Venus Cazimi in Leo: The Progressive Heart

Defining Venus Cazimi

While retrograde planets aren’t generally thought of as something to celebrate…there’s a specific moment within a retrograde cycle that brings a special kind of magic: the cazimi. When a planet is cazimi it is said to be “in the heart” of the Sun. Unlike being in close proximity to the Sun, which ends up overtaking a planet’s natural energies, when a planet gets really, really close (within a degree) to the golden ball of light, it’s instead purified by the Sun’s energy and becomes momentarily super charged. Rather than withering in the flames like Icarus, the planet is infused with the Sun’s brilliance and shines brighter and truer than ever.

A cazimi can happen in two different ways. The first is when a planet is retrograde, or appears to be moving backwards. It crosses the path of the Sun on its journey, and forms its “inferior conjunction.” On Venus’ retrograde journey, this is when Venus is between the Earth and the Sun and feels, literally, close to home.

The second time a cazimi happens is when it forms its “superior conjunction” which is when it’s traveling direct again and is on the other side of the Sun, much further away from Earth and therefore feeling less personal and perhaps more collective in nature.

The inferior conjunction of Venus and the Sun, our only Venus Cazimi this year, is on August 13th. It’s a special moment, because it marks the halfway point of this year’s Venus Retrograde story. The superior conjunction, the next Venus Cazimi, takes place on June 4th, 2024 in Gemini. 

From Evening Star to Morning Star

The other beautiful and important aspect of a Venus Cazimi is marking Venus’ transition from an evening star to a morning star. This journey further illustrates Venus Retrograde as being a period of transformation that culminates in a rebirth of our value systems.

Venus’ journey in the sky begins as an evening star, meaning we can observe it at night, rather than during the day. Venus then begins to appear moving backwards (the beginning of the retrograde period) and disappears from the night sky for approximately 2 months, entering an “underground journey.” This invisible period references the Sumerian myth of Inanna and her descent into the underworld.

When Venus reemerges, we experience the Venus cazimi moment which marks the planet's official transition from an evening star to a morning star. We won’t see Venus in the sky after the cazimi for seven days, when the planet then, as if by magic, appears as a morning star rising before the Sun with daytime visibility.

Venus’ morning star period then lasts for a total of 9 months…which just so happens to correspond with the biological cycle of human gestation! The sentiment “As Above, So Below” echoes here as we witness Venus’ journey mirroring the time it takes to create new life.

Rituals for Venus Cazimi

While you’ve probably heard that retrograde periods are not the time to begin something new, the Venus retrograde period comes with an exception! While the first half (the first 20 days) is about clearing away the old, the second half of Venus retrograde, beginning on the day of the Venus cazimi, marks the rebirth period of Venus. And with rebirth comes new beginnings!

If you do the work of letting go leading up to the Venus cazimi, there will be plenty of room to bring in more goodness during the second half of the retrograde period.


Mercury is an important planet in this specific Venus retrograde, as it was exactly opposite the Ascendant in the station chart. Mercury was also conjunct the Black Moon Lilith in the chart, suggesting that this Venus retrograde we’re learning how to transform our communications around our deepest, untamed desires.

Additionally, Uranus in Taurus was square Mercury and Black Moon Lilith, meaning that some of these conversations could arrive in our awareness like lightning! Stay open to your heart’s whispers being more progressive than in the past.

This Tarot spread has five questions, which corresponds with the throat chakra in numerology. Whether it’s this Venus cazimi or another one in the future, (the Venus cazimi in 2024 is in Gemini, which also relates to Mercury!) checking in with your mental health at the halfway point of the retrograde is always a supportive tool.

If you don’t work with Tarot cards, you can always use these questions as journal prompts instead, or write responses first and then see if the cards reflect how you’re feeling.

  • Where’s my heart at right now?
  • What are my conscious values?
  • What have I released during this retrograde?
  • What do I now stand to gain from this retrograde?
  • How can I best reconnect to what I love + value?

  • Crystals

    You never need an astrological reason to work with crystals, but the Venus cazimi is a potent portal to tap into the properties of certain stones. Remember that your intuition is your best guide when it comes to crystal work and that everything else is merely a guide. If you feel called to a certain stone on the day of Venus’ cazimi, pay attention to its properties! There’s likely something Venus, and your heart, are trying to tell you.

    If you’d like a few suggestions for stones to work with on this special day, these are a few we love:

    The heart chakra is what’s being activated during a Venus cazimi, as we’re moving from a more ego-centered state (the Sun) to a heart centered space (the Sun combined with Venus). Rather than shining purely from ego, the spotlight is in alignment with our core values. Green chalcedony supports the heart chakra through both color theory and healing properties. It inspires clear insights coupled with strength. It’s one thing to know what the heart wants, and it’s another to act on it authentically.

    Because the Sun is the major player in a cazimi moment, it’s only appropriate to honor its brilliance with a stone after its own name. Sunstone is known as a stone of joy, and for good reason! It imbues us with positive energy and helps to clear away shadows (like pesky pre-retrograde drama) by purifying the aura. Much like Venus is blessed in the heart of the Sun during the cazimi, Sunstone holds us in golden warmth so anything out of alignment can melt away.

    You’re likely familiar with clear quartz as it’s one of the first crystals many people are introduced to. Like the Sun bringing everything life, clear quartz amplifies and radiates whatever happens to be around its energetic field. Clear quartz is also known as a master healer…and Venus cazimi could be considered the same thing! Use this stone in any ritual work and the Universe will hear your intentions.

    Intentional Manifestation

    The day of a Venus Cazimi (and especially within a couple hours of it being exact) is an especially powerful moment for manifestation work. If you have a specific goal or desire in mind, feel free to hone in on that. Otherwise, a great way to tap into the opportunities that could be calling you is to notice a few different areas of your birth chart.

    Where is the Venus cazimi happening?

    There are several factors at play when we think about the Venus Cazimi transiting a birth chart, but the first thing that’s helpful to know is which house it’s occupying. If you’re a Scorpio Rising, for example, 2023’s Venus Cazimi in Leo lands in your 10th house of career. That could point to a hyper-charged day for all things work related- and an ideal time to manifest that raise you’ve been after!

    Where is your natal Venus?

    While the sign that Venus is currently navigating will be of major importance, your natal Venus is also a key player in this moment. Venus is a planet all about our values, and when it’s being purified by the Sun…it will help to clarify not only the specific energy around it on the day of the cazimi, but for years to come while it navigates many other signs- including yours! This moment is auspicious for making your values crystal clear, and amplifying what your heart desires most.

    Where is your natal Sun?

    Because all cazimi moments happen because of the Sun, it’s a critical player in the configuration. More than anything else, it’s about clarifying YOU! Take some time to really get to know not just your Sun sign, but its house in your natal chart, as well as any aspects it might be making. As much as this moment is about Venus, it’s about your flavor of Venus, and what you need to make your heart sing. 

    Whether you utilize all of these suggestions on Venus cazimi or none of them, it’s impossible to do this moment wrong. Simply be present, and as ever, listen to your unfolding and evolving desires. The heart wants what it wants!

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