at the feelings that prevent a positive mindset and positive energies from coming into your world. As we move through this transit, ask yourself: What prevents me from stepping into my most joyous life?

In working with Jupiter in Pisces, there is a great opportunity to attract experiences and people that elevate your energy. There is a certain luck to this transit, but that luck comes from within you. It comes from believing in yourself and doing the work to see to stay in a positive vibration. Some of this work includes daily gratitude lists, connecting with loved ones, following your heart, and expressing yourself in all forms. This is also a great time to connect with experiences that can help you grow into your visions. First, though, you need a vision. Spend some time over this transit going within and asking yourself what do you want? What is the vision for your life? Not just for this year, but for the next 5, 10, even 20 years.

With Jupiter, nothing is small, so be careful not to sell yourself short. Unlimit and challenge yourself to create big visions full of everything you want to attract. Set logic aside and spend time daydreaming as you wander through your inner landscape. Take the time to be with yourself and, in this pause, feel the answers within. From your most expansive self in a world where anything is possible- who do you want to be? Then seek out experiences that uplift you and nourish these visions.

There is no limit to this transit. Let it feel good to your system and allow yourself to dream. Release the fear, the what-ifs, and the self-limitations and let it take you to a new reality. Imagine it first, then become it. What are you ready to grow into?



Love this! I’m a Pisces and I can feel the universal energy aligning with my own. Thanks for these insights. You are a blessing.

Debra Tammer March 30, 2023

Well said. Reading through this helped me feel calm and gave me the strength I needed. I am a Pisces and sometimes I think my dreams and goals are too much but in reality I wouldn’t be where I’m at if I ever let them stop me. 2022 I am studying for the LSAT and I am so dang scared~ I know I can do it and will accomplish this goal. My love life has never been better and I love my imagination.

Perla Najera March 30, 2023

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