Neptune Retrograde: Shed Illusions to find Meaning Within

We are headed into a Summer of retrogrades, with each one bringing us its unique magic, energy and power. We currently have Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter spinning backwards, the next to join will be Neptune, followed by Mars and then the king of retrogrades: Mercury. Neptune will retrograde starting June 18th until November 24th. Known as the planet of dreamers, Neptune rules Pisces and is currently stationed in the fish’s stars. Before we get into what this means for us, let’s clear some things up. Firstly, retrogrades are not a bad thing, they are nothing to fear and actually bring us insights we would not normally gain otherwise. All planets retrograde at some point, us Earthlings feel the inner planet retrogrades (Mercury and Venus) much more intensely than the outer planets. Although, Mars is definitely one we will feel when he retrogrades next week due to his proximity to Earth. Also, the planets are not actually moving backward, it is just an optical illusion created by our viewpoint from Earth. It’s much like when you are riding on a train and pass another one at a slower speed, for a moment it appears the other train is moving backward. This perspective is similar to a retrograde.

Retrogrades of the outer planets provide valuable time to go within as they spiral the energy inward and give us space to contemplate deeper meanings of the vibration each planet holds. With six planets retrograding this Summer, there will be plenty of time for contemplation and realignment where necessary. We also have s powerful Eclipse Season coming along with these retrogrades, making them even more potent and needed. Each retrograde will bring its own flavor and frequency, helping us integrate the lessons acquired as we pass through three Eclipse portals.

Neptune governs our spirituality, our illusions and our dreams. He is responsible for both our fantasies and our delusions. When Neptune’s energy is present in our field because of a Moon or Sun conjunction, it feels much like the state between sleeping and awake. The energy is warm like a bubble bath, wrapping us in our dreams while making us feel like we are floating on air.  If you’ve ever been lulled into a trance by the sea, that is the feeling of Neptune. Needless to say, Neptune feels nice to our system. With this dreamlike state comes illusions, though. Neptune can be quite the trickster in that he blurs the line between reality and fantasy. Fantasies and dreams are good, as long as we don’t get swept away in them and forget about the Earthly realm.

When Neptune retrogrades we gain clarity. Illusions fade and reality becomes clear. In some ways it can feel like the rose tinted glasses have slipped off, making some of these new realities seem a bit harsh at first. Just remember, it is always best to see clearly, even if it is painful at first. If we really want to manifest and create our dreams, we must be honest with ourselves about what is really taking place in the world around us. This retrograde will bring deeper meaning to our dreams along with clarifying them. Instead of remaining on the surface as lofty ambitions, our fantasies will be able to take form and expand beyond their ethereal nature. During Neptune retrograde get clear on your dreams and if some don’t make the reality check, know it is for the best, and free the energy up to move into something that will stand the test of time.

Neptune retrograde can help us find deeper meaning, not only in our dreams, but also in our entire life. The energy ushers in a spiritual quest for each of us. It’s a time to look at the bigger picture and become the philosopher of our lives. There is an opportunity here to get out of the blaming or victim paradigm and to stop asking “why me?” Instead communicate with your soul to understand that everyone is your teacher, every mistake is a lesson and every hurdle is a chance to evolve to the next level.

In a week, we have Mars going into retrograde which will bring up frustrations (and another blog). It is important to remember the lessons of Neptune and find meaning to these points of contention. Spend time journaling on how you feel and what these feelings are helping you understand in your own life instead of looking outwardly for answers.

If we can remain focused on our own growth with clear vision, there is great opportunity to heal this retrograde. With Pisces involved, it is a healing through understanding. We have a chance to step outside the bubble of our emotions and be the observer or our world. We’ll have a clear view of our reactions, our fears and our anxieties. With this understanding we can release our doubts and the illusions that keep us from pursuing our dreams. We can clear away shame and guilt to unburden anything that does not truly belong to us. In this way, the separation from fantasy works to our advantage. With the fading of illusions, we can stand fully in who we are, what feelings belong to us, and ultimately why we are here.

This summer of retrogrades will affect each of our Full and New Moon’s. Read more about the first Full Moon to be affected by five planets in retrograde in the Capricorn Full Moon Workbook. We’re in for a summer of fun, and by fun I mean eye opening limitless realizations about our life on this great planet. As always, enjoy the ride. 

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