Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: Reintegrating Our Values

All About Mercury

Mercury is the quickest moving planet in our solar system, regularly spending just a few weeks in a sign at a time. It’s also known as “The Messenger” planet as it acts like a constantly moving game of telephone: reporting what was said from one person to another…typically with more regard for the novelty of the transmission than the quality of information being shared!

For this reason, Mercury is defined by its trickster energy. While it can help you sit down and write a lengthy research paper, it might also send a few funny resources your way that you never imagined you’d come across. Mercury’s M.O. is connection above all else. Whether that’s in the form of stringing together enough words to eventually form a book, or creating a group chat of friends and acquaintances hopeful for zingers that keep the day interesting.

Life would be a lot more dull without Mercurial energy. Rather than fear the planet's tricky ways, it’s best to embrace its quirks and enjoy the ride.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo 

Because of the simultaneous Venus Retrograde in Leo as Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo this year, it feels like a wink from the Universe. Rather than just being able to learn Venus’ lessons and move on, we’re forced to take a critical eye over what transpired, and use Mercury’s discernment in Virgo to integrate our reevaluations.

It’s one thing to feel differently now, especially come September 3rd once Venus is direct, and quite another to organize our life based around those reestablished values systems we’ve acquired. If Mercury is the planet that enjoys knowing what everyone’s up to, in Virgo, it’s about making logical sense of it through clearing away the superfluous bits of information.

Mercury in Virgo is in the sign not only of its rulership, but also its exaltation. Mercury is very happy here, and supremely efficient. This retrograde truly wants to help! It's also occurring at the start of Virgo Season, a timely Universal alignment.

Shadow Periods

An important thing to note about all planetary retrogrades is what’s known as the “shadow period.” These periods, bookending all retrogrades, mark the time when a planet crosses over the degrees it visited before the retrograde began. They’re a distinct part of the retrograde story and act as the build up (the pre-retrograde shadow) and the resolution (the post-retrograde shadow) of the overall story.

All in all, from August 3rd through September 29th, we’ll be unpacking our experience with Mercury’s retrograde in Virgo.

Pre-Shadow begins: 8º Virgo on August 3 at 4:59 pm PST

Mercury stations retrograde: 21º Virgo on August 23 at 12:59 pm PST

Mercury stations direct: 8º Virgo on September 15 at 1:21 pm PST

Post-Shadow ends: 21º Virgo on September 29 at 10:15 pm PST

General Tips for Mercury Retrograde

  • As cliche as they may sound at this point, many of the popular Mercury retrograde tropes hold true: try to hold off on purchasing any electronics at this time, and don’t be too upset (or surprised) if you receive a few “oops, wrong person!” texts. Travel is another point of potential mishaps because of its Mercurial nature.
  • Planetary remediation is a helpful tool during retrograde periods. Mercury rules Wednesday, so the planet will be appeased by you working with it especially on that day. It’s associated with the color green, so wearing green or eating green foods is supportive. Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli are helpful crystals.

Mercury Retrograde through the Rising Signs

These horoscopes were written based on your rising sign. The rising sign indicates which house Mercury is currently transiting in your birth chart.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 6th house. While Venus’ retrograde has been busy reconnecting you with your inner child, Mercury wants to know how you’re going to bring them along to play in your 9-5 life. While there could be a few hiccups (literally and figuratively) over the coming weeks- they’re meant to show you where your body could use some extra love and care. Trust yourself to discern “friend or foe” when it comes to your routines.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 5th house. You’ve been busy deep diving, and maybe even dumpster diving, around your home thanks to Venus’ retrograde, and now it’s time to creatively integrate what you’ve uncovered. If that old photo album could talk…what would it say? If you’ve been reckoning with real life family dynamics, maybe it’s time to give a voice to your inner (or outer!) child. How might they navigate the present circumstances?


Mercury will station retrograde in your 4th house. No one has to encourage you to spend time with your friends…but Venus’ retrograde has been asking you to review that time. If you’ve realized that certain people have been draining rather than life giving- now is the time to reset your foundations. As Mercury is your ruling planet, a few difficult conversations may arise, but have no doubt they’re setting up your circles for long-term success.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 3rd house. With Venus concurrently retrograding through your 2nd house, your mind is on your value systems and how you communicate them. If you’re hoping for a raise at work, use the coming weeks to craft your pitch. Figuring out what you desire was the deepest work of this period and now it’s time to polish the manifestation aspect. If you feel like a fish out of water in this terrain, remember that everyone was once a beginner.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 2nd house. Combined with Venus finishing its retrograde in your 1st house of self, the coming weeks are a deep review of your personal values. It could be as simple as realizing how your new style choices have impacted your credit card statement, or as complex as an identity overall that now needs to be articulately defined. Whatever evolution you’ve recently undergone, Mercury is here to help trim away any remaining excess.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 1st house and home sign. As Venus continues to traipse through your hidden realm and send subtle winks from the Universe, Mercury is ready to get on with the public show. As you prepare to display how much you’ve learned, know that this reveal will not be without its flaws. Rather than sweating the small stuff, trust that your personal imperfections are what make you, you- and that is always worthy of celebration.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 12th house. Coupled with your ruling planet, Venus, retrograding through your 11th house, it might be time for a little recharge. Stepping back from the allure of company isn’t always easy for you- but learning to enjoy the magic of your own energy is equally important. Pay close attention to your dreams over the coming weeks, both real and imagined, and don’t ignore their whispers.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 11th house. Anyone who’s privy to your inner circle knows just how hard you work, and that effort has likely been doubly true with Venus retrograde in your 10th. As you’ve reevaluated where you stand on the public stage, Mercury might have you shaking hands with previous conspirators. Don’t be afraid to (gently) remind people in your community of any favors they might owe…they could come in handy now.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 10th house. If you’ve been skipping down familiar roads lately with Venus’ backtracking, or perhaps backpacking, prepare for a travel re-route towards career matters. Maybe you’ve been considering different philosophies and now your public facing roles need to reflect them. Trust that whatever creative knowledge you’ve acquired recently can merge with your image, it just won’t happen overnight.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 9th house. Venus is also retrograde in your 8th house, reminding you that, like you, transformation is anything but casual. By this point, you might be ready to run away from it all! New doors might’ve opened thanks to old ones you allowed to close…but Mercury wants you to crawl before you run. Take your time truly digesting the endings you’ve been confronted with and know that your journey is just getting started.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 8th house. One on one partnerships aren’t always your cup of tea, but Venus’ simultaneous retrograde has been providing a crash course. With all that newfound knowledge, Mercury wants you to put it to use. How can you release control within your connections even further? Perhaps the quest centers around feeling your feelings, especially around merging, rather than just rationalizing them. Striving for perfection can be messy.


Mercury will station retrograde in your 7th house. If Venus’ retrograde hasn’t already created plenty of opportunities for growth…Mercury is here to finish the job. The focus? Your one on one partnerships. If you’ve been shining in your 9-5 lately and realizing you have less time for the important people in your life, there might be some friction. The work here is about taking care of yourself first, and allowing your intimate relationships to reflect that stability.

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