Full Moon Magic + Pluto Retrograde

Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, stations retrograde April 27th, during the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon. Pluto's energy will be activated throughout the Full Moon, adding more intensity to it. Pluto shares the element of transformation with Scorpio and reminds us of our power of alchemy. We can transmute any vibration into something we desire. The key, though, is first fully to see what we are shifting and accept it. Pluto asks us to look inward, to explore our shadows, and to give them light. With the help of the Full Moon, we have the opportunity to make our unconscious conscious and change our lives if we are willing to do the work.

Pluto is currently positioned in Capricorn, where it has been teaching us some hard life lessons. Pluto rules everything relating to the ongoing cycles of life. This planet governs death, life, rebirth, past, and present life trauma. It also rules viruses and pandemics. Its conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter last year brought us many somber milestones of 2020, and its's clear that Pluto was, and still is, a major player in our current world events. While we aren't moving backward in our progress, expect some issues or memories to come up around the trauma you may have endured last year. Pluto stationed retrograde last April and direct early October. You may be feeling things from these times, especially on the Scorpio Full Moon, to reprocess or ring closure to them.

When planet stations retrograde, its energy spins inward. We have an opportunity to work its vibration on a deeper level. Retrogrades show us things in a new light. Because Pluto rules more profound energy, to begin with, this Retrograde is a time to explore our subconscious and shift our vibration for the very core of our being. It's a time to feel into the deepest layers of who we are and become aware of how they control us. Pluto retrograde helps us understand the deeper meaning of every life event, including our traumas and pain. It can help us make sense of the world around us and the trauma we have endured as a collective through this past year.

Pluto Retrograde also helps us see our shadows. The Scorpio Full Moon is always a time to do shadow work, and with Pluto heightening these energies, it's a chance to do this work with the support of the cosmos. Our shadow is where we store everything we cannot face about ourselves. It is our subconscious and works behind the scenes of our life. It can make us do, or say, things we often regret. When our shadow acts out, we often wonder who is acting. It's the part of ourselves that does the things we'd rather not admit and can feel like a distant piece of our psyche.

As Pluto spins the energy of transformation inward, we can transmute our shadows. We can see them, their origin, and how they trigger us. Our shadows illicit reactions from us that are less than desirable. They can make us feel out of control of our lives, and these responses usually come from a place of trauma. They come from our past pain and could have served as survival methods but are no longer needed in the present. Shadow work brings us into the present moment by helping us understand the root of our emotional reactions come and change them. Our past pain can no longer control us once we shed light on our shadows. Furthermore, we can fully understand who we are and why we act certain ways.

Shadow work is an extremely healing practice and can help you evolve into the person you want to be. It can take the power away from your past and put it in the present. It can also help you manifest the life you want to live. Without shadows to block your growth, your highest potential can be reached. Any limitation can be lifted with this work, and you can be free to step into your highest Self.

You can begin working with your shadows on the Scorpio Full Moon. There are practices in the Scorpio Full Moon workbook to get you started on this path. You can then continue throughout Pluto Retrograde (which ends October 6th), harnessing this energy to dive even deeper inward. Feel your alchemy and your ability to rise from the ashes of your past.

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